Super Mom

Blaming the wrong people

Is it a South African thing?  The need to blame someone.  Anyone.

My dad posted a photo of a storm drain. All the slabs are broken.  My dad has reported this to the municipality many times and posted a photo showing that it is still broken.

Oh soul.  Some guy jumped up and down and basically told my dad that he is the idiot who should have fixed it and not complained about it.  HUH?

Why on earth put the blame on my dad?  It is not his responsibility.  It is however his right to complain or make people aware of the fact.  He pays his tax.

Said guy does not agree.  He says that one should just do it yourself.  No he demands that one does.

Really?  Who will take responsibility if something goes wrong after it was fixed by someone other than the municipality?

Anyway, it’s not just this situation.  It just got me thinking again.  People tend to get upset with the wrong people.

When people feel that they will get nowhere with blaming the cause of the problem, they want to blame someone else.

Just weird.


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