Super Mom

If that is the rule

I have mentioned it before and will probably do so many years to come.  Zander follows rules.  End of the story.  He doesn’t bend a rule.  He doesn’t take short cuts.

Which is all good and well since it means that he is very obedient.

However, there are times that one should bend the rules just a tiny bit.

Like this morning.  When I wanted to drop off his lunchbox and saw him walking towards his class with the rest of his classmates.

When you see your mom running like a very unfit athlete to catch you before you walk up the stairs.

Yes, you are walking in rows.  Yes, your teacher is walking in front.  But you saw me!  You looked me in the eyes!

Eish.  Well he did thank me and then in split seconds fell back into his row.

I do love that little guy.  Strict rule follower or not


One response

  1. My A is the same! Sweet kids

    March 16, 2015 at 10:07 am

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