Super Mom

Lost my temper

I have not lost my temper with my boys in years.  YEARS people.  I work hard at keeping calm and being an adult in situations where I’m stressed and feeling as though my buttons are being pushed.

This morning though, this morning I lost it. I lost it when it really wasn’t completely his fault.

Zander did not want to wear his winter clothes to school.  It’s 6 degrees this morning!!!  He wanted to wear his summer uniform.  We were running late. 

First he wouldn’t wake up.  Then he didn’t want to get out of the bath.  I got it though, since he played two rugby matches yesterday and he went to bed an hour later than normal.  Add to that the cold morning and even I didn’t want to wake up.

However, it did make us too late to fight over clothes. 

It was only when he broke down in tears and said the he is going to get into trouble if he wears winter clothes, that I got it.  I did.  I got it but it was too late.   I had already hurt his feelings, stressed him out.

I was unfair but didn’t know it. 

If we had more time, I wouldn’t have lost it.

I feel so bad that he went to school feeling like that.  Okay, we did hug and kiss.  I did walk him to his class.

He has probably forgotten about it by now but Mommy-guilt, that kind of sticks around.


One response

  1. Awh my friend! I so get this

    May 15, 2014 at 10:35 am

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