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Bad Mom Award is all mine

Remember my previous blog post? About Quintus getting concussion on the rugby field?

Well, I hang my head in shame. He fractured his C7 vertebrae. And I DID NOT TAKE HIM TO GET X-Rays.

Tommie did phone our doctor friend (who specializes in sport injuries) He listened to what happened and said he definitely has concussion but that it is really not necessary to take him for x-rays. I did ask Quintus more than once if he had any pain in his neck or back and he said no. No tingling in his feet or hands. Nothing.

Then Friday I realized he was walking with his one shoulder drooping a bit. He started complaining of back-ache. I made an appointment at a physio but thought that maybe I should just take him to the doctor first. Well x-rays done and he has a fracture.

Bring on the “I am a horrible mother” guilt. ūüôą

No rugby this year (and hopefully ever). Hockey only in 4 weeks.

Flip. This could have been way way way worse.

Rugby is ….

Rugby is our culture.

Not just part of our country’s culture but also that of our home.

We love our rugby.  Love to watch it.  From school rugby to varsity to international.  We love rugby.

Quintus and Zander love to play it.

We love to watch them.

We have been semi¬†lucky as far as injuries go. ¬†Only a torn ligament in Quintus’ knee (that’s been giving him problems since he got hurt in an u/9 game) ¬†A broken elbow (or rather a piece of his elbow bone that broke off)¬†two years ago but he kept on playing with it.

Now on Saturday concussion.  The other two did not bother me so much.  Although I felt bad for him, I knew it would heal and he would be fine.

I know that the concussion will also heal and he will be fine but seeing him like I did on Saturday was scary.  Not knowing how serious it is, is scary.  I (thankfully) did not see him fall on his head and neck like that during the game.  Only after we downloaded the photos.


His feet were higher than the other players head. ¬†He was airborne before he made his way down. ¬†That’s¬†a huge fall on extremely hard field. ¬†(The water shortage has been bad for most of the rugby fields!)

He was disoriented and can’t remember the rest of the game. ¬†He came off the field in, what I thought was a rude and upset mood, however looking back he didn’t answer most of us because he wasn’t totally sure what was going on. ¬†He was nauseous. ¬†Saw black spots for a long time that morning. ¬†Only really starting to feel better at around 17:00¬†that afternoon. ¬†He fell at around 12:00.

Scary stuff.  He went to school this morning but I got a call to pick him up at around 8:30.  His head just hurts too much.

Nothing he can do but rest.

If I look at the photo I realize that it could have been much worse. ¬†It’s a risk they take every time they go onto the field to play.

We also take risks throughout the day. ¬†Every day. Be it getting into a car or climbing on your bicycle to cycle. ¬†We can’t put them in bubble wrap.

I’m glad he is “okay” though.

Rugby is not for sissies. ¬†Not great on a mom’s heart either.


The try they never scored

Now if you know me well enough or if you are ever with me when I watch rugby (next to the field or on TV) then you will know that it drives me insane when a rugby player is arrogant even before he scores a try.  I have said a million times that I wish someone like that would drop the ball or get tackled behind the try line.

Well, this happened on Saturday and Zander was the tackler. ¬†I don’t think I have enjoyed a specific tackle that much ever!

It was the winning try for the opposing team. ¬†The player had managed to find his way through our players and was running behind the try line to score the try under the poles. ¬†Even before he put the ball down, he had his finger in the air and shouted “yes!”

As I looked at the try that was to be scored and felt my heart sink at the thought that we had lost the game, I saw Zander from the corner of my eye, running straight at the arrogant player.  As the boy went to put the ball down, Zander tackled him.  Hard enough to get his legs over of the dead ball line.  So no try.

He did not realize it was not a try and together with the rest of the team (and parents) celebrated the try.  The silence could be heard as they were called back for a scrum.

May this be a lesson to all .  The try is only scored once you have put the ball down, not when you throw your finger in the air to celebrate the not-yet-scored try.

Also a great life lesson. ¬†It’s not over, until it’s over. ¬†Never just give up.

I so wish someone had taken a video of that. ¬†Or photos. ¬†My dad did not think to take photos of another team’s try, so I only have Zander’s reaction after the try was not scored.


Blown away

When your dyslexic child gets 90 % for Afrikaans, you are blown away.  Seriously blown away.

I know it might sound as if it’s impossible for a dyslexic child to get 90% for a language subject but he did it!  It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have dyslexia.  It means that he studied and studied and did his spelling and knew everything off by heart.

He has an amazing Afrikaans teacher and between the two of them, he got 90%!

I don’t have any illusions. I know it won’t always be like this.  If you look at the photo below, you will understand why I’m so excited.

This is how he will start out with his first paper I give him to complete.  He knows all the answers but the spelling is almost to the point where I can’t read it.


He will then have to work on spelling since he has to learn it off by heart.  There won’t always be so few to learn.  That’s when it will get really tough.

I am so very proud of him.

So very proud.

All our children


As we sat in the dark after the kids went to bed, Tommie and I spoke about the children.  We have so many worries about each and every one.  So many things to be proud of.  So many personalities to work with.  Different reactions to situations and trying to keep them all happy and loved.

I wish I could explain to them just how much I love them.  Just how proud I am of them.  How they drive me insane.  How hard I try at raising them to be well adjusted, proper people.  People who will care and understand.  Have respect and be confident.

I can only try. ¬†We can only try. ¬†We don’t always succeed but I hope we mostly do. ¬†

I hope they know that they are loved and respected, regardless.  That I would move the world, hang the moon just a bit that way or pick a flower on the other side of the world for them if it will make their lives better.

Kiddos, you are loved.

Decisions, tennis and little boys

Okay, I know he is not so little anymore. ¬†However, I’m 41 and he is just 10, so he seems very little to me.

Little to be making decisions about not trying out for his school’s tennis team because it would interfere with his studying. ¬†Studying that doesn’t come as easily as it does for other kids. ¬†Unfortunately tennis is always on a Monday and they write tests on a Tuesday. ¬†He just can’t.

I’m proud of him for realizing that he has to give up some things in order to do well at school. ¬†It’s just tough seeing him make that decision. ¬†He has taken tennis lessons since he was 5. ¬†It’s a long time not to then try out for school team.

2012-05-18 16.27.04

Of course rugby is a totally different sport all together.   Not much that will stop him from playing there.  They are busy with try outs and I really hope that he makes the A team again.

It really is one of the big things that keeps him positive.


What we like

THREE years ago, I asked the boys these questions.  I never did post it.  Saw it now in my drafts.


I asked the boys to give me 10 things they like about their brothers.

Here’s¬†Jason’s list of his two brothers:


  • Nice
  • Strong
  • Warm
  • Helpful
  • Loving
  • Handsome
  • Of average hight (?)
  • Clever
  • Inspirational
  • Sporty



  • Sweet
  • Good with climbing
  • He kicks well
  • Helpful
  • Loving
  • He doesn’t have any freckles
  • He is tall
  • He listens
  • He is fast
  • He is good with drawing and making it look pretty


Quintus’ list of his brothers:


  • He thinks I’m his super hero
  • He wants to be like me
  • He can do anything he puts his mind to
  • He does amazing in school
  • He doesn’t hide things from me
  • Loves playing with me
  • Will borrow me money any time
  • He will help me with anything
  • He will carry my bag (like now when I hurt my foot)
  • He is sweet


  • He loves playing
  • Will do everything with me
  • He is sweet
  • Will give me things if I need it
  • Will do anything for me
  • He will keep things for me
  • He doesn’t get upset easily
  • He is quiet when we learn
  • He thinks I”m his hero and tells all his friends about me


I will have to ask them these questions again soon:)


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