Super Mom


Best Ouboet ever

Quintus is your typical Ouboet. He will stand up for his brothers, protect them and give them advice. He will be their biggest supporter. 

Zander is lucky enough to have two older brothers. Both of them love the little guy a lot and probably do more for him than most brothers will.

This is about Quintus though. I looked at him yesterday as he stood with Zander at the pool, waiting for his turn to swim. Zander’s first gala. He stood there and spoke to him so nicely. Giving him the kind of moral support that many fathers lack. 

When Zander swam freestyle he got tired at the end. (probably because he was late for the race and didn’t have time to catch his breath) However when he looked up and saw Quintus, it was as if he got extra strength. Just that little more energy that he needed.

I am hugely thankful for the love my children have for each other. 

Congratulation on your two medals Zander.  We are all so proud of you.

What we like

THREE years ago, I asked the boys these questions.  I never did post it.  Saw it now in my drafts.


I asked the boys to give me 10 things they like about their brothers.

Here’s Jason’s list of his two brothers:


  • Nice
  • Strong
  • Warm
  • Helpful
  • Loving
  • Handsome
  • Of average hight (?)
  • Clever
  • Inspirational
  • Sporty



  • Sweet
  • Good with climbing
  • He kicks well
  • Helpful
  • Loving
  • He doesn’t have any freckles
  • He is tall
  • He listens
  • He is fast
  • He is good with drawing and making it look pretty


Quintus’ list of his brothers:


  • He thinks I’m his super hero
  • He wants to be like me
  • He can do anything he puts his mind to
  • He does amazing in school
  • He doesn’t hide things from me
  • Loves playing with me
  • Will borrow me money any time
  • He will help me with anything
  • He will carry my bag (like now when I hurt my foot)
  • He is sweet


  • He loves playing
  • Will do everything with me
  • He is sweet
  • Will give me things if I need it
  • Will do anything for me
  • He will keep things for me
  • He doesn’t get upset easily
  • He is quiet when we learn
  • He thinks I”m his hero and tells all his friends about me


I will have to ask them these questions again soon 🙂

When they fight

Like all brothers, my boys fight.  Mostly something that will blow over in 10 minutes but they have their differences.

I have always said that if you say something and it’s the truth, that you should not worry if the other person believes you or not.  You know the truth and that is what matters.

Well, the boys were having a disagreement and Jason felt upset because Quintus didn’t believe him. We were all lying in bed, just before bedtime.

I asked Jason why he was getting upset about it, when he replied:

“I care because he is my brother”

Wow.  Yes.  He cares because it’s his brother.  We have each other’s back.  We are supposed to believe each other.

We care because we are family.

Wise words from a teenager.

Only child

“Mom”, he said as we made our way to school.  Just the two of us. “Do you know why I feel like an only child?”

No, I thought to myself.  We weren’t talking about that at all.  “Why?”, I asked.

“Jason is always away with Oupa, bird-watching and Quintus is always with his friends”


True true words my little one.

Yes, there’s a big gap in age between Zander and Jason.  However my three boys have always been very close.  They still are. 

Yet, he feels like an only child.


I will need to sit the brothers down and talk to them.  I don’t ever want him to feel like an only child.

Perfect day

When we got home tonight Zander said that today was the perfect day.
Every day should be like this.

Not because they swam in the sea…. They did not
Not because they made friends with other kids and played together…. They did not
Not because we spent money to entertain them… We did not

When I asked him why, his answer was simple:

“We had so much fun together. Just the three of us ”

Today was his perfect day.



School athletics

Zander took part in school athletics this week and decided to run the 600 metres.  Never having done that before, he obviously didn’t know how far it would be.

His brothers decided to help him and took turns to run with him along the way.

It was so adorable to see the brothers supporting their little brother like that.


2nd term 2013

So starts the 2nd term.

Probably the busiest one of all, with all the rugby being played.
Back to making coffee and tea, while I am actually privately wishing for a cup of coffee in bed too.
Back to searching for lunch boxes…. I am always searching for lunch boxes. No matter how many we have.

Today started out just fine. No shouting. No tantrums. No rush.

The kids seemed to have coped just fine too.

Here’s to wishing for a great term. Easy studies. Good grades. Safe rugby games. Winning would be nice too!


I could never

I could never be a teacher.  Never.  Oh my soul kids are naughty!!!

I helped out at the boys’ school today.  They have Revue tomorrow and Thursday night.  Today was their second and last rehearsal.  I actually went with in the beginning, just to make sure Zander is okay.  It’s in the middle of town… not the safest place.  Helicopter mom en so.

Anyway, in the end I helped out and good grief.  Kids just don’t listen.  They will look you in the eye and do what they were just told NOT to do.  They have no respect.  Okay not all kids but way more than when we were kids.

I do think the whole thought that someone can’t give you a smack makes it easier to be cheeky!

It looks great though.  The last act actually brought tears to my eyes.  Never again, will I have all three my boys on the same stage. 

Very bitter sweet that.

Wake up

This morning, Zander was awake before his brothers.  Believe me, this doesn’t happen often at all.  They were still asleep by the time I finished bathing and I asked Zander to please wake up his brothers.

He looked at me with this puzzled look and asked “How do I do that?  Should I sing to them?”

That was SSOOO adorable. 

Thing is, one of the unsaid rules in our home is, that you don’t wake someone up.  Weekends, you are quiet until everyone is up.  My kids have never woken me up, unless they are sick.  I don’t wake up my kids unless I have to.  So he really didn’t know how to wake them up!  He has never done that before. 

So sweet.


Make me proud

My kids make me proud to be their mom.  Often.  This week again.

I’m proud that my kids don’t quit.

I’m proud that my kids try even though success is not guaranteed.

I’m proud that they take part.

My kids rock.  Seriously.

Quintus took part in the javelin event.  It’s the first time their age group could take part in this. After three failed attempts, I could see he was feeling upset. He didn’t quit though.  He went up and threw that javelin one more time.  That time he did it so well!  Even IF he didn’t have ONE successful throw, not one that counted, I would still be proud.  Proud that he stood tall and kept on trying.  This child has SUCH an amazing heart.  I just love him.  Love him, the person, not just because he is my son.

Veld items 040

Today Jason took part in the 1 200 meters.  Even though he was worried that he would be last, he still ran.  Even though he isn’t fit at the moment, he still ran  AND he did better than he expected! After that, there was the short distances.  80 and 100 meters.  Jay is not a short distance athlete.  He was chosen to do it though and he did his best. HIS best and that makes me proud. 

Atletiek 001

Atletiek 008

Then it was Zander’s turn to run.  Oh man, it’s so sweet to watch the little ones run.  I just love it.  He did well!  I’m so proud of him.  LOVED the smile on his face as he ran.

Atletiek 084

Atletiek 087

What makes me MOST proud of my boys?  The way they are proud of each other.

Atletiek 089Atletiek 092Atletiek 093


There is something really special about seeing brothers stand close and hold each other.  Hearing Quintus tell Zander not to worry.  He is there and nothing will happen.  It is just a cave.

Listening to the tour guide

Seeing them hug each other.

2011-12-01 08.51.17 (2)

And play together

2011-11-30 14.40.12

I’m so thankful that I have boys.  More than that, I’m thankful that they have brothers.

Stilbaai 213

Water balloons

When I was just a little girl (makes me think of a song lol) all I wanted was a sister.  Someone I could do girl things with.

Now I’m blessed with three sons.  Three brothers.  Who love spending time together.  Like when they spend an entire afternoon, throwing water balloons at each other.

5 Februarie 005 copy

Helping each to get the ammunition ready.  The very same ammunition that will be directed at each other just a little while later.

5 Februarie 012 copy

5 Februarie 077 copy

5 Februarie 045 copy

5 Februarie 050 copy

5 Februarie 055 copy


5 Februarie 058 copy

5 Februarie 059 copy

I think that might be a little bit too much water …

5 Februarie 065 copy

5 Februarie 069 copy

Oooohhhh on the hip ….

5 Februarie 086 copy

No JJ …. you wouldn’t dare


Jason:  “What’s your favourite animal?”

Quintus:  “You”


Quintus and Jason have shared a room since forever. Whenever they moved out of our room. Jason’s clothes is in that room and Quintus’ clothes in the room that he will sleep in one day. 

Last night Jason said that it is HIS room.  I tried to explain that it will be his room once Quintus and Zander has moved out but since they are all sharing the room, it is their room.

Jason thought about this for a while but said nothing.

They all bath together (gosh, they do everything together lol) and I overheard Jason telling Quintus:

“You must move out of my room on 31 July next year”

I SO laughed at him giving Quintus an exact date to be out of the room. 

I wonder if that notice is applies to Zander as well?

Good morning

When your son wakes you up with coffee, you just know it’s going to be a good morning.

I really do have awesome boys.  They were so sweet with each other this morning. Quintus had Zander on his back, chasing Jason around in the house.

They dressed Zander.  Brushed his teeth and combed his hair.  They packed their own lunch boxes for school.

I got a zillion hugs.

Today can only be good.

Cross my fingers

My boys really do have a special relationship.  YES they have moments of true childish brotherly behaviour but where it matters, they care and love each other.  There they truly have a connection that is more than just boys sharing the same parents.

There’s obviously many things that happens on a daily basis that makes me realize that but this morning when Quintus went to fetch Jason a towl and put it on the heater to warm up, I felt so blessed.  So happy to know that they will do something like that for each other, all out of their own.

I do hope that it will stay like that in years to come.  One can only live in hope.

IMG_9900 (Small)


* I am loving my kids at this age. I have loved each and every stage but I am really loving this. They are so easy. So proper. So loving. So nice with each other.

* This long weekend has been exactly what my family needed. We needed this time. The boys needed the ‘brother’ time. It was good not to have to share my attention and love.

* I haven’t missed being online. Reception is close to non-existing and I could only download mail if very lucky.

* I love camping. I don’t know if I would easily vacation any other way. I love how social it is. How easy it is for the boys to make friends.

* I got compliments from 2 different people about how well behaved the boys are and what good manners they have. Even if that is not always true, it is still nice to hear 🙂

Life is good

Too little to be that big

This morning at 4:30 Quintus left for the weekend with is amazing Uncle Michael.  Last year Quintus and Jason went with Michael on what they called a “Men’s weekend” to my brother in Louis Trichardt.  This weekend would have been the same thing, however Jason opted to stay and go to his friend’s birthday party.

This morning as I woke up Quintus, his body so warm from sleep and the extra heat he gets from sleeping right next to his brother, he seemed so small.  So small to do this…just him.  No Jason.

Even though Quintus and Jason fights like any two brothers, they are extremely close.  Don’t go to sleep without the other.  When they buy sweets at the school tuck shop, they will keep some for the other.  When they can they bring something back from parties they go to.  Pretty much a unit.

The night Jason decided to rather stay, Quintus cried.  He didn’t want to leave Jason behind.  He would miss him too much. 

This morning, after getting dressed and telling me a million times to tell Jason he says goodbye and he is going to miss him, he walked into their room and kissed his sleeping brother good-bye.

That’s a moment I don’t want to forget.  True, honest emotion.


* To protect the parties from embarrassment, no names will be mentioned

Brother 1 in the bath.  The other has woken up a mere second or two ago and getting undressed.

Brother 1 visibly impressed and not shy to stare: “WOW Boetie!”

Other brother still not really awake and not giving much attention, climbs into the bath.

Brother 1 takes a closer look, sits back in the bath and says: “Awesome!

Tell me!

I’m in my study, working.  Trying to push more hours into my 24 hour day. (If you have some to spare, please send them my way)

I hear the boys getting a tad upset with each other and then full-blown aggression explodes.  I immediately summons them to the study.  I don’t mind bickering but aggression is not acceptable and I try to stop it as soon as it starts.

I was not happy with what I heard and sent Quintus to the bathroom….time-out place in our home.  I let him calm down before I walk and demand answers.  I wanted to know why he acted the way he did.  He didn’t answer and I asked again, get agitated.

He looks at me.  He looks away.  Looks at me.  Away.  Clearly trying to think of a way out of this.  He realizes that he cannot stall this any longer and answers with:

“Nope.  I have nothing

I completely burst out laughing.   Nothing like a sense of humor to diffuse a situation!


The boys want to buy a certain toy and are planning a zillion different ways to make money.  One is to buy and sell sweets. 

Okay great.  Where will they get the original lay-out of capital from?  Mom of course.  They will work in the house to get enough to make their first purchases.

Good.  No problem.  Then comes the:

“If I make up my bed how much do I get?”  – “Nothing.  You HAVE to do that”

“If I pick up the clothes do I get paid?” – “No.  You HAVE to do that”

“Can I wash the floor, walls, bath, dog, feet, TV, carpets, desk, chairs, Zander (trust me the list was endless)?” – YES!!!  Just go!

“Okay, what can we do now?”  “Now?”  “And now?”  “How much do we get if we do that?”  “How much do we get for this?”

Never ending.  What?  How much?  More? 

I walk into the kitchen and they are washing my kitchen floor with my dishcloth!!!!

Oh word.  Would it be wrong if I payed them to do nothing!?


TV. If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they’ll have with twenty-six. Open your child’s imagination. Open a book. ~Author Unknown

TV has been banned in our home during the week. The boys are to read or play outside. I don’t want to walk into a room and see my children with that “I’m a zombie to the TV” look. No. None of that. That’s not proper.

So tonight we went to the library and Zander got to take out his very first library books. Quintus and Jason has before but life gets in the way and I tend not to go too often. I’m hoping to change that by booking Friday Library nights on our calender. Our library is quiet and the kids love sitting around reading. So I’ll make sure we get to spend some time just sitting and reading too.

I am also bribing Quintus to read. R1 per book lol I find he loves to read educational books so we are focussing more on those. Currently we are reading about dinosaurs. I haven’t seen any photos of our older family members just yet.

Best friends

Jason is finally in a class where there’s many a boy and he has made friends with twin boys. He wanted to know if they could come over and play on Friday. I was totally happy for him to have boy friends and of course said yes.

Quintus felt it was unfair that Jason could have two friends visiting and I tried to explain that they are both his best friends now and we can’t ask one twin to stay home. It just wouldn’t be fair.

We rushed through the rest of the morning and I called Quintus to get his medication. He came in and it was clear that he had been crying. I wanted to know what’s wrong and he said:

“I thought WE were best friends. Me and Jason. Now these twin brothers have come between us. Now we aren’t best friends anymore”

Oh my word. So sweet. Jason very very quickly explained that they are his best friends but Quintus is his best best best best best friend.

Big brother hugs and off to school they went. Even giving each other a hug at school in front of all their friends.

How cool to have your best friend live with you 😉

Nature at out doorstep

Tonight the boys are spending the night with my folks (bless their souls many times over) They have gone to a Nature Reserve just 10 km from our house.

This is one very long vacation and since we aren’t really going away (except next week for a few days) I have planned that we do something special for the boys at least one day a week. I think so far this has worked out very well.

We went there tonight to take some photos. I just love pretending I’m a photographer. I was taking some photos of our office manager secretary’s daughter. Clearly I took some of the rest of the family too.

I looked at them when I got home and just realized that yes we don’t live in the prettiest of provinces but darn it ain’t uggles either! We do have some areas that are nice.

It felt so peaceful out there. I hope the boys have a great time with my folks and that my parents will get more than 1 hours worth of sleep tonight!