Super Mom

Day 10. Ten favourite movies



Oh my soul. Not an easy blog post for me! I hardly ever watch movies and I will not watch one movie twice out of free will!

Let me think of some movies though…

1. Stuart Little (I watched that movie a million times *not by choice* before Jason was born. The morning they go to adopt the “brother”, the little boys up shouting “it’s today it’s today!” Quintus wanted to know if it would be today that he would get his brother too 🙂
2. Lion King (will always be a classic)
3. The Blind Side (watched it on my iPad on the way to the sea. Will watch it again)
4. Up (such a sweet love story)
5. Cars ( I have boys. I can see that I will watch it again and it is rather cute)
6. Finding Nemo
7. Shrek

I think that is pretty much all the movies I have seen the past ten years lol

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