Super Mom

Year end party

When I watched the movie Invictus, I realized how much rugby was a sport seen as a ‘white’ sport. 

Apparently poor black children would rather go without jerseys than wear a rugby jersey given to them.  The sport was seen as an apartheid sport.

Well, if you’ve seen the movie, you will realize how much the Rugby World Cup victory in 1995 meant to our country.  It united a country when it seemed impossible.


A few weeks ago, my parents had a year-end party for the children of all the workers.  They came to my parent’s house, enjoyed the Christmas lights and some yummy pizza.


The best though, was seeing the kids play rugby together.  They just picked up a rugby ball and played, like they would soccer, if they had a soccer ball.

None of that history of an apartheid game even crossed their minds.  They were just children.  Playing a game we love.

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