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Quintus has been in a choir since he was 9 years old.  That is 7 years now.  A very long time and a big part of his life.

It is a huge commitment.  He LOVES rugby and hockey but that always has to take second place to choir.  There is almost never a Friday that he can go to a party or school activity.  Long weekends …. what is that again?

After much talk and consideration and weighing good and bad, he decided that he is not going to continue this year.

I was torn myself.  Choir is extremely expensive and time-consuming for me as well.  I take him every Friday and wait for him for 5 hours.  Yet, I love hearing him sing.  I love seeing him do what he loves and what he is good at.

Still, it was his decision and I would respect it either way.

We sent a message to his choir organizer (choir mom) and oh wow….she did not take it well.  I think she was pretty upset with us and took some time to find the right words before she phoned.  She asked us so nicely to please reconsider.  She complimented Quintus on being such an outstanding boy with amazing qualities and strong morals.  She couldn’t let him go.  Neither did the conductor want Quintus to go.  He was going to phone Quintus as well (Quintus asked Starr to please not let him)

Quintus will now be going to the choir camp on Friday and make his final decision there.  Again, I will respect his decision.

I do think it is such an honour to be asked not leave by both Starr and the conductor.  Would have been easy to just let him go.


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  1. Wow it is! But I on that other hand I have now realized how sometimes, just being far from an activity and the extra load that gives, makes a huge difference. One of A’s friends is now moving her ballet – simply because the time and travel distance will result in her getting home after 8 on one day every week – tough if you are 11 or 12. For us it makes no difference – we are 5 minutes from the studio. It was a big part of our decision to stop the horse riding – the almost one and a half hours travel there and back plus two hours of lessons killed our Saturdays.

    January 25, 2017 at 8:32 am

    • Well, he decided to stop after all. I completely support him in his decision. I think it was just time. So many hours and time have been put into choir. It has stopped him from going to many school activities. For the first time he can just be a schoolboy and do whatever schoolboys do on a Friday.

      January 25, 2017 at 4:06 pm

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