Super Mom

Short fuse and Absa

I do have a lot of patience.  Really.

However, not with technology and not with banks.  (also not bad drivers – regtig heng is dit so moeilik om jou padreëls te ken)

Anyway, back to Absa…and in a way technology.

I needed to pay some creditors at the end of the month and all of a sudden I can’t.  Just like that.  Stupid message that just says “Not identified, not verified”

WTF.  How about some small message that makes sense!

After many many many many phone calls (where I was put through to roadside assistance, life insurance and some place where people speak to soft to hear if they are from earth) apparently there is a FICA hold on our account.  They need FICA docs.

However, since there was not change in account details, new products there is no need for it.  I don’t mind though.  I work in the financial sector.  I get it.  LET ME KNOW THOUGH.  I cannot all of a sudden not be able to pay people!!!

Another five days before I can use my account apparently.

I do not have the patience for this nonsense.  ABSA …. it’s not proper to say bad things on social media but ooohhhh I so badly want to.


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