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Short fuse and Absa

I do have a lot of patience.  Really.

However, not with technology and not with banks.  (also not bad drivers – regtig heng is dit so moeilik om jou padreëls te ken)

Anyway, back to Absa…and in a way technology.

I needed to pay some creditors at the end of the month and all of a sudden I can’t.  Just like that.  Stupid message that just says “Not identified, not verified”

WTF.  How about some small message that makes sense!

After many many many many phone calls (where I was put through to roadside assistance, life insurance and some place where people speak to soft to hear if they are from earth) apparently there is a FICA hold on our account.  They need FICA docs.

However, since there was not change in account details, new products there is no need for it.  I don’t mind though.  I work in the financial sector.  I get it.  LET ME KNOW THOUGH.  I cannot all of a sudden not be able to pay people!!!

Another five days before I can use my account apparently.

I do not have the patience for this nonsense.  ABSA …. it’s not proper to say bad things on social media but ooohhhh I so badly want to.

He has guts

Zander broke a tooth.  Not broke a tooth, that sounds like it’s nothing.  He broke a huge piece of his molar.  He was in a lot of pain but seemed so calm about it.

We tried to get an emergency dentist after hours however the one that was available was only worried about his money and asked my mom what he has to do with my son!?


So he got some good pain meds and waited for the next day.  Our dentist (who we love btw) could help him immediately. It was their day to work on children and the other children there were getting light anesthetic.  After she saw how bad his tooth was broken, she said that he can get anesthetic as it was painful work she had to do.  He opted to go without though and just lay there while she was working.  He had a good grip on the chair and I was stroking his arm in support.

He did so well.  She eventually managed to drill away and get to the abscess that was behind the broken molar.

He is on some serious antibiotics and got a prescription for pain meds.  He has had pain meds once.

He has a heck of a high pain threshold.

Proteas – not the flower

Cricket has never been the same since Hansie.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved Hansie.  I still think he is one of the very best captains we ever had.  It’s just that now I always wonder.  Was the game lost or sold.

I was going to take Jason to watch the Protea / New Zealand game two weeks ago but very unplanned went away for the week.  I asked their back-up Dad to take him and his friend. It was hot.  It was a long day.

And we lost spectacularly.

In front of a fully packed stadium, the Proteas could not have played worse.

How do you win one, lose the next horribly and then win the third again.


That is okay though.  I don’t mind spending close to a thousand rand on tickets and then watch them loose.  I don’t.

I do mind more though if they don’t give signatures or a second of the time to the children who are the reason we spend thousands of rands to watch the games.


New Zealand actually spoke to the kids.  Gave out signatures.  Nice people that.

Proteas?  Maybe half of them were half proper.  They told the kids to wait until after the game, when they will come out again to talk them and give signatures.

Oh yes.  They did.  Not more than five of them.

I want to bring one thing under the attention of all professional sports players.  You earn as much money as you do because you have fans that are willing to spend money to watch you play.  Without those fans you will just be a club player, doing it for fun.

Don’t fool yourself. You are not above human. Take the time.  Thank the kids for coming out and supporting their heros.

Dale, you rock btw.

My heart belongs to the Cape

My heart belongs to the Cape.  I don’t care if it’s the Northern Cape, the Western Cape, or Eastern Cape.

It’s just different there.

We had an amazing trip to see the Karoo flowers.  They only bloom in spring and I think it is on most South African’s bucket list.  Wow, if it is not, then put it on your bucket list.

Photos cannot do justice to the beauty.

11950186_1153838414645475_1375707951032605183_o 11222719_1153838494645467_6349724778373304987_o 11884636_1153838827978767_3876731764160197532_o 11889994_1153839654645351_5536031068645078074_o

I’ll be forever thankful that my parents made this trip possible. One needs another week to recover after driving 4 000km in a week, while stopping to enjoy the flowers and whatever seems to just be next to the road.

Like this waterfall.  We were in Niewoudtsville and saw a sign indicating a waterfall somewhere on the road.  We had prescious little time but decided to explore.  In all honesty I thought we were wasting our time.  How on earth could there be a waterfall.  The landscape is flat, no river.  Did nature pull a joke on me though.  Absolutely stunning waterfall.


Zander seemed to have grown up in this week.  I think being away from the brothers who does things for him and sometimes even answer for him, gave him the opportunity to proof that he is no longer a little boy.

Especially at the Muisbosskerm and then when we went up Table Mountain.


I missed my boys endlessly.  I wish I could have shown them all of this as well.  I wish we had more time.

I wish I lived in the Cape.  (Maybe not in Aggeneys though)

I’m just glad we could do it.

Again, thanks Mom and Dad.

When they fight

Like all brothers, my boys fight.  Mostly something that will blow over in 10 minutes but they have their differences.

I have always said that if you say something and it’s the truth, that you should not worry if the other person believes you or not.  You know the truth and that is what matters.

Well, the boys were having a disagreement and Jason felt upset because Quintus didn’t believe him. We were all lying in bed, just before bedtime.

I asked Jason why he was getting upset about it, when he replied:

“I care because he is my brother”

Wow.  Yes.  He cares because it’s his brother.  We have each other’s back.  We are supposed to believe each other.

We care because we are family.

Wise words from a teenager.

Long weekends

I love long weekends.  I love holidays.  I love that I get to spend more time with my kids, without the rush of school, sports, choir, meetings, clients, work …. well basically life.  Life tends to get in the way right?

I get to play cricket with them (even when I fall and feel 100 years old AND miss the catch)

I get to take silly selfies.


We get to sleep late.  Go to bed late.  Watch movies.

We don’t go away as often as we used to.  Not near as often as I would like to.  Going places teaches them about life.

Staying home does that too though.  One can be at home.

I thought my head was going to pop off … like in cartoons

I don’t think I have ever been so irritated and close to a full blown melt-down as this morning.  Not even back when I was 5 and my brothers kept on poking me when we were in the car.

Sitting back and looking back at it, it probably was a bit comical and totally over the top but hey, at that moment you were safer when not near me.

Today the kids had to display their science task they had to do during the holidays.  Yes, it’s always been like that but holidays are for resting, especially when your kids are still in primary school.

Also, it is (according to the letter) supposed to be a family project but done by the child. Talk about a square circle.

Anyway, back to this morning.

As luck would have it, Jason had to be at school before 7.  Before Zander and I were ready to leave and therefor Tommie dropped him off.  I assumed incorrectly, that they had taken the project with them.

As I happily yay we are early for a change get into the car, I notice the massive board in the back of my car, clearly meant to be dropped off at school.  Well, hello, I have a bad back.  No way I would be carrying that.

Due to bad communication (not going to blame husband anyone) Jason and I had no idea where to get each other.  There I was, happily getting more and more pissed off and driving around the school, looking for my child and getting more aggrivated that he is NOT at any gate, so how on earth am I supposed to find him!!!  Phone him but he doesn’t answer (probably because it was locked up in his teacher’s room as it should be)

Finally I phone said husband (who is not to blame) to help me get to board set up in the school hall.  Uhm, hallo second problem.

THERE IS NO PLACE LEFT TO PUT THE DARN THING! It has always been a problem, so I know that you must get there early but really?  It’s not rocket science (pun intended)  If you have x amount of kids and z are doing a task with a friend, then you need a amount of tables.  Easy.  If there is not enough place, do it over two days.

Don’t let me loose it all because of a science fair project!

So, no place to put it, no child to show where it is and a teacher who is telling the kids to get back to class, since school started.  I might have loudly said that there is no way my child is going anywhere, once I find him, since I’m not standing with the board in my hand all day long.

Said child eventually pitched up.  Shame, poor kid was all stressed out himself.  Finally got the thing setup, in the middle of nowhere.  At least not on the stoep or a braai as previously option I thought of. Also might have said that loudly.


All is well that ends well.

They got better marks than last year and spent way less time on it.

Clearly less is more, ne’.


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