Super Mom

Never point and laugh

I keep telling my kids that.  All the time.  Never point and laugh.

How could you, if you haven’t walked in those shoes, feel that you have the right to judge, laugh, ridicule?  It seems so easy though.  It IS so easy to look at someone and judge their decision.  Point and laugh.

Tonight we went out for dinner (couldn’t find a place to go for the weekend and decided to go push up our cholesterol levels instead!?) and for the second time I had the same waitress.  The first time Wenchy and I went there and we were speculating as to whether she was busy having a sex change or not.  Actually we weren’t quite sure if it was a him or a her.  She was wearing a bandage around her one arm and it seemed as though the one side was a bit bigger than the other.

Tonight when we got there it was rather clear that she was growing a uhmmm….. penis on her arm.  Again wearing short sleeves and the bandage around her arm.

Now while I don’t really get the whole thing at all, I honestly just don’t, I do wonder what she must be going through.  Working at a restaurant, in the public eye.  Everyone obviously knows and she must know that people point and laugh.  Yet, she is friendly and and goes about her work as though tomorrow is just another day.  I just wonder when she gets home at night …. does she feel accepted?  Does she feel understood?  Does she feel as though she fits in any where?

I can’t be nice to have people point and laugh all day long.  I can’t imagine making a decision like that, such a very personal decision and having the whole process made so public.


One response

  1. Wenchy

    Okay. It is hard not to point and laugh when somebody has two heads, four arms and wooden leg named Smith but one shall not laugh, nor point at somebody in PAIN because it honestly can’t be too nice being a woman wanting a bit of a penis, well, wanting to grow her own.. oh fuck, either way I just sound wrong. You know what I mean.

    Good for her for doing what she NEEDS.

    Love you, en so.

    PS, I am wearing lipstick. Are you proud?? hehehehe

    October 6, 2007 at 12:54 pm

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