Super Mom

House hunting

I’m alive

The past five days was no fun, I can tell you that.  BUT we seem to have come out of it now.   First the boys got a horrible stomach flu but thankfully for them it was over in 12 hours.  I of course, sat in the bathroom with little boys crying (in Jason’s case screaming – I do feel sorry for his wife).

Just as though got better, I got it and even now I’m not feeling 100 %.  At least now I can eat and drink some.  It was nasty. 

We put in another offer on a house.  This one we will have to wait some time to hear if the offer will be accepted.  We live in hope 🙂

Rugby season has started in full force.  Jason unfortunately didn’t make the team (they choose the team yesterday) but he seems completely fine with being on the bench as a reserve player.  I’m very proud of him for handling it as well as he is.  Especially after going through all these injections to try and reduce his allergy problem, just to be able to play rugby.

Quintus is still stressing about his place in the team.  They will hopefully know on Thursday who has made the team.

I have convinced Zander not to play rugby just yet.  There is more than enough time once he starts school next year.  It took some convincing but he is also fine with it now.  I’m just scared that he’ll get hurt.  A year makes a big difference at their age.

Update on my dream

Well….that’s just it.  It’s now just a dream.  Will never be a reality.

I will not be getting my dream house Sad smile

The owner wants way more than the market price.  Houses in this area just doesn’t go for that much and if we do pay that much for this house, we’ll never get our money back. 

My heart says, so what … let’s buy it anyway.  It’s what you want.

My accounting mind says … don’t be stupid.  It’s a bad investment.

So we’ve decided against it.  We were hoping that the owner would be willing to negotiate some but he isn’t.

Zander has gone away for the weekend with my parents.  I keep on looking for him.  I miss him loads and he has been gone for less than 24 hours.

I have a pain in my head (not to be confused with a headache).   Right at the back of my head.  Not nice and makes me want to lie down and sleep.  I slept from 8:30 pm and had to force myself to wake up this morning.   Maybe I just need to relax some?

I have a dream

We bought our home 14 years ago.  We got it at a really really good price but I never intended to stay here for a long time.  I never really liked the house.  As life is though, here we are, still in the same house, 14 years later.

We’ve gone through countless times where we would look at houses.  Never really seriously but open to buying something else if we find something we like.

Then this week, we relooked at things and we are in full-swing house hunting mode.  We already have the bond sorted (since we aren’t selling our current home, we are taking a bond on the new home)

We were driving around yesterday again and then on our way home, we drove down a street where we haven’t looked before.  There I found it, my dream home, unoccupied.  We got out and walked around the home.  Perfect.  4 Bedrooms.  Wooden floors.  Beautiful pool.  Stunning bathrooms.  Extra room and bathroom attached to the home.  The pool has it’s own outside room, with shower and toilet. 

It’s just perfect.  It’s a little bit more than we actually want to pay though.  We’ll make an offer tomorrow and hopefully after some negotiation, the current owner will accept our offer.  I really really really hope so.  I’m totally in love with this home.