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I have not written much this year. Maybe because I’m scared that once I do the words that flow onto my screen won’t stop. Maybe I’m scared that people will truly know how I feel. Maybe I just needed some space for me.

Let’s face it. It has been a crappy year for all of us. I think that Covid just added to me already feeling emotionally drained.

Being in lockdown felt like house arrest or being grounded by your parents. Some days I understood it but other’s I wanted to slip through my bedroom window like a teenager.

Then I heard that my favourite nurse (who was always there when I was hospitalised during chemo) passed from Covid, I was heartbroken. She was still so young. After that a client/friend passed away the day after she was released from hospital after fighting for three months! Our doctor passed away after fighting for a very long time.

Lockdown made some sense then. Wearing a mask and sanitising always did. However we had 500 or 600 cases then. Now we have 17 000 and we aren’t on full lockdown? Why the full lockdown then and not now? Why mostly only lockdown beaches? Not restaurants or movie theatres…Please I don’t want to go back to full lockdown. Our country can’t afford it. I’m just saying it makes no sense.

Due to lockdown and children mostly not going to school or zoom classes that were insufficient , I decided to homeschool Kyla. What an expensive thing that was. She did well but financially I should not have done that. I just should not have.

I moved Zander to another swim club. I could go into detail but let’s just say that my child needs to be trained with his best interest at heart ( not with 10 year olds when he is the fastest 50m swimmer in his age group in the club) I will not be spoken to like a child or accept that I am not allowed to understand why certain decisions are made.

He is so happy at his new club. His times improved dramatically. He has also put in a lot more effort. I can see he is ready to push himself now. He is happy and motivated. He wakes up early to gym and then spends all afternoon training in the pool.

I lost my sweet sweet Bella. Just like that. I got home from work on April 11 and saw she wasn’t well. She had bladder cancer. I put her down that same evening. It was heartbreaking. I miss her so.

I did get cheeky little Snowy (Bella left such a hole in my heart) She is the complete opposite of Bella but I’m her everything. I love her so much.

Quintus found an intern job. He is studying to become an architecture drafter. He is loving it. Who knew! His friends are also more at my house than there own. Good kids.

Jason is still battling like crazy with his leg. He will definitely need another operation but wants to wait for winter. He started to crossfit again this year and probably spent all his time there or at church. He has a great group of friends there.

The boys spent their first ever Christmas away from me. Kyla was also with her mom. It was horrible. They were at the sea though and I was happy for them. Until the beaches were closed due Corona ( but please do still go to a restaurant urgh) They are on their way home and will be here tomorrow. Would have been lovely if they could be here tonight to help me with the dogs and their fear of fireworks but I am sure I can cope (not!)

Like I said, it has been a tough year for me though.

Tomorrow is just the day after today. No new year’s resolutions. No party. No let’s hope for a better year.

Let’s just take one day at a time.

Stay safe.

Christmas 2016

We did it a bit differently. We were more relaxed which meant we could spend more time together.  No rushing to the kitchen to check on food or make salads. No hot ovens (really, who ever thought a cooked meal is a good idea in summer)

Instead we had a late breakfast, made mostly by my husband, camp style. On the stoep where we all were. 

We had a braai much later, with pre-made salads. 
We still ate way to much. We were thankful that Santa brought chocolates as gifts. Pudding was easy. Altough some people did have Christmas pudding after the braai. That would not include me. I love fruit and sometimes enjoy cake but definitely not fruitcake. 

Hope you had a special time with family as well.

Merry Christmas to the animals as well

Not everyone are dog or cat lovers. I get that.

You might have had bad experiences as a kids…  Or you are just plain weird.

Each to themselves en so.

However most people love animals. Care for them. Try to give them as much love as they give us. Make them feel safe. Protect them.

Unfortunately some Podexes, with little or no working brain cells don’t.

Please stop shooting crackers.

Just stop and listen how scared all the dogs in the area are after that first bang. Getting progressively worse with every single one. So scared that they run away. Fearing for their lives.

I don’t often or easily wish bad things on people but let me tell you, if you lose a finger or five while shooting off crackers, there will be no tears from me.

Merry Christmas to all animal lovers and non-podexes  out there.

Santa’s helpers messed-up

Christmas is HUGE in our house.  I’m sure that if you have been reading my blog for many years, you will understand just how we keep the whole “Santa” feeling real. 

My cousin’s husband had his first big Christmas at our house this year.  He has never experienced something like that before.  When “Santa’s reindeer” landed on our roof, he says there was a second there that even he felt it could be real.

Well, the excitement was just as high as all the years before.  Mrs Clause (also known as my mom) did a great job with planning it all.  Mr Clause looked adorable (especially walking through the garden outside to try and keep cool with Santa’s winter clothes in summer!)

Christmas 012

Santa’s helpers mess-up though.

We were happily giving out gifts.  The kids opened theirs with excitement and all so happy to see that Santa must have gotten their letters.  They did, after all, get what they asked for.

Then all of a sudden, Zander burst out crying.  Now he is not an unthankful child.  I couldn’t understand why he was so upset.  He said they got more than him and somewhere on the inside I felt I had made a mistake.  Not raised him to be thankful.  I was kind of sad.  Thankfully I kept my cool and just comforted him.  Still completely in shock that he would be this upset.

Then, I looked at Jason’s presents and it hit me.  He got Zander’s remote control car.  Jason had TWO remote control cars in his heap of presents.  No wonder little Zander was upset!  He had asked for a blue car and there Jason had the blue car AND another one.

Just look at these photos (that I didn’t even realize I was capturing)

First he is so excited with Jason.  Waiting for him to open his present so that he can share in his happiness.

Christmas 071

Then realizing that Jason got the blue one he asked for.  Look at the body language.  The little arms wrapped protectively around himself.

Christmas 072

Then he sees Jason got yet another radio-controlled car

Christmas 074

After Jason opened up that one too…he broke down.

Thankfully we could sort it all out.  I still  feel terrible that he had to cry on Christmas Eve tough!

Kersdag 018

The little red man

I overheard a conversation earlier this morning. 

Someone A was very upset.  Someone B handled it very well.

See, there’s a year end party.  And Santa was invited.

A doesn’t want his / her child to believe in Santa.  Feels that as a Christian it’s wrong.  That people buy into the commercialism and that the whole meaning of Christmas and Jesus’ birth gets lost along the way. 

From my viewpoint and what I heard, it basically sounds as though a child cannot believe in Santa and Jesus. 

He / she feels that Santa shouldn’t be forced upon their child. 

Of course that doesn’t have to happen.  They have a right to raise their child as they feel fit.  However, I also have the right to raise my boys the way I feel fit. 

My kids (okay only Zander) believes in Santa.  Not because they believe he is the creator of our amazing universe but because he is the guy in the red suite that brings amazing presents every year. 

Not because he was born and forever changed the lives of those who believed.  No, because he is the guy who makes a good and naughty list.

Santa and Christ …. they happen to be in the same season but to me they have nothing to do with each other.

As a Christian, my kids know what Christmas is all about.  They know it’s about the birth of Jesus.  They know that he was born to be our Saviour.  We sing him a small happy birthday song on Christmas morning even.

Santa on the other hand….he is the fantasy guy.  Isn’t it true that all educators tell you constantly how important it is for kids to have fantasy play?  For them to be able to play pretend?

He is the pretend guy. 

Do they know he is only pretend?  Do they know he isn’t the reason for the season?  Probably not when they are very young.  I also don’t think they understand that Someone was born to save them.  Someone they can’t see.  It’s beyond their understanding.

One should however, as with everything you teach them, keep on teaching them.

As soon as they can though, as soon as they get the concept, they are also old enough to understand the difference between the two.

My kids love the joyful songs, the pretty lights and dreaming about what Santa would bring. 

My kids love Jesus too. 

Were they upset when they learned Santa doesn’t really exist?  Heck no!  They still play the Santa fantasy lol  They were intelligent enough to know the difference. 

Santa brings them childlike joy.  Like the tooth fairy brings money.  Like easter eggs at Easter.

One should not confuse the two.

Santa can come to my year end party any time Smile  Unlike Jesus who is there all the time.

24 December 010

Christmas wishes

Merry Christmascollage


Parcel – from over the sea!!!

Today we got a parcel, that was sent to us in September already!!!  It was sent all the way from Poland.


From a very special, sweet, amazing friend of mine, who made this by hand!


It represents me (the tree who gave life to the boys and help them grow) and the boys.  The red – Quintus.  The yellowish – Jason.  The light brown – Zander.  The colours are based on the colour of their hair.

Isn’t it just so special!?

She sent many other things but something very special to me, is Christmas tree decorations.  It’s  the very same as those I bought 8 years ago in Poland.


Felt like Christmas today!

Santa wrote them a letter

The boys got an e-mail today!  Nogal from Santa! Okay … me … but they don’t have to know right!?

They haven’t sent in their Christmas lists yet, so I had him send one.

Jason was very excited to be able to write to Santa and tell him what he wants!

Quintus doesn’t believe in Santa anymore but totally played along (even saying “nice one” in my ear lol)

Zander was shy! at first but later on gave me his whole list.

Thankfully, since the shopping is all done, we got the right stuff!

Kersfees 012 copy

Kersfees 015 copy

Kersfees 021 copy

Christmas and more

Christmas was very relaxing.  Seriously one of the most relaxing, quiet, stress-free Christmas’ we have had in a while.  Loved it.  My brothers, their wives and children were all there.  All of us.  It was nice to have the entire family together.  My mom went totally out of her way again.  Santa landed on our roof, shared sweets with the kids,while my brother rushed to get all the presents under the tree.

The little girl next door, saw Santa ‘land’ on our roof and shame, she just ran of to call her family because Santa is there!  I felt so bad for her!  Thankfully her family were quick thinkers and just did their whole Santa thing earlier than planned.

The kids had been begging us to let them stay with their cousins.  Ideally I would have wanted all the kids here.  I’m sure my sister-in-law would have wanted all the kids there.  Eventually we settled on Jason going with them and Douglas staying here.  It’s been six hours and I’m missing my son like you won’t believe.  I do hope that he will be okay.

Tommie and I have decided to sell our home.  It’s not the same.  The boys have not swam in the pool since we got back.  Thankfully my mom and Tommie’s mom have pools so the kids have been swimming there.  The wall by the pool between us and our neighbours just fell in today.  It’s time for us to go.  I don’t want to stay here any more.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas collage copy

Presents under the tree

As I have mentioned before, my mom goes through A LOT of trouble on Christmas Eve. She goes all out to make the boys believe in the magic of Santa.
She organizes a “Santa”.
She plans ahead as to how Santa will present the gifts without the boys really seeing enough of him to figure out who it is.
She plans on getting the other presents (Santa can’t carry them all) under the tree, while the kids are distracted by Santa and the excitement of it all.

This year was no different. Except, this year things almost went wrong.

Santa was played our friend who we are camping with right now. Quintus heard Tommie talk and organize with him, so there went his believe. Not that it’s a big train smash as I’m convinced that Quintus knew anyway.
We had to work real hard at keeping this away from Jason though. I’m proud of Quintus for managing to do this.

So we wait for Santa to arrive. The gifts already under the tree, behind a closed door, expect for those in the bags that Santa will bring. The kids normally run outside to see Santa but for some reason, Jason decided to run right into the livingroom where the Christmas tree is!!! He saw ALL the gifts under the tree. We thankfully thought of saying it’s just the gifts the adults buy each other (we’ve told them this before as they have gone shopping with us for the adults).

Then as we get outside and Santa ‘lands’ on our roof …. he forgets to change his voice!!! He sounded JUST like himself lol BUT he says as Jason looked up at him with those big eyes in total amazement and awe, he knew that Jason still believes in the magic of Santa.

So even though it almost went really wrong and Santa was nearly no more, it ended up just perfect. The kids loved it all and in the end, that’s what it’s all about. Christmas Eve … for the kids.

Christmas – that’s for the birth of Baby Jesus.


Christmas letter

I find that Christmas is the time that I look back on the good things in life.  Instead of at the end of the year when I look at what I’d like to change for the coming year, Christmas is when I reflect on the good.  On what God has done for me and my family.

My boys are always a constant reminder of God’s love for me.  They constantly challenge amaze me.   The way they grow and learn and accept life is a lesson to me.  I love how the need me.  Making me realize that I’m the mom that was chosen for them.  I’m so thankful that this year I could leave work earlier so that I could spend more time with the boys.

The boys have grown a lot and by that I don’t mean all the extra bigger clothes I have needed to buy.  Quintus has done so much better in school this year.  He has put in a lot of work even though some times I think he may have been upset that I have pushed him to do so.  He had a lovely teacher, who I can only be thankful for.  She really helped make this year a special one for him.  He loved his rugby as he always does.  He had a great boost in confidence when he couldn’t play one game and the coaches almost begged me to let him play, as they missed him in the team.

Jay loves school.  He adjusted, well actually I can’t even say adjusted well.  He just loved school as though he has always been there.  He was lucky enough to be in the same class as all his pre-school friends and with his very special teacher, he was as happy little boy as could be.  I love how he doesn’t really have issues.  He played rugby and even though it’s not his passion, he still loved it.  Love us supporting him and loved looking at the photos afterwards….ahhh…like his mom 😉  He made a couple of boy friends and I was happy about that.  Having had only girl friends in pre–school (by default seen that the school only had girls – except for 2 other boys who were much older and much younger than him). 

Sweet thing is how my boys still share a bed.  Even though they go to sleep in their own beds at night, they wake up in one bed 90% of the time.

Zander … well Zander is Zander.  He can go from happy to toddler in 2.3 seconds.  He is cute, SO cute.  He has us all wrapped around all 10 fingers.  He started going to a daymom twice a week and mostly loved it there.  He would always ask to go to his friends and then cry when I drop him off, making mornings really tough on his mom some days.   He is still warming up our bed at night.  That will probably change this coming year and I’m enjoying the last months of that.  He loves his brothers and it’s adorable how he calls Jason JJ.  They do seem to have a sweet bond at the moment.

Tommie and I survived celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Who knew we could 🙂  I don’t think anyone can believe that we are still together.  Some days are really good 🙂

My business has grown to such proportions that I can almost not cope with all my work.  This is where I’m also thankful for our office manager secretary.She helps out SO much.  I could very well be lost if it wasn’t for her.  

Two big things I’m thankful for are my mom and dad.  My mom, as I have said before, cannot be thanked just like this.  What she does for me and my boys cannot be measured.  My dad, well it’s juts amazing to work with him.  I don’t think anyone can say that they have worked with someone for 8 years and not once had a fall-out.  I can say that about my dad.  He is a very special man.

I could go on and on but I do think I’ll be able to write a book.  One thing that makes me real sad, is my granddad not being here for this Christmas.  I do feel thankful that he is with my Gran for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


Mostly done


I am not the shopping type.  I don’t like wandering through malls, looking for something that I hope someone would like.  I’d rather spend a lot of money buying a gift as long as I know it is what the person wants.  Well, that’s obviously when I have more than 2 cents to spend!

Today I bought Tommie a proper gift.  Meaning he is not getting a tie, t-shirt or socks lol  Oh and not aftershave either. 

Now I can only live in hope that I’ll get an external flash proper gift too.  Oh and don’t worry.  I will make sure he knows that is what I want.  🙂

Happy holidays

At first it really bothered me when people said Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  This holiday is because of the birth of Christ and I felt that one should at least acknowledge it by the words Merry Christmas.

Thing is though.  Each to their own.  Really.  If you don’t want to celebrate Christmas and instead just want to celebrate uhm…getting presents the holidays then that is your choice. 

What I don’t get is why the presents are then still given on Christmas day / Eve.  Why not randomly give it whenever?  Why the day that is celebrated as Christ’s birthday?  Why send messages and cards if it is just another holiday?  I’m by no means saying it is wrong to do so, I just wonder why.   Why celebrate that specific day?  Just because Hallmark is making money out of the day?

Like I say though – each to their own. 

I hope you had a special Christmas or that you are having a happy holiday.

Santa has been

My father Santa landed on the roof. In his big red suit. Huge white beard. In the summer. All the boys excited beyond reason.

My folks go all out for Christmas. All out. Every year it’s big conspiracy as to where and how Santa will be delivering the gifts. Who will be Santa. And will the kids actually get to see Santa.

This year Santa landed on the roof. With all the kids’ toys in one HUGE trampoline cover bag. He almost let the huge bag of heavy toys fall lowered the bag from the roof and asked the grown-ups to give out the presents.

The boys got everything they asked for and thankfully mom and dad went shopping Santa got to read the e-mail the day before Christmas.

I hope this Christmas you got all you wanted too.

Merry Christmas!


I’m not ready

I just read Randi’s blog and she was talking about Christmas being a week away.  Seriously?  I am NOT into Christmas mood at all yet.  Not at all.  This is not me.  Christmas is my favourite time of the year and this year – nothing.  I haven’t even bought any Christmas presents yet! 

Dear Santa


Just a quick Christmas wish list from my own self:

  • Patience for the long long school holidays
  • Two clones of me so that I can get up to date with my work
  • Monies for my clients so that they can actually pay me
  • Extra time so that I can spend more of it with my kids
  • A smaller butt and hips
  • Better prescription glasses for your own self or maybe some medication to improve your memory?

See Santa.  Thing is.  Last year you somehow missed my kid’s letters.  I don’t know if you weren’t able to read their little child handwriting or make out their drawings but you someone forgot their presents?  This caused me huge amount of anxiety as I needed to go shopping for gifts and then almost empty shelves.

I am also sending this to your e-mail address.  I don’t want to risk it getting lost.  Please do send back the ‘read receipt’ so that I can use that against you, should you forget again.

Lots of love


Best of times

This has probably been one of the best Christmas holidays that I have had.  I can’t pinpoint why but it has been absolutely wonderful.  I haven’t felt this relaxed in ages.  We were all just too happy to be together.  Enjoying the rain on Christmas Eve.  Swimming in the pool on Christmas day.  Relaxing next to the pool if you didn’t feel like getting wet – although that was difficult as the boys, Tommie and I made many a “bomb” when jumping into the pool (hence the saying “bombs away!”)

So that was Christmas

My boys awaited Santa with huge anticipation.  They were literally jumping up and down when we would “hear” him.  They peeked out the window, hoping to see him. They were so excited that they started hiding (from excitement / Santa?)  We heard stones fall the reindeer and sleigh land on our roof.  They boys ran out down the passage just in time to see Santa come in through the back door.  They went crazy.  They shouted when they saw him and gave him such tight hugs. 

They followed him into the living room trying to see their names on the presents, while keeping an eye on the Guy in Red.  Quintus immediately spotted his name and ripped open his present, while still on the heels of Santa.  Jason – oh sweet Jason – he couldn’t find a gift with his name.  “Santa?” he asked “Santa, where’s MY present?”  Sweet man.

Santa spoke to them briefly, gave out a present or two.  Got a hug from the boys again and was off.  Well, not before trying to at least give Zander a gift.  Mmmm…he does not trust a big man, with huge beard wearing red winter clothing in summer.  Nope.  Does not trust that guy.

The boys were super excited about all the presents.  They loved every single one.  They got everything they asked for and looked so thankful and rather surprised when they opened something that they asked Santa for.

On Saturday Jason remembered that he didn’t ask Santa for a green Power Ranger.  My mom tried to explain that she thinks all the green Power Rangers are sold out and she doubts that Santa will be able to get one.  Well the Mom braved the crowds, drove to a neighbouring town and found the last green Power Ranger available in our area.  Yeah for me.

It was also the last present he got to open.  Just before it though, he thought that he had received all his presents and said “Why did he not bring me a green Power Ranger?  He forgot”  Well, no, he did not forget.  His face totally made the trip through shopping jungle worthwhile.

The first gift Zander got, was an orange soft ball from M&M (My brother – Michael and his wife – Maggie).  He did not let go of it till he went to bed.  Oh the things they are happy with 😉

Quintus got a pack of cards (also from the Mom who felt it was unfair if Jason got one gift more than him)  It seemed as though I could have left the rest for that R10 pack of cards.  He played with it all evening lol

Today has been AWESOME.  On the way to my folks house, the boys and I sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  By the 7th time I said that I’m sure he got the message.  After which they wanted to count down to his age!!!  Uhmmm  by the time they got the 31, I just said …2006.  lol  They burst out laughing.

We spent almost all the time in the pool.  It was just us and my parents.  M&M came to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before they went on their way to Maggie’s grandfather.  It was so relaxed.  So nice.

That is what Christmas is about.  Relaxing time with the family.

Dear Santa

Today, Santa will be come coming to town.  Today!  If all goes according to plan, he should be landing right on my parent’s roof, lowering the presents in a red bag (that we are busy putting together right now)

This is the letter that Quintus left for Santa (in the advent tree)

Here’s to hoping we were all good and make it onto the naughty and nice list.

Christmas as a child

When I think back about Christmas as a child, I think about my mom’s parents and spending Christmas at their house with my cousins (on my mom’s side)  I don’t think we spent one Christmas with my dad’s parents.  We did go there to pick up our presents wish them a merry Christmas.  Thinking back I wonder if it was because of them living in a flat.  Not exactly a lot of space when you have three busy little kids.  Maybe we did spend a Christmas or two there (Dad?) but I don’t remember that.

It could be that unlike my Afrikaans grandparents, Christmas just wasn’t such a big deal in their house.  My mom has carried on the tradition of magical Christmas.  Actually more a magical Christmas Eve.  That’s when we give out presents.  It’s huge People.  It could be that Santa is in my family somewhere….

So maybe they never did the Christmas Eve thing and as a child I remember Christmas eve, waiting to hear Santa and his reindeer, the excitement and of course the presents.

I do hope that my grandparents never felt like we didn’t want to be there.  (My granddad is still alive and spending Christmas with my aunt)  Rather that it was an agreement with my parents that they were happy with.

It feels as though we are spending every Christmas with my parents.  Not true though as we have a lovely arrangement with both families spending either Christmas eve or Christmas day together.  It won’t be that way this year though.  My in-laws are going to Tommie’s sister and I hope they have a great time. 

We seem to be all set for Christmas Eve.  Santa has been appointed.  Presents wrapped just today and a tad of Christmas songs to put us in the Christmas spirit.