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What a season

What a rugby season this was.  What a pleasure it was to be a part of such a great group of parents.  To have had coaches that respected our kids and treated them as their own.

A team of little boys that stuck together.  They never thought better of themselves.  They played the game and loved it.

Unfortunately they lost the North West finals yesterday.  On the day, Mooirivier was the better team.

My youngest was devastated.  He gave it his all.


I hope that next year they will be able to have a season like this year again.




For the first time in 10 years, I celebrated my birthday at home.

Not at  Buffelspoort, where we have gone to the Sitrusfees for rugby Zander’s entire life.

This year, we didn’t have a little bulletjie rugby player.

It was very bitter sweet.

I did however, have a GREAT birthday. I was loved from the moment I woke up with a bear hug from my kids, till the moment I have to fight for a place in my bed at night.

Thank you to every single person who took the time to wish me a happy birthday.

Blessed to be a year older.  Blessed that I could spend it with those I love.

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Blaming the wrong people

Is it a South African thing?  The need to blame someone.  Anyone.

My dad posted a photo of a storm drain. All the slabs are broken.  My dad has reported this to the municipality many times and posted a photo showing that it is still broken.

Oh soul.  Some guy jumped up and down and basically told my dad that he is the idiot who should have fixed it and not complained about it.  HUH?

Why on earth put the blame on my dad?  It is not his responsibility.  It is however his right to complain or make people aware of the fact.  He pays his tax.

Said guy does not agree.  He says that one should just do it yourself.  No he demands that one does.

Really?  Who will take responsibility if something goes wrong after it was fixed by someone other than the municipality?

Anyway, it’s not just this situation.  It just got me thinking again.  People tend to get upset with the wrong people.

When people feel that they will get nowhere with blaming the cause of the problem, they want to blame someone else.

Just weird.


Zander has been complaining about double vision the last couple of weeks.  At first I thought it was because a friend in his class got glasses.  Cool glasses too!

However, he continued to complain and even though the brothers were convinced he was doing it himself, I decided to take him to an optometrist.

Well, he is not forcing his eyes to do that.  He has low muscle tone in his eyes. Called hypotonia.  He has exercises that we need to do, that will hopefully make them stronger.  If not, he will get reading glasses to make reading easier.  It can’t be fun if your work goes all out of focus just like that.  I hope that it will get better sooner rather than later.  Optometrist gave it six months to improve.

Also, the nerves in his right eye is larger than in the left.  That is obviously not good and he will keep a close eye (no pun intended) on that. So instead of going every second year for a check-up, he will go yearly.


Here’s to hoping he won’t need glasses and that the enlarged nerves will cause no damage.

Should they or not

That is the current question many parents have been thinking about. The department of education is considering giving condoms to all children older than 10.

Now look,  I understand where they are coming from.  I get why they want to do this but I am not impressed with the idea.

I have actually not read the detail but from what I can gather,  they want to give condoms to all the kids.

Why not just make it available?  Why give them something that will spark their interest to use it.  It’s like giving a child drugs to explain what it does.

Stupid idea.   It is my responsibility  to talk to my kids about sex. My boys know all about condoms. (Except Zander who is still too young)  They don’t  need to get one to “play” with.

When I get a sachet of coffee for free,  I drink coffee.  What do they think the kids will do with condoms?

Top ten

He has worked for this since the beginning of Grade 4.  It has been his dream.  His goal.

Jason is in a very strong age group.  Both academically as well as in sport.  It has often happened that the last 13 kids in the top 20 (20 children with the highest academic average) will have the same average percentage.

Jason has received gold for his academic achievements three years in a row.  Never top 10 though.

Until this term.  He finally got it!!

2015-05-11 07.03.05-01

I’m so proud of you Jay.  You did it!


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