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What we like

THREE years ago, I asked the boys these questions.  I never did post it.  Saw it now in my drafts.


I asked the boys to give me 10 things they like about their brothers.

Here’s Jason’s list of his two brothers:


  • Nice
  • Strong
  • Warm
  • Helpful
  • Loving
  • Handsome
  • Of average hight (?)
  • Clever
  • Inspirational
  • Sporty



  • Sweet
  • Good with climbing
  • He kicks well
  • Helpful
  • Loving
  • He doesn’t have any freckles
  • He is tall
  • He listens
  • He is fast
  • He is good with drawing and making it look pretty


Quintus’ list of his brothers:


  • He thinks I’m his super hero
  • He wants to be like me
  • He can do anything he puts his mind to
  • He does amazing in school
  • He doesn’t hide things from me
  • Loves playing with me
  • Will borrow me money any time
  • He will help me with anything
  • He will carry my bag (like now when I hurt my foot)
  • He is sweet


  • He loves playing
  • Will do everything with me
  • He is sweet
  • Will give me things if I need it
  • Will do anything for me
  • He will keep things for me
  • He doesn’t get upset easily
  • He is quiet when we learn
  • He thinks I”m his hero and tells all his friends about me


I will have to ask them these questions again soon :)

Nasty fall

Sorry if you were on the road and saw two white vehicles way over the speed limit.  It was us.

After getting a heart-stopping call from my mom with her crying and screaming that she was in, we didn’t know if she was being attacked or fell or cut herself or bleeding to death.  We did not know.

We had to get there immediately.  That’s all we knew.  (I beat Tommie BTW)

It took us two minutes.

My poor mom fell in the bathroom and hit her head against the corner of the wall.  Fell on her elbow as well.  Stitches in her head and elbow and sore all over.

I’m just glad it wasn’t too serious.

Glad she is okay.

Was he supposed to grow up like that?

Tommie has always said that this is not exactly what he had in mind.  Zander wasn’t supposed to grow up.  He was supposed to stay our “little one”

Just like that though, our almost “laatlammetjie” is 10.

As in double digits.

As in a tween.

He was the smallest of our children.  Only 2,7 kg.  Barely a breath.  Yet he has such a huge role in all our lives.

He is much loved by everyone who meets him.

Happy birthday Zander.  Thank you for being that little boy we all needed but didn’t know that we did.


You are loved.



Imagine that

Two kids in High School.  Two kids in Primary School.  Difference between high school and primary school can be so big.

Big year for all my kids.

Zander is going to grade 4.  First year of exams (although they did write some exams in Grade 3)  More subjects.  More teachers.  A big year for him.  Especially to see how he will cope and how much the teachers are willing and able to help.

Kyla is going to a “new” school.  She was in La Hoff when she went to Grade 1 but that’s years ago.

Jason is going to Grade 8.  High School.  Orientation.  Two weeks of wearing weird clothes (work for us parents) and being treated like the youngest in the school.  Thankfully it doesn’t last long in their school.

Quintus is going to Grade 10.  Finally less exams but also more work.  I think that I’ll be more strict now.  Expect more maybe.

I’m anxious about tomorrow.  The holiday has been a long one.  I don’t know how I will get everyone up and ready in time.

We will cope.  We always do.

Here’s to 2016 and an awesome school year for all my kids.

You are loved.


Like every year should be, it’s been a year with ups and downs.

Started off real bad, with me declaring February as the start to our new year.  January just sucked.

I had some things to be really upset about and I am actually proud of myself for handling it the way I did.  I so badly wanted to step in and handle the situation but knew it was time for me to let go just a little bit.

I think it’s worse when “friends” hurt my children.  A random school child is easy to handle but “friends”  That hurts.  However, pain has a way of teaching a lesson.  Which is obviously a good thing.  It also hurts to look at your child when he learns that lesson.  When you see that in takes away just a bit more of the innocent trust a child has.  Takes away a little sparkle in the eye.  It’s part of life I suppose.  Learning to be more cautious.

We finally got Zander tested and confirmed that he does have dyslexia.  I knew it.  I realized it in Grade 1.  However, reading it on black and white makes it more real.  We have an awesome school that is going to help Zander as much as they can.  I even considered homeschooling but after talking to our headmaster we decided not to.  Zander loves his rugby and will probably not cope without it.  He loves his friends.  I am sure now that we have made the right decision to keep him in school.  Especially after getting his final school report.  He blew me away.  All the hard work has paid off.  He did so well.

My friend lost a baby and it was one of the most emotionally exhausting 24 hours I spent with her. I don’t know how she coped.  It made me so thankful that we never did have to go through that.  I hope that pretty soon she will have a sweet little baby that I can spoil.

We went from a family of 5 to a family of 6.  Again.  Kyla is back with us. In our foster care.  We are very thankful for that.  We want her happy and we (as well as the social workers) believe that she will be happy here.  It was heartbreaking to take her back to the Children’s Home in September.  Never again.  Her mom is happy that she is here.  All around a good decision.

I think if I had to look back at this year and put it down in one sentence, I would say that we have grown.

Here’s to hoping that 2016 will be a good year.  Where we grow more (please not in size hehe), love more.

I hope that your dreams for 2016 will be achieved.

Mag 2016 sag wees.



At Jason’s grade 7 prizegiving the school played a song that spoke to me so deeply.  A song by a little girl who wasn’t invited to a school prizegiving.  A letter she wrote to her granny, asking if she will ever be good enough to be invited.

I am thankful beyond words that our school is different.  That every child really does count.  It still brought tears to my eyes.

If it were a different school, one of my kids wouldn’t be invited.  Not if it depended on academics.  Even at his own prizegiving I looked at his little face, so proud of the achievements he received for sport (mostly for his rugby team’s achievements) but no mention of academics.

Then I got the school reports and you know what?  I’m so proud.  Proud of every single one of my kids.

Right from the one that decided not to study at all and still … uhm… did WAY above expectation, to the one who worked hard at maths and accounting the last term and increased with a percentage of 20 % and 40 % respectively.  Also the one who has to worked harder than most and it showed.  He improved in every single subject. Our girl child is also did well and got an award for academics.

Proud.  Yes, beyond proud.

Was a good year.  I learned probably more than all of them combined.

Life lessons, that is what I learned.


We are travelling to Stilbaai with two of our dogs.  My Bella, who does not believe that she is a dog anyway and Fiela, Zander’s shadow and soulmate.

Bella never ever goes far from me.  I don’t have to check up on her or worry about her.  She is always there.

However, other dogs one would assume would run away or just take off when they are off the leash.  Yet, it is not the truth.  Fiela is the same as Bella.  She just wants to be near Zander.



I think that she would only ever run away if she was terribly scared or if she didn’t know where Zander was.

I believe that most dogs are like that.  They don’t want to run away.  They want to be with their humans.  They are wired that way.

I wish all people would realize that.  That dogs are meant to be with humans.  That they are caring.  Loving.  Loyal.  That they are meant to be loved.

Thank goodness they are both well-behaved in the car as well.  Stilbaai is 1 219 km from home.  They do just fine.




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