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Starting the year with eleven things

I was tagged by Grace who currently lives in Dubai to do this meme.

In all honesty I don’t remember when we started reading each other’s blogs but it has been ages. She is originally from Japan. She has two very much loved, adorable children.

I am supposed to give eleven random facts about myself and then answer her eleven questions. Also supposed to tag others but I normally don’t lol


1. I can swallow a handful of pills at the same time but I can only swallow pills with milk or coffee.
2. I am a very anxious person but hide it well.
3. I am attached to my phone and iPad. I should go to a support group for that.
4. I love taking photos. My poor kids must feel like they are famous and their mother is paparazzi.
5. I want to study again. Just don’t know where I will get the time for that.
6. Tommie and I have lived in the same house for 15 years. We have not moved once since getting married.
7. If I wasn’t married to Tommie, I would probably still have my old VW Beetle. He loves cars, I am just happy if they get me where I want to be.
8. Tommie is more social than I am. I don’t mind quiet days at home, reading or doing nothing. He loves having friends over.
9. I am a vegetarian.
10. I have epilepsy.
11. One of my closest friends lives in Poland.

1. How long have you been blogging?
I think I started way back in 2004. On Blogdrive then. That was long before blogging became the in the thing and people did it for money.

2. How many hours in a day do you spend on social media (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc)? Be honest! LOL
Too much. I don’t know how many hours but I do check in on Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin often. Twitter normally only when I am following something specific.

3. What do you like most about yourself?
That I am a good mom. I am not perfect. I am not the best but I am a good mom.

3. What makes you smile?
My family

4. Where do you find inspiration?
Depends what inspiration I need.

5. What was the craziest thing you ever did?
Stay in a two man tent for a month next to the Okavango river, with elephants walking through our camp and crocodiles less than 10 meters from us. Flying in a microlight with three year old Quintus on my lap. Flying to Switzerland alone with a two year old and three month old baby.

6. What comes to your mind first thing in the morning?
What day is it?

7. If your life would be made into a movie, which actor would you want to play as you?
Oh gosh I hope my life never gets made into a movie!

8. Have you met anyone famous?
Not that I can recall. I am not someone who goes crazy over famous people.

9. Do you have any phobias?
Mmmm … Snakes probably. I have claustrophobia.

10. What is your favorite cheese?

Day 18: Superpower



If I could have one superpower….only one.

I think I would like the ability to clone myself. Some days I just need more than one Melany. Not always, since I love doing things as a family and well then you only need one me. There are days though that more than one Melany would work so well.

Day 17: My handwriting



Day 16: A day in the life of


I skipped yesterday. I last wrote stories in high school lol

My days are hectic. Raising three boys and working full-time for myself is not easy. I do however love every moment of it.

I normally wake up first. Put the kettle on, take the dogs out. I then wake each little (and big) man in the house with coffee. That’s the the last of the calm until I have dropped the boys off at school.
Mornings are my most productive time at work.
Pick the kiddos up after school and have lunch at my folks house. That is such a privilege.
Afternoons are rushed with trying to get work done, get kids at activities and then leaving enough time for homework with Zander.
Dinner gets done between homework and picking up from tennis.
By the time we settle down for the night we are all tired but happy to be us.

The next morning, it all starts again.

Day 14: Last book I read



I am currently reading Sycamore Row by John Grisham.

I love his books. I love the way he writes. However, I am about 40% into the book and it still hasn’t grabbed me. Which is weird.

Day 13: best moment(s) in 2013


1. Definitely when Quintus was awarded Culture Boy of the Year. It’s been a tough year for my son and that made me so proud of him. So happy for him.

2. I think when Zander finally snapped reading. It was an uphill battle but we made it!

3. Seeing Jason play tennis. He enjoys it. It is more than just a sport for him. He has found his thing. He might not be the best but it has brought out the best in him.

Pet peeves



1. No respect. I don’t understand people who have no respect. Respect for others, themselves. I don’t get it. You must live in your own kinda creepy world to be so self-centered that you have no respect.

2. Abuse. Any kind of about. If I have to see someone abuse a child or animal, I will not be responsible for my actions…no I will. I will take full responsibility.

3. Stupid one but people who don’t stop at stop streets lol. Drives me insane

Day 11…something someone once told me



Don’t tell me that you don’t think I would be able to do something because I will bend over backwards to do so.

My dad and I went hiking once. There was an area where rock climbers normally got to the top or you could walk around. We asked the owners how difficult the climb was and they said I would not be able to do it. Ha! Poor Dad had to walk around so that I could proof to them I could climb up lol

I was told at school that I would never do as well as my brother. Well (sorry Michael) but I didn’t do too badly did I ?

I was told I am not a “boy” mom. Well, I am not too bad at that either!

I could point out many things but what I have actually learned from that, is that we write our own story. We can believe what others say or take it and turn it into positives.

Day 10. Ten favourite movies



Oh my soul. Not an easy blog post for me! I hardly ever watch movies and I will not watch one movie twice out of free will!

Let me think of some movies though…

1. Stuart Little (I watched that movie a million times *not by choice* before Jason was born. The morning they go to adopt the “brother”, the little boys up shouting “it’s today it’s today!” Quintus wanted to know if it would be today that he would get his brother too 🙂
2. Lion King (will always be a classic)
3. The Blind Side (watched it on my iPad on the way to the sea. Will watch it again)
4. Up (such a sweet love story)
5. Cars ( I have boys. I can see that I will watch it again and it is rather cute)
6. Finding Nemo
7. Shrek

I think that is pretty much all the movies I have seen the past ten years lol

Story from my childhood


Day nine, tell a story from your childhood

There are obviously many childhood stories to be remembered and told. We would have to start a fire and get ready for a long night. Yet, I have to tell only one.

I clearly remember Sundays at the dam. We would wake up hoping for the wind to blow. We had a catamaran. I loved it when the wind would push it over and we all fell in the water. Or holding on to the pipe in the front and being pulled through the water. Or if the wind would calm down, just swimming next to the catamaran, waiting for the wind to pick up again.

Often my parents would buy a bucket of KFC. A big treat for us.

Wish we took more photos way back then.

Favourite photo I have ever taken (or top 3)


I take a lot of photos every single day. This is very very difficult to do! Also I am not home, so I don’t have all my photos. So this is the best I can do for now.

I love this trip we took with the boys. That we took them out of school so unplanned. That it was the first time they saw snow.


I love seeing my boys do what they love. They don’t have to excel at it, they must just enjoy it.


Then there are moments that even though it’s captured on crappy cellphone camera, the moment is more important. This was one of those moments forever captured. The night he was awarded Culture Boy of the Year.