Super Mom

When to keep quiet

It’s so much easier when they are little.  Yes little ones are challenging in their own ways BUT you mostly have control over their lives.  The power to keep them happy and safe and protected and loved.

Then they go to school.  Life changes.

Especially when they are at an age where the line between speaking up for them or keeping quiet is so thin.

I wish coaches knew how their words affect children.  How their actions affect children. 

I wish they would take the time to know the child and not just the rugby player.

I wish I could “un-break” arms.  Turn back time.  See him happy when he runs onto the field.


If only life was that easy.  If only our biggest problem was not sleeping at night. 

One response

  1. So true…people don’t realise what an comment in passing can mean to a child’s self esteem.

    May 10, 2013 at 9:31 pm

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