Super Mom


Last night Zander told me that I’m a hero. 

I just smiled.  See, I was the “hero” that saved his class yesterday.  I “saved” them from their substitute teacher.

My dad picked up the kids on Wednesday.  Jason played tennis and I had to pick him up before school came out.  My dad was kind enough to pick the other two up for me.

My dad waits and waits.  Then waits some more.  No Quintus and Zander.  Dad is getting worried.  No Quintus and Zander.

Eventually they get to the car and Zander has this story to tell:

His substitute teacher (who according to him is still a child) kept them all in because they weren’t quiet enough.  Keep in mind they are in Grade 1.  Teachers have from 13:00 to 13:30 to get the kids to tidy up their desks and get ready. She then let the kids leave one by one, only if she felt the kid is quiet enough … sits still … whatever.

Zander sat and sat. Now I know lots of parents say they have well-behaved kids and then they are little naughty kiddos but Zander is really very well-behaved.  Maybe too well behaved (kids should be a little bit naughty)  Anyway, he had to sit, while mostly girls got to leave the class.

I was NOT impressed.  a) because my kid is NOT naughty (ask anyone who works with him, including his teacher) and b) who gives her the right to keep the parents waiting!!! Most parents have jobs to get back to.  Other kids who need to get to activities.  Parents can’t sit outside and wait while she doesn’t have the ability to control a class!

Anyway, I planned to talk to her yesterday morning before school but thanks to a smashing headache, I didn’t even walk Zander to his class.

I did however wait for him after school.

Quintus came and greeted me.  No Zander.  All the Grade 1 classroom doors open and kids storm out.  No Zander. 


His classroom door goes open and one child comes out.


Door opens again and even before it closed, I was on the second floor.  I asked the little girl what she was waiting for and she said that she is waiting for the other kids to be dismissed.


I opened the door and told her that I want Zander.  I looked at the class and they were all sitting down.  Quiet.

I turned to walk out and just thought, no way.  She is NOT going to let the other parents wait for their kids!

I asked her why the kids are still in class and she said that she is waiting for them to quiet down.  I told her that their parents are outside waiting for them but again she said that she is waiting for them to quiet down.

At first I thought to leave it there but combine a headache with something like that and I battle to keep quiet. 

I told her that she has until 13:30 to get the kids quiet and ready to leave.  Now, is too late.  These kids have parents with jobs and they have to leave.  She almost wanted to say something, when I said again, nope, these kids are leaving.

She then told them that they are dismissed.  As they walked passed me, they hugged me.

Poor kids.  I’m sure they can’t wait for their teacher to come back.

One of the kids was talking to his mom and walked passed Jason.  Apparently he was telling his mom the story and said something like:  ….then Zander’s mom came in and saved us all.  She’s our hero!”

lol  I was a hero for the day


4 responses

  1. I hate it when the teachers do this! You are my hero as well! 😀 (Thanks from all the parents!)

    August 23, 2013 at 12:51 pm

  2. wow I would not be impressed! Well done for saving the kids!

    August 23, 2013 at 2:37 pm

  3. Hahaha! You’re awesome. 🙂

    August 26, 2013 at 2:31 pm

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