Super Mom



Quintus has been in a choir since he was 9 years old.  That is 7 years now.  A very long time and a big part of his life.

It is a huge commitment.  He LOVES rugby and hockey but that always has to take second place to choir.  There is almost never a Friday that he can go to a party or school activity.  Long weekends …. what is that again?

After much talk and consideration and weighing good and bad, he decided that he is not going to continue this year.

I was torn myself.  Choir is extremely expensive and time-consuming for me as well.  I take him every Friday and wait for him for 5 hours.  Yet, I love hearing him sing.  I love seeing him do what he loves and what he is good at.

Still, it was his decision and I would respect it either way.

We sent a message to his choir organizer (choir mom) and oh wow….she did not take it well.  I think she was pretty upset with us and took some time to find the right words before she phoned.  She asked us so nicely to please reconsider.  She complimented Quintus on being such an outstanding boy with amazing qualities and strong morals.  She couldn’t let him go.  Neither did the conductor want Quintus to go.  He was going to phone Quintus as well (Quintus asked Starr to please not let him)

Quintus will now be going to the choir camp on Friday and make his final decision there.  Again, I will respect his decision.

I do think it is such an honour to be asked not leave by both Starr and the conductor.  Would have been easy to just let him go.



An era without photos

Quintus, Jason and my Dad had a flying trip to Cape Town for a day.  (I know!)  For one bird (I know!)

However, they took probably six photos in total! (I know!)


I was sommer upset.  I mean, you travel to one of the most beautiful cities in our country and you take six photos….six…

Then Quintus went on a tour to Innibos and Kruger Park with the NW Choir.  What an experience to sing on that stage.  All the lights. So many people.  Must have been amazing.  I’m so sad I missed it.


Thankfully this time there are many photos (never enough but still)  I saw some on other kid’s Facebook walls or the choir posted some.  So I managed to follow his tour through the eyes of others.



This morning though I thought about how this is an era where people will have so many photos of themselves but actually none.  Most photos on cellphones that get lost or upgraded.  Photos posted on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat just to be forgotten about again.
Will these kids ever really have photos of themselves?  I try to save as many photos as I can for them because I know that up till now, they have not.


Zander is an introvert.  He takes about 2 terms to warm up to his teacher.  He is very quiet in the class.  Normally won’t ask questions or part-take in group discussions.

Yet, this week he surprised me.

Firstly for wanting to be in the choir.  Remember Zander does sports.  He lives, breaths, dreams sport.  Any sport. As long as it involves a ball.

Yet, there he was, doing audition for the school choir.  That is not what amazes as much as the fact that he tried FOUR times!  He kept on going back to do another audition.  He doesn’t know the song they had to sing for the audition, so it was difficult for him.

I’m just amazed at how persistent he was.  This is totally not like him.  At all.

He adores his new teacher.  She is also the choir director.

I’m happy for him.  I think it is great that he is going to do something other than sport.

His brother(s) is also his hero and singing in the choir might have something to do with that!

You are amazing

North West colours two years in a row. 

That, my son, takes some doing. 

It is NOT easy giving up every.single.Friday. when your friends all have sleep-overs or parties and you are at choir.

It is NOT easy when all your friends don’t understand that you can both love music and sport.

It is NOT easy when you are sick or tired or studying and you still have to at choir rehearsal.

It is NOT easy when it is late and you have an early rugby match the next morning and you only get home at 9 or 10 pm, after standing for 3 hours straight.

It is great to have made the friends you did though.

It is great that you met your girlfriend there.

It is great that you could enjoy your love for singing there.

It is great that you could share the passion for both music and sport with other choir friends who has the same passion.

I am so proud of you for doing this.  You have no idea.  You have learned life lessons during these two years that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You make me proud and humble to be able to say you are my son.

Congratulations Quintus.

I will miss the choir just as much as you will.






Why I love Quintus’s school

There will be days where I feel upset with the school, I have no doubt but I do love the school. More than when I was there btw. Never liked High School.

I love the SMS updates we get. When they get positive or negative points we receive an SMS and the reason why.
Teachers are more than willing to give extra help during or after school.

What stands out to me though, is that they embrace culture. They acknowledge the hard work put into cultural activities.
It is not like sport, where you have more fun and more support. Parents tend to support sport activities more as well.
Children deserve to be rewarded for all the hours and hard work.

So thank you Wesvalia for doing just that.


The short and end of it

The short? I cut my hair. It was getting too long. I wanted it a Tad shorter. She cut it so short, I can’t even put it in a ponytail….. To say I am upset is such an understatement. 😦  Thankfully hair grows out again.

The end?


School is out. The school year has come to an end. My kids are growing up. Moving on to yet another year.

We also had the year end performance at Musicon. Quintus got his report for his voice training and did so well. Even more so if you take into account that he only started half way through the year!
He made me so proud. The choir started out much bigger and with more boys but as it sometimes happens, people just don’t finish things anymore. They don’t have loyalty. Perseverance. Quintus ended up being the only boy. The choir ended up as a group of only 16 kids. Even though he was chosen for the north west childrens choir, he still stuck it out. He finished what he started.



Then little Mr Zander came home after his year end party for tennis, where he got the award for the best tennis player of his grade!  Very proud Mommy!



Sing me a song

This has not been the best of years for Quintus. 

So many things went wrong….right from losing someone he loved to not getting things he deserved.

I don’t want to go into detail.  I have said before that some things just aren’t my story to tell. 

These things were enough to change the core of who he is.  Yet he once again showed character.  Once again shown that he was stronger than I thought.  He makes me so proud.

Somehow, he missed the North West Children’s choir audition that was held at school.  I was devastated for him.  Yet another thing went wrong.  

I just couldn’t see him go through this again.  Maybe he wasn’t good enough to get into the choir but he should at least have the opportunity to try right?  So I contacted the choir and he was invited to go for an audition.

After the audition, I was called in and congratulated on my son being chosen for North West Children’s Choir.  I was told that he has a strong voice and they are honoured to have him in the choir.  W.O.W. 

I couldn’t be more happy.  More proud.

My passionate rugby player.  He uses his God-given talent with pride.

He is such  a brilliant child.  The Klerksdorp choir was sad at first when they heard he was chosen for the NW choir but once again he showed character and told them not to worry….he will sing in both the Klerksdorp and NW choir. 

Amazing child that.