Super Mom

Road rage

Just this morning I thought about road rage in our country. Why do we all have it at some stage? 

I know that I have to constantly check myself. No risk of me pulling out a gun or ramming someone off the side of the road but I do get upset. People who don’t stop at stop signs. People who don’t use their indicators (brilliant little stick connected to a light. Great accessory on all cars). Taxi passing on a yellow line while people in front lets them back into the line. Okay, many more. You get my drift. I get upset. I just constantly tell myself to let it go. Doesn’t always work.

Then I read about yet another person being shot in a road rage incident today. Why? Is it really bad driving that gets us that worked up? Why would you take someone’s life just like that? 

In my opinion it has nothing to do with bad driving. The asshole bad driving is just the final straw.  We (South Africans) have cropped up anger. We live in constant stress. Not just at work. Stress at home. Our safe place that just isn’t that safe anymore. We are close to snapping at any moment. Not always. Not everyday but often. Put two people together at the wrong time and place and boom. Road rage.

It is so sad that lives are taken because of an emotion people can’t cope with.


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