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Christmas 2016

We did it a bit differently. We were more relaxed which meant we could spend more time together.  No rushing to the kitchen to check on food or make salads. No hot ovens (really, who ever thought a cooked meal is a good idea in summer)

Instead we had a late breakfast, made mostly by my husband, camp style. On the stoep where we all were. 

We had a braai much later, with pre-made salads. 
We still ate way to much. We were thankful that Santa brought chocolates as gifts. Pudding was easy. Altough some people did have Christmas pudding after the braai. That would not include me. I love fruit and sometimes enjoy cake but definitely not fruitcake. 

Hope you had a special time with family as well.


Merry Christmas to the animals as well

Not everyone are dog or cat lovers. I get that.

You might have had bad experiences as a kids…  Or you are just plain weird.

Each to themselves en so.

However most people love animals. Care for them. Try to give them as much love as they give us. Make them feel safe. Protect them.

Unfortunately some Podexes, with little or no working brain cells don’t.

Please stop shooting crackers.

Just stop and listen how scared all the dogs in the area are after that first bang. Getting progressively worse with every single one. So scared that they run away. Fearing for their lives.

I don’t often or easily wish bad things on people but let me tell you, if you lose a finger or five while shooting off crackers, there will be no tears from me.

Merry Christmas to all animal lovers and non-podexes  out there.

Santa’s helpers messed-up

Christmas is HUGE in our house.  I’m sure that if you have been reading my blog for many years, you will understand just how we keep the whole “Santa” feeling real. 

My cousin’s husband had his first big Christmas at our house this year.  He has never experienced something like that before.  When “Santa’s reindeer” landed on our roof, he says there was a second there that even he felt it could be real.

Well, the excitement was just as high as all the years before.  Mrs Clause (also known as my mom) did a great job with planning it all.  Mr Clause looked adorable (especially walking through the garden outside to try and keep cool with Santa’s winter clothes in summer!)

Christmas 012

Santa’s helpers mess-up though.

We were happily giving out gifts.  The kids opened theirs with excitement and all so happy to see that Santa must have gotten their letters.  They did, after all, get what they asked for.

Then all of a sudden, Zander burst out crying.  Now he is not an unthankful child.  I couldn’t understand why he was so upset.  He said they got more than him and somewhere on the inside I felt I had made a mistake.  Not raised him to be thankful.  I was kind of sad.  Thankfully I kept my cool and just comforted him.  Still completely in shock that he would be this upset.

Then, I looked at Jason’s presents and it hit me.  He got Zander’s remote control car.  Jason had TWO remote control cars in his heap of presents.  No wonder little Zander was upset!  He had asked for a blue car and there Jason had the blue car AND another one.

Just look at these photos (that I didn’t even realize I was capturing)

First he is so excited with Jason.  Waiting for him to open his present so that he can share in his happiness.

Christmas 071

Then realizing that Jason got the blue one he asked for.  Look at the body language.  The little arms wrapped protectively around himself.

Christmas 072

Then he sees Jason got yet another radio-controlled car

Christmas 074

After Jason opened up that one too…he broke down.

Thankfully we could sort it all out.  I still  feel terrible that he had to cry on Christmas Eve tough!

Kersdag 018

The little red man

I overheard a conversation earlier this morning. 

Someone A was very upset.  Someone B handled it very well.

See, there’s a year end party.  And Santa was invited.

A doesn’t want his / her child to believe in Santa.  Feels that as a Christian it’s wrong.  That people buy into the commercialism and that the whole meaning of Christmas and Jesus’ birth gets lost along the way. 

From my viewpoint and what I heard, it basically sounds as though a child cannot believe in Santa and Jesus. 

He / she feels that Santa shouldn’t be forced upon their child. 

Of course that doesn’t have to happen.  They have a right to raise their child as they feel fit.  However, I also have the right to raise my boys the way I feel fit. 

My kids (okay only Zander) believes in Santa.  Not because they believe he is the creator of our amazing universe but because he is the guy in the red suite that brings amazing presents every year. 

Not because he was born and forever changed the lives of those who believed.  No, because he is the guy who makes a good and naughty list.

Santa and Christ …. they happen to be in the same season but to me they have nothing to do with each other.

As a Christian, my kids know what Christmas is all about.  They know it’s about the birth of Jesus.  They know that he was born to be our Saviour.  We sing him a small happy birthday song on Christmas morning even.

Santa on the other hand….he is the fantasy guy.  Isn’t it true that all educators tell you constantly how important it is for kids to have fantasy play?  For them to be able to play pretend?

He is the pretend guy. 

Do they know he is only pretend?  Do they know he isn’t the reason for the season?  Probably not when they are very young.  I also don’t think they understand that Someone was born to save them.  Someone they can’t see.  It’s beyond their understanding.

One should however, as with everything you teach them, keep on teaching them.

As soon as they can though, as soon as they get the concept, they are also old enough to understand the difference between the two.

My kids love the joyful songs, the pretty lights and dreaming about what Santa would bring. 

My kids love Jesus too. 

Were they upset when they learned Santa doesn’t really exist?  Heck no!  They still play the Santa fantasy lol  They were intelligent enough to know the difference. 

Santa brings them childlike joy.  Like the tooth fairy brings money.  Like easter eggs at Easter.

One should not confuse the two.

Santa can come to my year end party any time Smile  Unlike Jesus who is there all the time.

24 December 010

Christmas wishes

Merry Christmascollage


Parcel – from over the sea!!!

Today we got a parcel, that was sent to us in September already!!!  It was sent all the way from Poland.


From a very special, sweet, amazing friend of mine, who made this by hand!


It represents me (the tree who gave life to the boys and help them grow) and the boys.  The red – Quintus.  The yellowish – Jason.  The light brown – Zander.  The colours are based on the colour of their hair.

Isn’t it just so special!?

She sent many other things but something very special to me, is Christmas tree decorations.  It’s  the very same as those I bought 8 years ago in Poland.


Felt like Christmas today!

Santa wrote them a letter

The boys got an e-mail today!  Nogal from Santa! Okay … me … but they don’t have to know right!?

They haven’t sent in their Christmas lists yet, so I had him send one.

Jason was very excited to be able to write to Santa and tell him what he wants!

Quintus doesn’t believe in Santa anymore but totally played along (even saying “nice one” in my ear lol)

Zander was shy! at first but later on gave me his whole list.

Thankfully, since the shopping is all done, we got the right stuff!

Kersfees 012 copy

Kersfees 015 copy

Kersfees 021 copy