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Another little kiddie sport day

Zander had another sport day at a local school this morning.

I didn’t want to go.

That’s not something I ever often say.  I go to great lengths to keep my boys happy and involved in whatever activities.  However, after the ear operation and being in a fair amount of pain, I really didn’t want to walk around outside all morning.  Loud kid noises and even louder noises from the school intercom.

Then I couldn’t handle the look of disappointment on his face and we ended up going anyway.

I’m really glad we did (even though my ears don’t agree).  He had so much fun.

18 Maart 024 copy

18 Maart 033 copy18 Maart 034 copy

18 Maart 037 copy

Taking a break18 Maart 043 copy

Go-kart riding18 Maart 053 copy

Zander loves to colour but with all the fun outside in the sun, he didn’t think this activity was a lot of fun!18 Maart 057 copy

“Goeie ou boeresport”18 Maart 070 copy

18 Maart 06618 Maart 072 copy

I just loved the little hurdles they had for the kids……and Zander won! Smile18 Maart 081 copy

He liked it so much, he went for a second run by himself18 Maart 085 copy

Then the fun began …. bubbles bubbles and more bubbles.

18 Maart 108 copy

Zander and his best friend in pre-school18 Maart 110 copy

18 Maart 128 copy

18 Maart 115

It was a fun day.  I’m glad I changed my mind.

Fun with the boys

We didn’t go away this holiday (except for those few days that Heather gave us!) So when they begged me to take them to the games centre again, I gave in.  Let me make it clear that I totally 100 % detest those places.  The noise, the lights and having to make sure my kids are never far from me.  Not fun.  I’m way more an outdoor kind of mom.

We did have a good time though and I kicked ass with ten pin bowling lol

4 Jan 025 copy

Both brothers helping Zander

4 Jan 027 copy

4 Jan 032 copy

4 Jan 048 copy

4 Jan 055 copy

4 Jan 061 copy

4 Jan 066 copy

4 Jan 070 copy

4 Jan 072 copy

4 Jan 077 copy

Rustenburg makes me sick

Okay, Rustenburg doesn’t really make me sick but every single time we go, one of us come back sick.  This time it was me, who ended up with a small case of sunstroke.  I was so sick all of Sunday and even till today I’m not feeling well.

We have some real good friends who live there.  We’ve been friends since forever.   This weekend we were there and went boat riding.  SO much fun.  The first time the boys were on a boat and pulled on a tube.  They loved it and so did I!

Yes we did have sunblock on (100 % nogal) but I somehow didn’t think I had to put some right at the top of my head!

Boot 171 copy 

Boot 017 copy 

Boot 072 copy 

Boot 120 

Boot 247 copy 

Boot 258 copy

I just love that dam.  Love how it’s grass….sand…then water.  No yucky, gross, wonder-what-I’m-stepping-in feeling.

I love how much the boys enjoyed it.

I love how we got to share lots of laughter with our friends.

I love great memories 🙂

Gone fishing ….


The boys finally got to go on their first fishing outing.  Our very good friend took our boys and his son.  Spent the whole day just helping them.

Visvang 038 copy

I’m not sure what she was thinking here but I think it was something along the lines that they aren’t well.

Visvang 057 copy

Zander totally loved it.  I can’t believe how he just sat in his little chair, so patiently. 

Visvang 064 copy

Waiting ….

 Visvang 079 copy

Choosing some new bait ….

Visvang 088 copy 

He tried so hard ….

Visvang 102 copy

Our friend took SO much time to show the boys what to do ….

Visvang 124 copy 

Visvang 108 copy

Visvang 070 copy

So they waited …. caught nothing …. but patiently waited.

At the end of the day, they said it was awesome, even though they did catch a single fish.    🙂

Photo post

It’s summer.  Oh lovely summer.  The sun and swimming.  I love summer.

The boys get to swim “after the big rains” (as the old people used to say) or once the minimum temp is over 15 and max over 30.  Well, it’s been hot enough to swim.










"If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water."

Author: Loren Eisley

Angels among us

Sometimes Angels walk among us.  My aunt (my dad’s sister) is one of those. 

I remember when I fell pregnant with Zander (unplanned), my grandfather was so very excited.  He told me that the third child is a special child.  Like his 3rd – Aunty Pam.  I must say in his case, she is an angel.  She’s put her life on hold, so many times to take care of my granddad.  At the drop of the hat, she would change her plans to be there for him. 

There is no way to really thank her for what she has done.  I’m in no way saying my dad and Aunty Barbara wasn’t there.  That they didn’t do their part but Aunty Pam just went way and beyond. 

She and I had lots of fun Saturday at my little nephew’s birthday party.  However I was told that I may not mention the things she did or show photos of her doing it.  Apparently I promised … even though I did say that my motto is ‘if you do it, I’ll blog about it’.  So ….

There was this random woman who busted a birthday party for a 10 year old.  We spent a lot of our time going down a water worm slide thing.  Lots of fun to be had by me and this random woman.



African sun

Something you will often hear me say:  “Go play outside.  It’s a lovely sunny day”

This in the heat of summer could change though.

The boys were out playing from 9 – 10.  I filled the small pool with water.  Next to the house.  In the shade.  All three now sport a lovely sunburnt back.

Today I had to say:  “No you can’t play outside.  It is way too hot.  You’ll have to wait to 3 pm,”  lol

Oh the joy of summer and our African sun that I love so very much.

Holi-day (s)

Monday morning two of my clients cancelled their appointments.  My dad had just asked me if there’s not a way for us to take the boys away for a day or two.  Light-bulb moment.  I cancelled all my clients for the week.  Every single one.  The boys only have holiday for this week and I’m spending it with them.

We’ve been to the Aardklop Art Festival for two days now.  It is only 30 minutes drive, so it’s easy for us.  My poor culture-deprived boys, have finally seen two theatre productions.  They loved it.  We are going for yet another one tomorrow or Friday. 

Their cousins just got here tonight too.  I think their holiday might just turn out to be a great one.  Maybe not a holiday away from home….but many a holiday.

Camping 2 KM from home

This weekend we camped at school.  Two kilometres from home.  Who knew it would be THAT much fun.  Friday was great.  Warm.  There was stalls for the kids to spend our money on, Superstar competition…stuff.  Apparently many people also drank a lot if I looked at the wine bottles I threw away the next morning.

Saturday we had our last mini-cricket matches.  FINALLY the older boys won a match.  Not only win but they smashed the other team.  The boys had fun spending too much money again.  They were running up and down and I think they definitely forgot that they were actually at school.  Just fun.

Our caravan seemed to be the centre of the weekend.  Which was really great.  Everyone kept thanking us for our hospitality lol I loved that.  I loved that the kids all played around our area.  I didn’t have run off to look for my kids as everyone tended to be near the caravan.

Last night it was freezing.  The blew all day long.  Weather was horrible.  Didn’t stop any of us though!  There was a singer that came to perform at school and the kids went covered with TWO blankets each, sitting on a blanket, wearing two jerseys.  They had so much fun that they never sat on the blankets or were covered with the blankets.  They stood in front of the stage jumping up and down.

Today we had a church service on the rugby field.  Our first visit to church in well over a year and a half.  Was really nice.  We then had carvery and actually didn’t want to leave!  All of us eventually decided that an afternoon at home will be fun, so we said goodbye and left.  It’s not like we won’t be seeing each other tomorrow again 🙂


We took my circus boys to the circus last night. It was so worth the trip. We got ringside seats which made the experience even better for the boys.

They completely lived themselves into the acts. They were absolutely in awe of the stunts and acrobats. They fell in love with every single animal that walked into the ring. They laughed at and enjoyed the clowns as though they were old friends.

Last night my boys fell in love with the circus.

Clay men

Okay. So we don’t have snow. And I wanna build a snowman but I can’t….well, there is nothing stopping me from building clay men right!?

Zander and I had some time alone today and we spent it making our own clay and making clay men. We then made our whole family, a house and even little hearts for some Valentines photos.

It was really great to spend some one-on-one time with my little guy.

Not again

Last year we went camping in the Kalahari with Tommie’s sister and her family plus some friends of theirs.  While I promised myself that I would do no camping with them in the Kalahari again, I did really enjoy the company of their friends.  We have been saying that we should meet up but you know how life is…we just never have.

We saw them in the mall about two weeks ago and finally got around to meeting up last night again.  I had bit of a bladder infection going (that I’m sure all of Klerksdorp knew about it since I was in real real pain) but once Tommie got me some good meds and I had a couple of vodka’s in my poor body, I was loud and well again.

Personally I don’t know how well vodka and strong meds go as I got really loud.  Even louder than in the Shrek movie.   I’m sure our old neighbour is still trying to work out what I meant by my funeral bra.  So did Jan and Retha but I think they did eventually get it.  It was really really funny that I had blogged about the funeral bra and all of the net knew about this but Tommie didn’t want me to tell Jan.  HA.  Nothing like giving them my blog address for Tommie to quickly change his mind! 

I have had enough uhm…alcohol in the past two days to last me another two years.  Not hat I had THAT much (yeah ok …. I had) but I have not had any alcohol for YEARS.  Clearly I should give it a bit of a break again.

I do just want to warn said friends again that should they give this address to the in-law sister, I will have to duck tape their semi-naked funeral clad bodies in the school hall.

What fun

We had such a fun evening at Quintus’ school.  They had athletics for the parents, where the kids acted as officials.  There was a 100 m race, 800 metre walk, long jump and javelin.

I took part in the 100 meter race and came 6th lol  And proud of my own self.  Felt like being at the Olympics with all the fellow Grade 1 moms cheering me on.  We do have great spirit between the Grade 1 parents.

Then off to the 800 meter walk.  No bare in mind that I have never done that funny walk thing.  Off we start and we are obviously being led by a mom who has done this before (and is apparently still doing it)  So I stick behind her with my own uhmm..technique.  We get to the last 100 meters and I pass her AND win lol  Yeah me! 

BUT my kids and husband didn’t see me win!!! And they didn’t even take a photo of this momentous moment…oh boy.

The long jump didn’t go down too well..that might have something to do with the fact that I was jumping with Zander in my arms 😉

By the time we had to do javelin I was deep in conversation with another mom about jogging.  There was a braai (barbecue) afterwards and we only came home because it was way late for the kids and they needed to get into bed.  We had to drag them away.  They couldn’t believe that we had to go home…they pleaded to stay longer and said that they weren’t tired at all.  I suppose that’s why they fell asleep on the way home (which is only 3 km)

Fun fun times. 

What fun

We had such a fun time this morning!  We went with Jason’s preschool to do some wall murals at one of the businesses in town.  Jason was dressed in an overall from the family business up in Louis Trichardt.  They sell Dulux paint.  So he had this adorable painter overall.   The kids had so much fun.  Jay did really well and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it all turned out in the end  (with some help from the moms to touch up here and there).

Jay got paint on his overalls which I thought made it look really sweet.  I think he loved being “allowed” to mess on his clothes and the other kids were trying to stay clean.  He kept wiping his hands on his overalls.  Let me tell you this – he doesn’t mind getting dirty but he wants to clean up immediately.  The overalls came in handy, as did the wipes I took along.

I’m so proud of Zander too.  He is such an amazing little guy.  He didn’t nap while we were there.  I nursed him once (with one of the guys asking me if he was being difficult lol  He was probably thinking that I’m rocking him to sleep!) and he had some tea.  Other than that, he was happy to sit in his stroller or play on the ground.  Not a peep out of him.

Of course I took loads of photos.  I’m at work now (gotta earn a living hey) so I’ll upload them when I get home.

Make it fun

I do believe that one can teach your child anything, as long as you make it fun.

The occupational therapist wanted us to work on getting Quintus to jump on one leg.  It’s something he really battles with.  I’ts probably a boys thing as many of his friends can’t do it either. 

So  ….  we played a game of hop scotch.  It took one game for him to be able to jump on one leg. Maybe he just lacked the self-confidence or maybe he just “got” it but he sure didn’t battle. 

More likely though it is because of his competitive nature.  This little guy can make anything into a competition.

He had to get it right, to be able to beat me.  And he did!  Fair and square. 

    Cricket practise went just fine today.  It was just very hot.  I can’t believe that with our African sun the parents send their kids to play cricket in the sun at 2pm without caps.

    I need to start working on Zanders sleep lack of sleep.  He is waking up to comfort nurse and I need to break that habit.  Not easy when you have a headstrong little guy.  I have to do it though.  Waking every 30 – 60 minutes is just not my idea of fun.  So wish us luck!

    Sometimes I answer yes without really thinking.  Tommie asked me if we could go camping with his sister and her family.  I don’t know, for some reason I expected to never happen?  lol  It is though and we are going in two weeks time.  Tommie is looking forward to it so much and I’m sure it will be loads of fun.  I love camping.  I’m just a tad worried about Zander is going to take to sleeping in a tent!  The boys will love being around their cousin for three days though.  It will be by far the longest time I have spent in the company of my SIL.  I never saw her as a camper.  haha..she’s the lots-of-makeup, hotel type.  This is where we will be camping.  I know my dad would love to go. 

    How can it be Thursday tomorrow already?  Where is the time going?  Well, at least with the time going so quickly, it’ll be Sunday before I know it and I’ll have my new camera!