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End of the first term

So ends the first school term.  Another extremely short holiday (all holidays are too short!)

Things that stood out this term:

  • Zander has a great rugby coach.  I’m so happy for my little boy that he is in the A team.  That is is playing full back like he wanted to.  Rugby is his air.  I’m glad he gets to breath it.
  • Zander is in the school choir.  Zander = choir.  Never thought I would say those words in one sentence.
  • Zander has an awesome teacher.  She is amazing.  Patient.  Caring.  She takes the time to understand him.  I’m so thankful that he is in the same class that his brothers were in Grade 3 as well.
  • Jason did extremely well academically.  He is a very clever guy but probably did the best ever this term.  Will have to wait for the report to see but his test results were great.  I’m very proud of how motivated he is.
  • Jason loves his tennis.  I am sure he can’t wait for the next term so that school tennis matches can begin.  They are playing league games and hopefully they will do well.
  • I’m thankful that being a school prefect never went to his head.  He is just another guy at school wearing a white shirt.  However, I must say that he has taken his duties seriously.  Every prefect has a specific class where they help out until the teacher comes. He is at that class even if we are almost late and it is only for a couple of minutes.  The sweet thing is that he is Zander’s class prefect.
  • Quintus made the junior A team in hockey.  He is doing SO well.  After watching him play rugby for all those years, I thought it would feel almost wrong to watch the hockey but wow.  He has the same passion when he plays hockey.  Also no fear. A good thing when you are playing back, but still.  Scary to watch him defend like that.
  • He is loving the NW youth choir.  The friendships are for life.  There is that “inner circle”  feeling that you only ever get from choirs.  He is also pretty good at that, since he was asked to sing a solo part in a song.  He declined though.  I think being one of the young guys in the choir had a influence on his decision.

We will be enjoying this short holiday, since the second term is always hectic with sport and exams.

If that is the rule

I have mentioned it before and will probably do so many years to come.  Zander follows rules.  End of the story.  He doesn’t bend a rule.  He doesn’t take short cuts.

Which is all good and well since it means that he is very obedient.

However, there are times that one should bend the rules just a tiny bit.

Like this morning.  When I wanted to drop off his lunchbox and saw him walking towards his class with the rest of his classmates.

When you see your mom running like a very unfit athlete to catch you before you walk up the stairs.

Yes, you are walking in rows.  Yes, your teacher is walking in front.  But you saw me!  You looked me in the eyes!

Eish.  Well he did thank me and then in split seconds fell back into his row.

I do love that little guy.  Strict rule follower or not

One step closer

Four years ago you convinced us that you were big enough to play rugby. Even though you weren’t in school. Even though you were our baby.

You had a dream. (that has grown since then) Your dream has always been to play for your school’s first rugby team. Now you dream even bigger. Now wanting to play Varsity cup rugby.

I am so very happy that you are now one step closer to fulfilling your dream, after being chosen to play for the school’s under 9 rugby team.

Enjoy this year. Remember that we are proud of you regardless.

Soos die son

This year sucks

I am not one to do New Years resolutions.  The 31st and the 1st.  Just another day.  Change of the last number on my tax returns.  Nothing major.  I don’t do the “I hope this year is better” thing.

Then 2015 hit us.

And it sucks.

I don’t want to go into detail and feel sorry for myself but it sucks.  End of January I actually said that I’m going to take February as the start to my new year.  Didn’t work.

Let’s hope for March. New tax year and all.  Maybe that will be a good one then.

I have many many things to be thankful for as well.  So I will focus on that.

I’ve blogged way more this year than others.  It doesn’t show up on my blog though.  Why?  They are all private.  All to write down my feelings, leave memories but not to share.

Because one should focus on the good.

So we will do just that.  Tomorrow is just another day.  It will get better.

Protected: To talk or not

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Nine years

My word. My blog is nine years old. Before WordPress I blogged in Blogdrive for many years. Can’t believe that I have been blogging for such a long time!

Although not so much these days. I don’t know how or why but life is hectic. I have three boys with such busy schedules I had to create a personal calendar for each of them.

Work has been stressful to say the least.

I don’t even think that I’ve blogged about my dads accident?

I should make time though. This is where I write down memories. Leave messages for my kids to read one day.

I should not neglect my blog.


Zander is an introvert.  He takes about 2 terms to warm up to his teacher.  He is very quiet in the class.  Normally won’t ask questions or part-take in group discussions.

Yet, this week he surprised me.

Firstly for wanting to be in the choir.  Remember Zander does sports.  He lives, breaths, dreams sport.  Any sport. As long as it involves a ball.

Yet, there he was, doing audition for the school choir.  That is not what amazes as much as the fact that he tried FOUR times!  He kept on going back to do another audition.  He doesn’t know the song they had to sing for the audition, so it was difficult for him.

I’m just amazed at how persistent he was.  This is totally not like him.  At all.

He adores his new teacher.  She is also the choir director.

I’m happy for him.  I think it is great that he is going to do something other than sport.

His brother(s) is also his hero and singing in the choir might have something to do with that!


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