Super Mom


Thank goodness

I must admit that I am ssssooooo thankful we don’t have a child born 28th of February. I might have had to change that child’s birthdate if that happened.

I survived the financial year-end and so did my family and our admin clerk. Oh my soul, Friday was hectic.

People take advantage by bringing in books that takes hours to do but want them submitted that same day. Never again. Next time my answer will be a clear NO.

Poor Kyla said she was too scared to talk to me and kept on wanting to get me coffee. I didn’t think I was that obviously stressed out.

I need a holiday now!

Oh wait no, no holiday. Now starts first term exams.

Fun times.

SARS and exams

Trust me, those two words don’t go together.

SARS and exams

And Grade 1 homework.

It has been stressful to say the least. I am so thankful the tax year ends tomorrow. I am going to work my butt off to get everything done but then it is over till next year!
Exams end on Wednesday.
We leave on holiday Thursday.

I have lots of VAT returns to be submitted before then. More stress.

BUT by this time next week, I will have dipped my feet in sea water, Jason will have had his calamari and Bella will be snoring on the couch next to my father-in-law..after dipping her little feet in the sea.

Oh I can’t wait.

Oh thank goodness

Holiday starts on Friday.  BUT better than that, exams are over tomorrow!!

My kids are awesome.  They study when they have to.  They put in the effort and I hope that in return they will get good marks.

I don’t think I could have coped with one more day of exams.  The boys were getting worked up, I was getting worked up.  Nothing major.  I mean, we are all still in one piece but it was building up.  I think I will let them go to their normal activities today (tennis and singing class).  Tomorrow’s exam is not too difficult and they know most of it already.

Hopefully after tomorrow’s exam, things will be back to normal.

Well, after the finals.  Jason’s team made it into the North-West finals.  I hope it is less stressful that the semi’s.  My heart stopped a million times.  We absolutely believe in them. 

Coffee and exams

Even coffee isn’t helping today. …


Studying is going slowly.  Oh please let this week pass quickly!  Maybe once we get to the study subjects, they will be more motivated.  I know it’s weird but my kids enjoy study subjects more.

Tommorow is going to be tough though.  Jason’s rugby team is playing in the North-West semi’s tomorrow.  We leave at 12:00 and will probably be back after 19:00.  So they have to study on the way. I don’t know how that’s going to work out!  Thankfully we have studied the subject before, so we live in hope right!?



Last exam for 2011.
Last exam for Grade 5.

It doesn’t get any easier.
I do think summer exams are easier.

You get to swim during breaks 🙂

Studying is hard to do

Studying is hard to do but not just for the student.  The other two are really having a tough time getting used to not having enough of my time. 

I think Jason just hides it well but Zander is open about it.  He loves my mom and would stay with her or go to her anytime of the day or night.  Some weekends he drives me crazy asking me to take him to her.

This past week though, he wants nothing but his Mom.  He doesn’t want to stay with Ouma when we leave and even opted to stay home today, when Jason went there.

I feel so bad that I’m not spending enough time with him (and Jason).  Just the odd 10 minutes here and there.

25 July 2010 016 copy

Exam protocol

Quintus is starting his exams tomorrow.  Two weeks off writing exams every single day.  This is when I’m hugely thankful that for these two weeks, I can work half-day to help him study.  It isn’t going to be easy!!

This is not the point of my post though.  We have friends, who are well aware of Quintus’ exams.  Their children aren’t writing exams yet.

Now I don’t mind a small visit.  Coffee break en so but Quintus is very easily distracted and obviously with friends coming over, he won’t be able to study.  They came yesterday and again today and I almost feel like I want to ask them to leave.  I hint about Quintus needing to study and still they stay.

Unfortunately by the time they left it was late.  Well, late for Quintus.  He can’t study at night.  He just can’t.  So next time I’ll have to tell them to please leave.  That Quintus needs to study.

I can’t remember from when we were kids but I can’t remember my parents having friends over during exam time.