Super Mom

10 Things



1. My kids
(I never saw myself as being a mother when I was a child. I didn’t picture the perfect wedding and having blonde little children. I thought my career would define me. Well, it did not)

2. My husband
(We have had too many downs but recently more ups. I do love him. He makes me laugh when I don’t feel like ignoring him hehe)

3. My parents
(I could not do what I do and be I am without them. They are truly my closest friends)

4. My family (brothers, in-laws, nephews..)
(I am blessed. I have a family that cares. That will be there for us or my kids any time I need them)

5. My cellphone
(I know. A cellphone makes me happy. It does. It keeps me connected. I can take pretty good photos with it to keep memories alive.)

6. My iPad
(Another gadget but let’s face it. I have my books there, my internet friends, my google, my photos, my work, my mail. It is a part of me)

7. My animals
(I love my dogs. I always have. My dogs aren’t just dogs. They are family members. Bella is lying here next to me on the bed, snoring away. She makes me happy. So do all our dogs)

8. My camera
(It is important to me to capture memories. I look back at the photos that my parents took when I was little and I am so thankful that they did)

9. Friends
(I appreciate friendship. I appreciate that I can have different relationships with different friends)

10. Music
(Music is an emotion. I can change how I feel with music. It can put me back at a certain stage of my life by just hearing the first beats of a song. When I still ran, I used to love the time I had on the road and the music ears)

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  1. Fabulous list!

    December 3, 2013 at 7:47 pm

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