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Another year

When tax season ends, it feels like the end of the year.  Of course it is not near the end yet but it feels like it.  Probably because the school year normally ends the next week as well and we leave for Stilbaai soon after.

This year there will be no Stilbaai in December.  Tommie is working and that is why we went in September.

It doesn’t feel right though.  Feels like we should be going somewhere but we are not…weird…

Zander came home with homework for this last week of school.  If the department of education wasn’t involved with the exam papers this year, they would not even be at school.  So his mom decided that there would be no homework for him this week.

Quintus is on holiday already and poor Jason just started writing exams.  He is handling better than I would have as a child lol  Thankfully it is Departmental exams.  Not that difficult at all.

So best I get back to work, even though I would much rather be driving 12 hours to Stilbaai..

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