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Proteas – not the flower

Cricket has never been the same since Hansie.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved Hansie.  I still think he is one of the very best captains we ever had.  It’s just that now I always wonder.  Was the game lost or sold.

I was going to take Jason to watch the Protea / New Zealand game two weeks ago but very unplanned went away for the week.  I asked their back-up Dad to take him and his friend. It was hot.  It was a long day.

And we lost spectacularly.

In front of a fully packed stadium, the Proteas could not have played worse.

How do you win one, lose the next horribly and then win the third again.


That is okay though.  I don’t mind spending close to a thousand rand on tickets and then watch them loose.  I don’t.

I do mind more though if they don’t give signatures or a second of the time to the children who are the reason we spend thousands of rands to watch the games.


New Zealand actually spoke to the kids.  Gave out signatures.  Nice people that.

Proteas?  Maybe half of them were half proper.  They told the kids to wait until after the game, when they will come out again to talk them and give signatures.

Oh yes.  They did.  Not more than five of them.

I want to bring one thing under the attention of all professional sports players.  You earn as much money as you do because you have fans that are willing to spend money to watch you play.  Without those fans you will just be a club player, doing it for fun.

Don’t fool yourself. You are not above human. Take the time.  Thank the kids for coming out and supporting their heros.

Dale, you rock btw.

School athletics day

So many things came to mind this morning.

The one thing was that my boys make me proud in so many different ways. 

Quintus was willing to run the 800 meter race with his friend, so that the friend wouldn’t have to worry about running at the back by himself. They decided to just do it together.

Jason ran the 1 200 meter and was last right from the start.  He never stopped though.  Never gave up.  So many kids weren’t even willing to run.  Or would have given up. He didn’t.  He makes me proud. 
Zander gave it his all this morning.  And did it with a smile.  Unfortunately a little boy ran into his lane on the second race and totally upset him.  He finished though.  Still giving it his best.  Only crying once he saw Quintus.


The other thing is how blessed we are.

My mom and dad came to support the boys.  They sat on those hard pavilion even though my dad hurt his neck and my mom is going for a hip replacement next week.  My brother and sister-in-law stayed to watch each if the boys run.  We have the best family.


Fathers and their special day

My kids are lucky to have more than one amazing male figure in their lives.  Men who love them in different ways.

Not just their dad (who better love his kids or I will make his life a misery)


But also their Oupa.  My dad is more involved in their lives than most fathers are.  I’m hugely thankful for the role he plays.190620113426    They also have a godfather (peetpa klink baie beter) who is a constant in their lives.  I know he is one of those people that they can turn to and he will understand and protect and love and not judge.  He is that guy.


Thank you for what you guys do for my children.  I know that one day, when they are old enough to appreciate the little things, they will know that you were a big part of that.

We love you very much.

Tears in his blue eyes

Quintus needs to do a speech on “His role model”.  His first choice – Uncle Michael.

As I sat down to type the speech with him, he got tears in his eyes.   The more we typed about what it is that makes him such a special man, the more the tears well up.  Until eventually he had to walk out of the room.

He came back and said that I must please keep the speech but he doesn’t think he will be able to say it in front of the class.  He would rather talk about a rugby player.

That is how close his Uncle is to his heart.  THAT is what a special man my dear brother is.