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I thought my head was going to pop off … like in cartoons

I don’t think I have ever been so irritated and close to a full blown melt-down as this morning.  Not even back when I was 5 and my brothers kept on poking me when we were in the car.

Sitting back and looking back at it, it probably was a bit comical and totally over the top but hey, at that moment you were safer when not near me.

Today the kids had to display their science task they had to do during the holidays.  Yes, it’s always been like that but holidays are for resting, especially when your kids are still in primary school.

Also, it is (according to the letter) supposed to be a family project but done by the child. Talk about a square circle.

Anyway, back to this morning.

As luck would have it, Jason had to be at school before 7.  Before Zander and I were ready to leave and therefor Tommie dropped him off.  I assumed incorrectly, that they had taken the project with them.

As I happily yay we are early for a change get into the car, I notice the massive board in the back of my car, clearly meant to be dropped off at school.  Well, hello, I have a bad back.  No way I would be carrying that.

Due to bad communication (not going to blame husband anyone) Jason and I had no idea where to get each other.  There I was, happily getting more and more pissed off and driving around the school, looking for my child and getting more aggrivated that he is NOT at any gate, so how on earth am I supposed to find him!!!  Phone him but he doesn’t answer (probably because it was locked up in his teacher’s room as it should be)

Finally I phone said husband (who is not to blame) to help me get to board set up in the school hall.  Uhm, hallo second problem.

THERE IS NO PLACE LEFT TO PUT THE DARN THING! It has always been a problem, so I know that you must get there early but really?  It’s not rocket science (pun intended)  If you have x amount of kids and z are doing a task with a friend, then you need a amount of tables.  Easy.  If there is not enough place, do it over two days.

Don’t let me loose it all because of a science fair project!

So, no place to put it, no child to show where it is and a teacher who is telling the kids to get back to class, since school started.  I might have loudly said that there is no way my child is going anywhere, once I find him, since I’m not standing with the board in my hand all day long.

Said child eventually pitched up.  Shame, poor kid was all stressed out himself.  Finally got the thing setup, in the middle of nowhere.  At least not on the stoep or a braai as previously option I thought of. Also might have said that loudly.


All is well that ends well.

They got better marks than last year and spent way less time on it.

Clearly less is more, ne’.


If you follow me on Instagram, you will see the hashtag #verstotemiddelkind when I post a photo of Jason.

My middle child.  Must loved and everything but the poor middle child. He often jokes about being the middle child. There but not acknowledged. Which, if you really know us, you will know is a total joke.

So one day I joked that I am going to add that hashtag when I post photos of him and there we go #verstotemiddelkind and then of course #notreally

So just to make it clear.. He is #muchloved and pretty #awesome

Best grandparents

I have often mentioned how lucky my boys are to have my parents as their grandparents.
It is clear from the photos that they are always there. Be it for rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, choir or awards evenings. They miss nothing.

On Wednesday Jason and I were driving to his cricket game when we spoke about Oupa who is on his way to join us and poor Ouma who can’t due to her excruciating neck pain. We were talking about their support,  when Jason said :

You know Mom. They will support anything we do…. Even if our sport was to count grass. Oupa would be “No Jason, that’s a weed!  Don’t count it”  and Ouma will say “Go Jay, only two thousand to go!”

Is true. They will be there regardless of what they do.


An era without photos

Quintus, Jason and my Dad had a flying trip to Cape Town for a day.  (I know!)  For one bird (I know!)

However, they took probably six photos in total! (I know!)


I was sommer upset.  I mean, you travel to one of the most beautiful cities in our country and you take six photos….six…

Then Quintus went on a tour to Innibos and Kruger Park with the NW Choir.  What an experience to sing on that stage.  All the lights. So many people.  Must have been amazing.  I’m so sad I missed it.


Thankfully this time there are many photos (never enough but still)  I saw some on other kid’s Facebook walls or the choir posted some.  So I managed to follow his tour through the eyes of others.



This morning though I thought about how this is an era where people will have so many photos of themselves but actually none.  Most photos on cellphones that get lost or upgraded.  Photos posted on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat just to be forgotten about again.
Will these kids ever really have photos of themselves?  I try to save as many photos as I can for them because I know that up till now, they have not.

What a season

What a rugby season this was.  What a pleasure it was to be a part of such a great group of parents.  To have had coaches that respected our kids and treated them as their own.

A team of little boys that stuck together.  They never thought better of themselves.  They played the game and loved it.

Unfortunately they lost the North West finals yesterday.  On the day, Mooirivier was the better team.

My youngest was devastated.  He gave it his all.


I hope that next year they will be able to have a season like this year again.




For the first time in 10 years, I celebrated my birthday at home.

Not at  Buffelspoort, where we have gone to the Sitrusfees for rugby Zander’s entire life.

This year, we didn’t have a little bulletjie rugby player.

It was very bitter sweet.

I did however, have a GREAT birthday. I was loved from the moment I woke up with a bear hug from my kids, till the moment I have to fight for a place in my bed at night.

Thank you to every single person who took the time to wish me a happy birthday.

Blessed to be a year older.  Blessed that I could spend it with those I love.

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