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My Bella

I have just left my Bella at the hospital. Doggie hospital that is.
She has broken her back 😦 😦
I don’t know what or how but she is in so much pain.
She is also in good hands though. We had to take her to a Vet 2 hours from home.
We got SUCH good serice and they treated her with such love.

The operation should happen within the hour. They say due to the fact that we got her there so soon after this happening, she has a 80 – 90 % of a full recovery.
She will be on a morfine drip for 48 hours. They do all they can to prevent any pain or anxiety.

She will stay there for more than a week for phisio and such.

My amazing parents have loaned me the money. I might have to sell an organ or my plastic eardrum to repay them.

Edited to add:

I’ve spoken to her surgeon twice (she phoned me!) to tell me that the operation went well and she’s happy with how it’s gone.  Bella has her very own nurse that will stay with her until 12 tonight.  She is on a morphine drip.  They will phone me (they will phone ME) again in the morning to give me an update.  What an amazing place…….but at the cost, I might just have bought shares there….