Super Mom


This is sad

As we all know,  our Olympic cyclist died this week.  Doing what he loves most. 

So young.
So unfair.

Such an horrible loss for his family.
For the cycling community.
For south Africa.

As I went through my Facebook feed tonight I was shocked.  Too shocked to leave a comment.  Not wanting to give the individual any airtime.  Though I will here.  I will share my feelings here.

She said that so many black people lost their lives on the road this week.  Why focus on one white person.  Death is death.

Oh the racist card.

Many people lost their lives.  Horrible.  Tragic. 

But he was on Olympian. A winner of the Cape epic. Still young,  ready for bigger things.
To represent our country again and again.

He is not in the news because he is white.

He is in the news because he represented our country.

Such a pity that she lacks the intelligence to understand that.
Oh….. And that is not a black thing … Just in case you want to throw the racist card.

Kiddies race

The boys took part in the Lost City cycle kiddies race.  It’s tradition in our family to do the race.  The men in the family normally do the 103 km race, while the little ones do the 1 km fun race.  Tommie does the hard work by making sure everyone is on time and all the kids’ bicycles and such are ready for the race.


Zander was all excited and ready for the race, long before the actual start.  Riding up and down in the parking area.  Chasing after the bigger boys on their bicycles.


However by the time it came to him actually riding in the kiddies race, he decided that the pram just looked way more comfortable and that his dad should have the privilege of pushing him.


Jason was really excited about the race this year.  I think getting a new bicycle the day before might have something to do with it.  He really enjoyed it and that’s a big thing for a little boy who isn’t really into that type of thing.


Competitive Quintus on the other hand was a bit upset.  He too just got a new bicycle yesterday and although it is bigger than the one he had, I don’t think it is set to his size.  He had not been able to ride it much either and was still finding his ‘feet’.  He wanted to do better and I think he was upset that his cousin beat him.


I was looking through the photos from the first year Quintus did this race (he was only two) and so much has changed since then.  Jay was only 2 weeks old when Quintus did his first race.  Time goes by so darn quickly.


Exercise has always been a part of my life.  Some times way less but mostly it’s been there.  As a kid I played netball, took part in athletics (and badly lost lol).  I went to gym and did aerobics.  Loved exercise.  Played hours of squash with my ex-boyfriend.  Even when I got married, working full time and studying part time I found time to go to the gym in the mornings.  I cycled and loved that.  I have been running on and off since having the boys.  So even though I’m not an athlete by any means, I do like to to exercise.

I obviously want my kids to be active and see exercise as part of life.  Seeing that Quintus could cycle with me on Saturday really got my excited.  I now know that he could easily ride with me as long as it isn’t on a busy road.

So yesterday we gave it a shot.  I first ran on some busy roads and then met up with them on a really quiet road.  Quintus cycled with me for probably 5 km.  It was so nice to have him with  me…we had some good conversation.  It’s also a great way to teach him about road safety.    I hope that he will join me on many a run.

How can one not enjoy running with sunsets like this.  I must really get Tommie to take a photo on one of the routes where we run in a farm area.  Stunning sunsets there.