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I love them but

We have finally made the decision to get Vlekkie a new friend again.  It’s not fair for him not to have another dog out back.  My heart breaks when I see him sad and I know he is.  I know he misses Choppies.  We have tried to let the others play out back with him but he wants nothing of it.

So we decided to get a puppy (obviously from the SPCA) or at as young a dog as we can.

I walked through those cages, constantly saying “I hate people”  I obviously don’t hate all people but flip man.  How can people be so cruel?  There was one little Yorkie x, that was trying to climb through the cage to be with us.  She climbed up the fence and pushed as many legs and her nose through, just to have some human touch.  It broke my heart.  My sons walked with tears in their eyes.

We decided on a little puppy.  They still have to do a home check so we couldn’t bring her home.  While filling in the adoption papers though, a couple arrived with a box of kittens.  All about how sad they are about having to give them away.  They love them so blah blah blah

Quintus turned around, looked them square in the eyes and said: “I hope your cat is spayed now”

I was so proud.  The lady from the SPCA had a smile on her face while looking down.  The couple didn’t know what to say.




One response

  1. Kerry

    How Can people continue to breed when there are so many that need re-homing..

    December 29, 2014 at 4:34 pm

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