Super Mom

He has guts

Zander broke a tooth.  Not broke a tooth, that sounds like it’s nothing.  He broke a huge piece of his molar.  He was in a lot of pain but seemed so calm about it.

We tried to get an emergency dentist after hours however the one that was available was only worried about his money and asked my mom what he has to do with my son!?


So he got some good pain meds and waited for the next day.  Our dentist (who we love btw) could help him immediately. It was their day to work on children and the other children there were getting light anesthetic.  After she saw how bad his tooth was broken, she said that he can get anesthetic as it was painful work she had to do.  He opted to go without though and just lay there while she was working.  He had a good grip on the chair and I was stroking his arm in support.

He did so well.  She eventually managed to drill away and get to the abscess that was behind the broken molar.

He is on some serious antibiotics and got a prescription for pain meds.  He has had pain meds once.

He has a heck of a high pain threshold.


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