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Saturday the boys had a cricket match in Schweizer Reneke.  It is about 140 km from Klerksdorp and we had to leave at 6:30 am to be on time for the games. 

This would be accepted with much enthusiasm if it were for a different sport.  The sport that is part of the Afrikaner culture.  The sport that gets fathers shouting at the referees excited and proud of their sons.  The sport where parents don’t mind leaving before sunrise on a very cold winter’s morning to drive to another town for a match.

Rugby.  Yes, it gets mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles almal excited and next to the field. 

Not cricket though.  No, we drove there with most of the children in cars of people their parents hardly know.  They let their kids go to another town, with no support but those of the coaches and their families.

Cricket is sport loved by many but it’s not part of what makes up our culture.  So parents aren’t that keen to get up early.  To drive far. 

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Does this mean parents only support their children playing rugby because they enjoy the sport?  Not specifically because they are there to support their son?

Could it be?  If that is not the case, then why do we hardly have any parents at cricket matches?  Why do they drop of their children and go to town for the morning?

I believe this is true.  I saw it last year when Quintus was in the school choir.  I don’t think there were more than 2 or 3 parents there when they sang.

It’s sad.  Your child wants your support.  No matter what sport or activity they take part in.

I love sport

I do.  I love the sport my boys play and I think I would, no matter what they do.  I love going to the fields to support them and with the cricket, I feel honoured to be able to be part of their coaching team.  I love that my dad is a part of it too.  I think one day, they will look back at these days and be thankful as well.

Today was the very first matches of the season.  So glad my dad was there to umpire,  since I could take photos then 🙂

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Gentleman’s sport

It is very well known that cricket is seen as a gentleman’s sport. 

This is what I have experience thus far in the games we have played.  Coaches helping each other and all the kids.  Congratulating both teams for good bowling or runs scored.  Good sportsmanship.  The way it should be.  It’s been very pleasant really.

Until this morning.

We played against a Christian school.  The parents were extremely supportive of their little guys.  Shouting and cheering them on like no other school has done.  I thought it was really great.  Until they laughed at our kids when they didn’t field well.  What the hell is up with that?  What kind of example are they setting for their kids.  I have always thought that church is just a cult.  Today sure didn’t change that view of mine.  Don’t laugh at MY kids.  MY team that’s trying so hard and who really is just out there enjoying themselves!  Dumbasses…all of them.

Sport strips away personality, letting the white bone of character shine through.  Sport gives players an opportunity to know and test themselves.  ~Rita Mae Brown

I really had to force myself to calm down and be proper.  It’s not like our school to point and laugh.  Also not to be bad losers.  So I smiled and waved and mumbled some words just a teeny bit as a walked past them.

The boys played much better.  They lost but they have improved and at the end of the day that is all that counts. 

A tough day at the office is even tougher when your office contains spectator seating.  ~Nik Posa

Rule one of cricket at this age – Enjoy yourself.  That’s it.  Rule two – never point and laugh.

One man cricket

As life is, some days are easier than others.  Since the boys’ almost accident, I have realized that I should say ‘yes’ more often.  Be more patient.  Huge more.  Be willing to throw that cricket ball just a little while longer. 

I think Zander has caught on to that though.  He is running with it.  “‘n bal gooi”  ‘Please throw the ball’, I hear all the time.  No-one else will do.  It has to be me.  When I tell him just so many more balls because I need to work, he says “no work”.  I will just manage to pull myself away from him and start to work, then he begs again.

Today while my mom went to town, it was like that.  Just cricket.  Cricket.  Cricket.  Finally I really needed to get back to work.  I am under so much stress for all the deadlines I have this month.  This is when Zander and I figured out the “one-man-cricket” game.

Cricket moms

I suppose you could say that we are mostly four coaches at cricket.  For four grades.  That’s a lot of little kids who really don’t know much about cricket for only four coaches to handle.  You need to teach every single kid how to bowl, bat, field, throw, catch ….  Of course there’s days when we are less.  Like today when we started out with just two coaches (later on moved back to four thank goodness)

Now look at this photo (I know it’s a bad photo.  I took it with my cellphone miles from the parents) can’t exactly walk up to them and ask them to smile and wave!  On the far left you will see a group of moms.  Now I have begged them to come help us.  To just get the kids to keep focus.  Make sure not all of them run after the ball at the same time.  They don’t need to know anything.  We just need other adults to help keep the children organized.

Nope.  They would rather stand there.  DO NOTHING and watch us struggle to teach the kids.  Huh?  Don’t you find it a bit stupid?  They are just standing there anyway.  Can’t they stand with the kids and get them to keep focus?


Now I feel bad

I have mentioned before that I coach mini-cricket at school. 

This afternoon during practise there was this one little boy who laughed at the other boys who battled to bowl.  I warned him that if he laughs again, I’m going to have him sit out.  Not two seconds later, he was laughing at a kid again.  I sent him off.  I’m not letting any kid make the others feel embarrassed.  He threw a tantrum that would make any 2 year old jealous.  Full on with hands, feet en alles!

I just asked one of the other little guys to go call him, when his mother walked up to him.  Oh shit she’s going to kill me.  I told her why I let him sit out but that he could join us again. 

She said that she had warned him about throwing a tantrum and that they will be leaving.  That he won’t be coming to cricket practise again.

Now I feel bad.  I did not mean for him to never play again.  I just wanted him to sit out until it was his turn.

First cricket match

Cricket season started this week. Once again the most fantastic my dad took the responsibility upon himself and he is the main coach and organizer for the kiddies cricket (ages 5 – 9)

I help as well however taking into consideration that the only cricket I have ever played is action cricket, I might do more harm than good lol No seriously it’s all in the spirit of fun.

The interesting thing is that it is mostly moms who are willing to coach! Actually come to think of it, most of the mom’s aren’t even willing. I have begged asked the moms who stand there doing nothing anyway, to just help us out. Just to keep the kid’s attention focused. Make sure they don’t start their own game on the side 🙂 But they will not. Point blank say no. (Oh but then they stand and judge so harshly)

Anyway. We had our first game today. They played so well. It’s just so adorable to watch. My dad was amazing. I admire his commitment to my kids (as I do my mom’s who is probably their biggest supporter)

The boys loved it. It’s such a gentleman’s sport and I’m glad that the other coaches played it like that as well. Helping our kids and us helping theirs.

And the best of all!!?? Both the boys got a wicket!!!