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Funny sayings

I don’t want to learn

If there is one child in our family that has the most interesting excuses, it will be Kyla.

A recent example would be her maths marks.  I told her many times that she should be learning. I could see that she wasn’t giving it her all, if any.  She definitely didn’t try more than I would try to run a 100m sprint.

You know how it is.  You get tired of asking and at some stage decide they must man (girl) up and take responsibility.

Well….she did in a very weird and her own way.

She did badly!  Not at all near the normal good marks she gets. When I asked her why she said: “I decided not to learn because I didn’t want to be cross all the time and upset everyone.  So I decided to just not learn”

I could only laugh.


Zander was having a great time with his car on the beach.  I told him not to put it in the water though because eventually it would rust.  So he went back to playing with it on the beach.

Playing with his car on the beach

The boys decided to take a swim in the shallow water and just after getting in, Zander ran back out “Will we rust as well?” he asked.  When I said no, he just smiled and ran back.  Totally serious question.

So cute


Some random things Zander said recently:

He was looking at Jason’s back and commented “ Hey, Boetie Jason!  I can see your dinosaur bones!”

This morning, my mom was putting sunblock on his face before school and she mentioned that she got some on his hair by accident.  He said:  “It’s okay, Ouma.  Now I won’t get red hair”

Jason is completely enjoying his rugby this year.  Previous years he did enjoy it but it seems as though this year, he really really wants to play.  He wasn’t chosen for the A team and I thought that would bother him.  But not at all.  He is getting to play the position he wants in the B team and he is more than happy with that.


Tommie helped the B Team on Tuesday and Jason appreciated it so much.  We tend to forget how much our children value our involvement (and not just being next to the field)

Tonight before bedtime, he came to thank us (with tears in his eyes) that we always go to his rugby matches.  As if we would ever miss one!

What’s in a size?

Last week I NEEDED to go went shopping for clothes.  Shopping is not my favourite activity at all.

Jason went with and I wanted it done as quickly as possible.  As I looked at some shirts, he wanted to know what size I wear?  You know, to be helpful and find some for me.

Now you know that unless you wear an 8, you don’t really want anyone to know what size you wear.  Telling your 8 year old though, is obviously not a problem.

Mmm…until he proceeded to walk away from me and then in a too loud voice tell me about all the shirts he has found in my size.

“Mom …. this is a size x!! Do you like it?”

Kids say the darndest things

I woke up with Zander standing next to my bed.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he’s got a sickness.  Okay…what kind of sickness do you have Zander?  The sickness of the dark.  Siestog.  I let him get into the bed.  Apparently that’s the best medicine.

Jason, while looking at some photos of him when he was in pre-school:
“Man I miss my younger days!” lol and you are so old now my child.

Zander, after I helped him blow his nose and he was all clean and proper. I ‘stole’ a kiss and he said: “No!!! You just kissed my snot. I don’t like it when you kiss my snot.  Eeeuuuwwww like I would!

Jason is going to the hospital tomorrow morning to have his tooth fixed.  He broke it about a month ago, and I never even knew!  He is extremely scared of waking up while they are still busy.  Thankfully the dentist is also one of his best friend’s dad, so it will not be that scary.

  • Our medical aid doesn’t pay for it though, so dry bread and water for us for the next couple of months!  Thankfully my FIL is helping out with some of it.
  • Talking about the in-laws, I miss Quintus like crazy.  Setting up camp with my FIL proved to be very stressful but now that it’s done, I’m sure he will start enjoying himself.
  • My phone broke.  Now if you know me really well, you will know that I can’t go without my phone.  We don’t have money to fix it now though, so I’m feeling as though I have lost a limb.
  • My computer at work also decided that I don’t need to use any USB connections.  This is extremely frustrating.  No printing and I can’t even read my sms’s using the computer (like I can when it’s connected)
  • We had a burst pipe over the weekend. Lovely water coming through the ceiling.  We have a plumber there today to replace pipes.  More money.
  • Bella (our Pikenese) now wears her hair in a pony tail.  Some times two, some days just one.  Her fringe is WAY long and in her food all the time.  So putting it up, is best. Zander came out one morning, looked at her and said she looks like Kyla (with the two ponies)  They still miss her.
  • I’m hugely thankful it is school holidays and take full advantage of it.  I sleep late every  morning.  I don’t get to work before 9:30 am.  The boys are loving the calm, later mornings and I’m sure my mom enjoys the silence that lasts just a little longer.


People always say kids can be so cruel but kids can be so very sensitive too.  Like Wenchy’s Victoria on Saturday.

It was Wenchy’s birthday and we were celebrating at Mama Tembos.  A lot of fun.  At one stage I was standing outside with Tommie and her kids.  I stood next to this wooden African woman.

Mama tembo


Victoria looked at this and said that the woman looks like me…?  Kinda perplexed at this, I said she doesn’t really … she’s taller than me.  That’s true she says.  She’s also thinner than me, I say.  She walks up to me, pats me on my back and says with compassion:

“That’s okay.  That really doesn’t matter”



IMG_9012 (Large)  

Mama Tembo is pretty unique in that it is all African.  Drinking out of a glass bottle is not unheard of.






IMG_9038 (Large)


When you get your meal, you also get this bowl.  Knifes and forks, sauces and a toilet roll.



Liam, Wenchy’s son, walks up to me all excited.  “Did you see we get free toilet paper!”  “Yes, I said … that’s cool hey” (joining him in his childlike joy).  Tiny silence and then in a soft voice “I think it’s for afterwards” 

Got to love kids!

Spoiled but caring

This morning I had to use our office manager secretary’s car, since my folks had mine.  I had to pick up Zander and have my toenails done.

Whilst the beautician didn’t what car I arrived in, Zander seemed to mind what car he left in.  He took one look at her car and said he didn’t want to get into Linda’s car.   He wants my car.  You know how 3 year olds can decide to not see reason and it took me a while to convince him that it is either walk home or ride home in that car.

I open the door for him to get in and he looks at the seats and say they are broken.  Broken?  The seat covers have seen better days and he has decided that it’s broken.  Can not sit on broken seats.  Again, I convince him that walking is worse and we leave with me thinking just how spoiled my kids are!

He is quite for a while and then says “I will buy her new ones”

AAhhh spoiled maybe but sweet and caring definitely.