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Whatsapp groups

When you have children, work, family and a life you will most probably have more than one whatsapp group on your cellphone.

I have for my children, some of my clients and their employees, hockey parents, Kyla’s hockey group, swim group, homeschool group etc.

Now, I don’t mind groups and I totally understand the importance and convenience of such groups.  This is why I create groups for directors and employees of companies that I need to be in contact with.

However, it can be frustrating!

Firstly.  We are beyond the days of mxit where you were limited to the amount of characters that you are allowed to use.  This is whatsapp.  You can type a book if you want to. (Please don’t)  So there is NO reason at all to use abbreviations that don’t exist.  Is it really that much quicker and if so what on earth do you do with the 15 seconds you just saved?  Please be considerate and take into account that some people actually attended school and now it takes them time to figure out what on earth you meant.  It’s almost like being back in school, where you created your own language with your very best friend.  Except we are now adults, working and living in an adult world.  Even my children know that I will not read a message that is not in proper Afrikaans or English.

Then, people please.  If your are on a group with many a person, it’s not necessary for every single person to say thank you or noted when a message has been sent.  Especially if that message was sent to give information.  No need to thank anyone.  You got the message.  Move on.  “There was an accident on the N12″  “thank you”  “thank you”  “thank you”  “thank you”  “thank you”  “thank you”  “noted” “thank you”  “noted”  “noted”   NO!  Please, it was just information.  If one person has said thank you, clearly the message has been delivered.  No reply needed.

I’ll get off my soapbox again, thankful that I indeed have a life where people want me on a group.  Must be darn bad if you check your phone and you have NO messages!


Traffic offences

Look, I’m not a perfect driver.  I never go over the speed limit.

I am thankful that I don’t live in a big city though.  I have a total of 3,3 km to drive from my house, drop the kids at school and to work.

Not a long way to go.  Still I get upset most mornings.  I even take the quieter roads, just to miss those who apparently got their licenses illegally.  I’m not just talking taxi-drivers though.  Actually not at all.  We all know they don’t obey the traffic rules.

I’m talking about those who think that stop streets are either not for them or only to be seen as yield sign.

People who has never learned to use their indicator.  Maybe the new cars don’t come out with one fitted or only once you have paid off your car you are allowed to get one?  I’m assuming since it’s normally those who don’t use them.

I wonder why the same people stop at red lights?  What’s the difference?  Or can’t they read?  Don’t understand “S.T.O.P.” but can understand a red light?

Who knows but thank goodness I don’t live in a big city.  It would not be good for my blood pressure.

Not saying these drivers are bad people, since mostly obviously they are not.  It’s just my pet peeve I suppose.

So if you see me like this, sorry.  Maybe just stop or use your indicator and I will smile and wave.


Three sons and one daughter

I have three sons and one daughter and every time I see something like this, my blood boils.


“I’m not allowed to date ever”

Or photos of a Dad standing with his gun as his daughter gets ready for her date.

How uninformed those parents are.  Trust me when I say that the boys aren’t always the problem.  Most often the girls want more than the boys are willing to give.  Especially when the boys are raised well.

Girls tend to break hearts just as easily as boys.

If it’s about sex or sexuality well then here is a wake-up call to dad’s of girls.  They are just as willing or wanting as boys.  When they are in younger grades, then more so.

Don’t threaten my son.  At all.  He has been raised to treat a girl / woman with the utmost respect.  I hope your daughter was raised to do the same.

Same with my daughter.  She will respect herself and men as long as they do the same.  Put down your gun and raise your child.  Teach her to stand up for herself and to choose a man that will protect her and not hurt her.

Long weekends

I love long weekends.  I love holidays.  I love that I get to spend more time with my kids, without the rush of school, sports, choir, meetings, clients, work …. well basically life.  Life tends to get in the way right?

I get to play cricket with them (even when I fall and feel 100 years old AND miss the catch)

I get to take silly selfies.


We get to sleep late.  Go to bed late.  Watch movies.

We don’t go away as often as we used to.  Not near as often as I would like to.  Going places teaches them about life.

Staying home does that too though.  One can be at home.

Load shedding

Deep dark Africa

Some load shedding reactions in our home:

“Urg!!! I was in the middle of a game!!” (xbox)

Thanks to many previous dark moments, we have sufficient light but we all end up in the same room.
Everyone on their own devices, until:

“Aaahhhh my battery is flat!” See, this happens because they only charge the phones once they are completely flat.

Someone is bound to start singing, humming or whistling. This of course makes me grab my charged ipad and promptly the song gets downloaded. Lets face it. Once you start you continue. Like eet-sum-mor biscuits.

Once the lights are back on, we normally hear:

“Quick, please charge my phone!” “Yes! We have wi-fi!”

I am just thankful for the fan / air-conditioner and coffee.


We were warned about two weeks ago that there would be no electricity in most of our town today. Which is kind of funny when I think of how our electricity is cut at odd times, without warning.

Anyway, plans were made for today but since my entire family is still asleep I don’t know if we will still follow through on that. See, no electricity means a white noise free home. Also no lights. No TV. With Jason’s room so dark, he and Tommie might sleep through today lol

Everyone jumped and fought over charging cables last night of course. Can’t date to go without charged electronics! #

10 Things



1. My kids
(I never saw myself as being a mother when I was a child. I didn’t picture the perfect wedding and having blonde little children. I thought my career would define me. Well, it did not)

2. My husband
(We have had too many downs but recently more ups. I do love him. He makes me laugh when I don’t feel like ignoring him hehe)

3. My parents
(I could not do what I do and be I am without them. They are truly my closest friends)

4. My family (brothers, in-laws, nephews..)
(I am blessed. I have a family that cares. That will be there for us or my kids any time I need them)

5. My cellphone
(I know. A cellphone makes me happy. It does. It keeps me connected. I can take pretty good photos with it to keep memories alive.)

6. My iPad
(Another gadget but let’s face it. I have my books there, my internet friends, my google, my photos, my work, my mail. It is a part of me)

7. My animals
(I love my dogs. I always have. My dogs aren’t just dogs. They are family members. Bella is lying here next to me on the bed, snoring away. She makes me happy. So do all our dogs)

8. My camera
(It is important to me to capture memories. I look back at the photos that my parents took when I was little and I am so thankful that they did)

9. Friends
(I appreciate friendship. I appreciate that I can have different relationships with different friends)

10. Music
(Music is an emotion. I can change how I feel with music. It can put me back at a certain stage of my life by just hearing the first beats of a song. When I still ran, I used to love the time I had on the road and the music ears)