Super Mom

No time

I don’t blog near as much I would love to.

Not as much as Zander would love me to.  How cute that he likes the fact that I blog.  Don’t know for how long though.  The older boys especially don’t like it if I blog about them.

I do want to congratulated my favourite first born boy child.  After the hockey try-outs he is now included in the school’s 1st hockey team.  Very proud mom I am.  Especially since he played with them last year but due to the choir (and fracturing his neck) he was never officially a 1st team player.  I’m thankful that this year it’s official and that choosing hockey over choir has been the right decision.

I have been asked not to shout too much when next to the field.  Not because it embarrasses him (because by now they have given up the idea that I’ll be the quiet mom next to the field) but because I apparently don’t know the rules.  Which is true.  So I’m making it my mission to learn.

It is different though.  Rugby is loud and parents get upset with the ref and players and other parents.  Hockey is more relaxed.  Civil even.

Amazing how the sport in our home has changed from rugby, tennis, rugby and more rugby to hockey, hockey, hockey, swimming and swimming.

Quintus, Anthony and Kyla play hockey and Zander and Jason swim.  I have to brag about Jason as well.  He is not big on sport.  He will play sport, played tennis all of his primary years but never took it seriously.  He would miss practice with any excuse he could think of.

He started swimming about 6 weeks ago.  I honestly thought it would be something that he would just do but not take seriously.  Wow.  He suprised me!  He practises at home.  On a Sunday with a fellow swimming friend.  He knows that he start way later than other children and is doing his best to catch up.  Very proud of him.


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