Super Mom


Bad Mom Award is all mine

Remember my previous blog post? About Quintus getting concussion on the rugby field?

Well, I hang my head in shame. He fractured his C7 vertebrae. And I DID NOT TAKE HIM TO GET X-Rays.

Tommie did phone our doctor friend (who specializes in sport injuries) He listened to what happened and said he definitely has concussion but that it is really not necessary to take him for x-rays. I did ask Quintus more than once if he had any pain in his neck or back and he said no. No tingling in his feet or hands. Nothing.

Then Friday I realized he was walking with his one shoulder drooping a bit. He started complaining of back-ache. I made an appointment at a physio but thought that maybe I should just take him to the doctor first. Well x-rays done and he has a fracture.

Bring on the “I am a horrible mother” guilt. 🙈

No rugby this year (and hopefully ever). Hockey only in 4 weeks.

Flip. This could have been way way way worse.

And now it’s broken

We spent many hours at the skateboard park in Stilbaai.  The boys loved it.  I was very impressed with the moves they could do on the J-boards.

Quintus spent less than 3 minutes on the same J-board here in Klerksdorp and broke his arm.

Firstly I’m thankful it didn’t happen at the sea.  It would seriously suck not being able to swim.  Also not really being able to go on the beach at all, since that sand gets in EVERYWHERE.  I don’t even want to imagine what it would feel like to have sand in the cast!

After 12 years as a mom, it’s our first broken bone.  With 3 boys…not bad I think.

I do feel very sorry for Quintus.  It is summer.  It is hot.  The cousins and his brothers can swim and he can’t.  Playing games are close to impossible.

Here he is just before he fell.


Unfortunately as you can see from the photo, this place is not made for J-boards.  Too many cracks.  Not like the one they rode on in Stilbaai.


So ends our “no-broken-bones” good luck.

That call

You know how your heart sinks when the school calls and its during school hours.  I had a sinking feeling when she said it’s ……. from the school.  The school has phoned before, where it’s nothing serious.  Often just to help them with something.  I just knew this wasn’t the case.  Maybe it’s the way her voice was too calm when she spoke.

“Quintus cut his foot during break and I think you should take him to the doctor.  He might need stitches but you should look and decide”

I work 2 minutes from school really just two minutes and was there almost before she put the phone down.  Okay, maybe not that fast but let’s just say I didn’t take my time.

It smelled like a hospital when I walked in and I knew it wasn’t a small cut.  Especially after seeing poor Dora mopping the floor.

I took Quintus to the doctor and my least favourite doctor of all times was the only one available to see us.  Seven stitches later and a very upset little big boy. 

I felt SO bad for him.  He held on to me, like I could make the pain go away.  The doctor had to inject him 5 times before the area was dead enough for him to work on it.  It’s a big area and from the looks of it he didn’t even put in as many stitches as he should have.  I think he was feeling so bad for Quintus, he just wanted to get it done (or he wanted to get out and play golf … not sure.)

Quintus is currently lying on Ouma’s bed, high on pain meds.  Not sure how he is going to sleep tonight, since he cannot sleep without Jason shares a bed with Jason.

Blue bottles

Wow, that was close.

This morning when we got to the beach it was covered in blue bottles.  Very fascinating to the kids but we soon went to the pool.  They had a great time there and was tired enough just before lunch time, that we could go home.

Later the afternoon, we decided to go back and see if the blue bottles are still there.  They were.


Jenny and I just kept the kids to the edge of the water, making sure it never touched them.  It is after all the worse place to be when the blue bottles are around.

Unfortunately one of the waves came to quickly and as the water pulled away, Jenney saw this huge blue bottle right on the top of Zander’s foot.  She shouted his name and he kicked.  The blue bottle just touched the top of his foot as he kicked it away.

Even in the millisecond, the sting was bad enough to make him cry for a long time.  The red mark sat there on the top of his foot. 

I felt so sad for him.  I must admit that of all the kids, I think he is the one that copes best with pain.  He would cry, then stop and minutes later it would burn all over again. 

It’s looking much better tonight.