Super Mom



Our Bella is very sick. Again.

We took her to the Vet on Thursday and he said that he didn’t think she would make it to the end of this weekend. She was just too weak. Her heart battling too much.

He did pick up that her sugar was very high again and we increased her insulin

Loads and loads of hugs and love and she got better! Much better.

Then last night one of our other dogs bit her 😥 She got such a fright. That poor heart. He bit right through her bottom lip, making it near impossible for her to eat.

She was doing so much better.

Again though, love is getting her through this. She is doing better. Not well yet but better.

She is such a fighter.


We are travelling to Stilbaai with two of our dogs.  My Bella, who does not believe that she is a dog anyway and Fiela, Zander’s shadow and soulmate.

Bella never ever goes far from me.  I don’t have to check up on her or worry about her.  She is always there.

However, other dogs one would assume would run away or just take off when they are off the leash.  Yet, it is not the truth.  Fiela is the same as Bella.  She just wants to be near Zander.



I think that she would only ever run away if she was terribly scared or if she didn’t know where Zander was.

I believe that most dogs are like that.  They don’t want to run away.  They want to be with their humans.  They are wired that way.

I wish all people would realize that.  That dogs are meant to be with humans.  That they are caring.  Loving.  Loyal.  That they are meant to be loved.

Thank goodness they are both well-behaved in the car as well.  Stilbaai is 1 219 km from home.  They do just fine.



He always has a smile on his face

Zander smiles probably 80 % of the day.  He is always happy.  People comment on how he smiles, regardless.  He is a sweet natured child that seems to bubble happiness.

Yet on Thursday morning he said something that kind of popped my bubble.

Maybe he is not that happy.  Maybe he is just a little bit less than we think.

We woke up early.  Just the two of us.  Well three, since his shadow (Fiela) was next to him.

He said in a matter of fact voice that he shares all his problems with Fiela.  In the mornings before school.  At night before bedtime.  He talks to her.

I said that he is could talk to me about any worries or problems he has.  He declined (and said that he didn’t want to hurt my feelings) but he is already sharing them with Fiela.

I’m so thankful for their relationship.  It’s so special.

It’s just sad that he has worries and problems that I don’t know about.


Sometimes it takes me a while to be able to blog without getting emotional.

As you know from my previous post, we helped out at the SPCA last weekend.
The fireworks ticked me off. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think it is okay.
That is not what got to me most though.
This is


Breeders ….I can’t think of anything to say about them that won’t contain a swear word.

People who let their own, much loved pets have ” just one litter” . This is for them. They don’t mean bad. They have probably been told that a dog should have at least one litter.
See that photo I posted? That can very well be one of those puppies that was raised with love and sold to someone you think would take good care of it.

People go on holiday and leave their dogs behind. They come home and just buy another when they realize that one ran away, probably because of fireworks or being scared and lonely.
Or they breed with them.
Or they let their little pup have one litter and some of those dogs are used to breed with.

The SPCA’s are full with pure-bred dogs. Broken spirits so visible in their eyes.
Obviously also mixed breed dogs. Sweet, loyal dogs who are there because people won’t stop breeding with their dogs.

Next time you consider letting your dog get one litter, think of this photo. Of how she is trying to push herself through the cage for some love.

Next time you want to get a pet, remember that it is for life. Get one from a shelter, that is there through no fault of its own.

The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs

That is printed on one of my shirts from Barking Mad.

Obviously not 100 % true but some people should be ashamed of how little they care for animals.  How little respect they have for others.

Last night Klerksdorp Raceway with the help of Ebersohn Towing ended their year and the hotrods racing with fireworks.  Fireworks are banned. Our city have said that if you want to set off fireworks, it can be done on the 31st at a location out of town.  I still don’t like it but it is at least better.

The Raceway however, is right next to the SPCA.  A shelter with already scared and abandoned animals.  Somehow they got permission for a fireworks display.

My parents and I went to the SPCA last night to help and keep the animals calm during the display.  The SPCA staff and a vet administered medication to try to keep the animals calm. It did help. Although even those who were in a deep sleep woke up when they started the fireworks.  Looked at me with fear in their eyes.  Those of us there all had a row of kennels.  We played music on our phones and talked to them.  Most of mine were okay.  Yet some were okay when it started but then fear overtook them and they would run to the back of there kennels, not to come out again.

That for 15 minutes of artificial light in the sky.

SPCA staff were great.  Thankfully the dogs did not try to claw themselves out of the cages or hurt their faces by trying to push out.

I really hope that next year they won’t get permission again.  Not right next to the SPCA.  It’s just not right.

Indian Myna and Tonie Meiring

This is an amazing story that should have been told a long long time ago.  Now it is with sadness that I do it.

Someone found a little Indian Myna in the street.  Probably hit by a car (or so it seems).  He/she was still very much just a baby.  This person took the little bird under their wing, so to speak.


In time though the little one flew over the wall and just “adopted” my mom.  He was free to go where he wanted but preferred to sleep inside the house.  Eventually he made a little nest for himself in my mom’s bathroom.

The relationship was so special.  He would come and go as he wishes but once every hour of half an hour, he would fly through the house, looking for my mom.  He would sit on her arm like a bracelet.  She could move her arm and he would just hold on.  His food was here, he knew when my mom called Sophie to give him bread.  He would fly straight to the kitchen. 


My mom loved him and the feeling seemed very much mutual.  My mom is such a caring person and he was a part of the family for almost a year.  He didn’t like me though and would constantly tell me to “stop it”.


Unfortunately three weeks ago, he went missing.  He was still in my mom’s house at 4 pm and just never came back.  We don’t know if he was killed or if he is now being kept in a cage. 

My mom would be okay with him being dead, since he really did have the perfect life for a year.  However if he has to be in a cage, it would kill her (and him)  He is used to being free and was petrified of even just being closed in the room.

My mom put flyers up and even advertised in the newspaper.  We had some people offering their Indian Myna’s for her to take care of.  People worried about Myna’s being kept in cages.

However, my mom got one sms yesterday from Tonie Meiring that was so upsetting.  He basically told her that they are pests and he hopes that Piet went back to India with his whole family.  That if she had any knowledge of birds, she would now that they kill our own birds.

Well, he just doesn’t get it.  It’s not about the fact that it’s an Indian Myna.  It’s about the fact that the bird that she loves is now missing.  Her knowledge about birds (especially since my dad is involved in bird atlassing) is probably more than his anyway. Still , her ad in the newspaper was not about saving the Myna race but the fact that she was looking for her bird.  Regardless of what type.

I sent him an sms (cause no-one will upset my mother like that) and in the end he call me trash.  Lovely.  For someone who is a DA counsellor that’s pretty sweet. 

No-one calls me trash, Tonie.  I don’t care how involved you are in the community.  You have no regard for someone else’s feeling.  She is already upset, no need for you to make it worse.

I was raised with “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.”  Maybe you should look into that.

So we protested

I couldn’t believe what I read.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Here, in our town, people (if you can call someone who does that a human being) cut of dogs heads (while still alive) and cooked their meat to eat or sell.

Here!  In my town! 

I was sick to my stomach.

We were asked to protest at their bail hearing.  So many people said that they would be there.  Well, I wonder where those people were when we were outside the court for hours in the cold.  It is SO easy to be a Facebook animal lover.  Not so much when push comes to shove. Then so many people have excuses.

A handful of us though stood there, protesting.  Got the cars to hoot.  Shared our thoughts and feelings.

I picked up the boys and took them to protest with us.  Children who care.  What a nation we can build if all of them did.

If you are in town, well come protest at their hearing 23 July.  Might be even colder then but someone has to take a stand.







He found his perfect dog

We knew that Zander needed his own pet.  My kids all love animals. Quintus has Roxie.  Jason has Max. Zander needed a dog.

However, we didn’t know how another dog would fit into the home.  Max is a difficult one.  Much loved but difficult.  We always joke that Roxie has ADHD, so we didn’t know how another dog would fit in.

For a long time we said no to even the slightest thought of another dog.  Then last week I decided we were wrong not to get him his own pet.  Very wrong.  I was right.

We looked for the perfect dog.  I wanted to adopt a SPCA dog.  That makes it more difficult. 

He saw this photo of a SPCA dog and fell in love.  Let me tell you the photo was not pretty lol  He saw something I did not.

We went to meet her and the moment he walked into her cage we knew they were perfect for each other.  She got onto his lap and just sat there.  When he got up she chased him around her little cage.  Stood against him for hugs and went to sit on his lap again.


So we adopted her


I was obviously worried when we took her home.  I wanted to be sure that she would be okay and that our other dogs would be okay.

I took them to “neutral” grounds in our yard and I could immediately see that they were fine with each other.  She walked into the house as if she had always been there.



Let me tell you, the dog Zander saw was pretty.  Much prettier than I thought.


She absolutely adores him.  She follows him everywhere.  Doesn’t leave his side for one moment. 


The only real problem we have had, is that she is very protective of her bed.  She doesn’t want the other dogs (or people – except Zander) near her when she is next to him, in her bed.


I am sure in time, this too will get better.

She is much loved already.  So glad we decided to take her. So glad she decided to choose Zander.  They are a perfect match.

Please don’t shop.  Adopt.

His life

I was having a discussion with my sister-in-law today about our dogs and I mentioned how I will never forget my first pekenise, Droopy.  He had a soul that could not be broken.

I got him when I was 15 / 16. He just arrived at the house of one of my mom’s friends. She didn’t want him and knowing my mom and her love for animals, she brought him to my mom. The poor guy was SO abused. Broken ribs, cut feet. He was in bad shape. Mom fed him, gave him a bath and we all assumed he would just fall in love with her (like all dogs do). He did love my mom and he chose me. He picked me. He would not leave my side and I never expected him to.

I would ride on my scooter and he would ride with. In a bag between my feet.
I took him with when I started working in Johannesburg (of course) and I would meet up with my mom and her sister in hotels. I would put him in a bag and tell him to be quiet. He would not move until in the room.
I took him to work with me when I worked for Hyundai (even when I worked at Senwes)

Senwes office May 1999

Like Bella now, he was always on my lap when I drove

May 1999






One day he got out of yard and my life stopped.  We looked and advertised and asked and prayed and cried ….. he was just missing.  Just like that.  Ten days later we get a phone call at 10 pm.  One of our neighbours saw him walking towards our house but he wouldn’t let our neighbour pick him up!

What a happy day that was.  Tommie made him food.  I washed him.  Droopy was home.  I got another chance with him.

Two years later though, we had to put him down.  He was blind.  Couldn’t walk anymore.  It broke my heart.  I kept on hoping he would die in his sleep but couldn’t watch him battle like that any more.

Man I will always miss that dog.

Merry Christmas to the animals as well

Not everyone are dog or cat lovers. I get that.

You might have had bad experiences as a kids…  Or you are just plain weird.

Each to themselves en so.

However most people love animals. Care for them. Try to give them as much love as they give us. Make them feel safe. Protect them.

Unfortunately some Podexes, with little or no working brain cells don’t.

Please stop shooting crackers.

Just stop and listen how scared all the dogs in the area are after that first bang. Getting progressively worse with every single one. So scared that they run away. Fearing for their lives.

I don’t often or easily wish bad things on people but let me tell you, if you lose a finger or five while shooting off crackers, there will be no tears from me.

Merry Christmas to all animal lovers and non-podexes  out there.

The day I bought a pet shop dog

This decision was not made overnight.  I have been looking for the perfect companion for Quintus for a very long time.  Months….many many months.

I wanted to rehome a kennel dog.  A dog pushed away, abandoned by others.  I just knew that Quintus would be perfect for a dog like that.  We have searched high and low, gone through lists.  Phoned SPCA’s.  We just never did find the right one.

Quintus needs a friend now.  He will be the best friend that dog ever needs.

Then I heard about these dogs at a pet shop.  They have been there for three weeks.  In my opinion, just the same as being at the SPCA for three weeks…maybe worse because at the SPCA they get some attention.  These were in small cages, right at the back of the pet shop, where they wouldn’t easily see people.  Get attention.  They’re just puppies.

I took Quintus there to have a look.  To see if one would bond with him.  Well immediately, Roxy took to him.  Even before he went inside (not that there was much space), Roxy fell in love with him…and he with her.

I wanted to rescue a dog.  I’m passionate about that.  I also had to look at our situation.  Look at those faces and know that she needed to be rescued too.





I couldn’t believe my eyes

This afternoon we drove home (later than normal) and took a road we don’t normally take.

It was pouring.

Something made me look at the parking area of a small convenience store and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  I still can’t.

A white bakkie stopped, the passenger (a blond teenage girl) got out and put a wet little dog on the side odd the road. In the rain and drove away! We immediately turned off and picked up the scared, wet Pekinese.














I so’wish I had taken the time to take the registration number of the bakkie. Or to follow them.
I think I was just too shocked! Who would do such a thing!?

We took him home and noticed that he is actually well taken care of. Recently shaved. Not overly hungry. He has such pretty eyes. Hazel, not brown.


I wonder what his story is. Who are the people that dropped him off next to the road? Why did they? Are they his real owners?

Tonight we will give him love and tomorrow we will try to piece together his story.

Dog fight

Poor Max was in a dog fight. 

The gate (brand new gate!) broke and our Jack Russell / Fox Terrier manage to get through and cause a small fight.  Now it’s also Max’s fault, since he is forever at the gate teasing him.

Thankfully the kids were home and Quintus went all Cesar Millan and handled it all well.  My little dog whisperer.

Max isn’t badly injured.  More his ego than anything else.  He does feel VERY sorry for himself though.


Vlooi or Louis or just blue bird

Quintus got this Ring-neck from my parents for his birthday.  He was saved by their neighbour after surviving wind, rain and cold temperatures.  Not only that but also being caught by a dog.

From the first moment he saw Quintus he was taken with him.  He says every single word and whistles every song he knows when he sees Quintus.  Completely loves him. I am not high on his list of priorities though, even though I spoil him with all things nice.

Finally this weekend we got him to climb out of his cage.  Well by me, I mean Quintus.  Quintus just opened the gate and sat next to it.  Louis / Vlooi (he has two names depending on who is talking to him lol) just climbed right on out and into Quintus’s hands.  He got onto his shoulder and it sure looked as though he was talking into his ear. 

I don’t know who was more happy.  Quintus for finally being able to hold him or Louis for being out of his cage.

Vlooi 019

Vlooi 043

My Bella

I have just left my Bella at the hospital. Doggie hospital that is.
She has broken her back 😦 😦
I don’t know what or how but she is in so much pain.
She is also in good hands though. We had to take her to a Vet 2 hours from home.
We got SUCH good serice and they treated her with such love.

The operation should happen within the hour. They say due to the fact that we got her there so soon after this happening, she has a 80 – 90 % of a full recovery.
She will be on a morfine drip for 48 hours. They do all they can to prevent any pain or anxiety.

She will stay there for more than a week for phisio and such.

My amazing parents have loaned me the money. I might have to sell an organ or my plastic eardrum to repay them.

Edited to add:

I’ve spoken to her surgeon twice (she phoned me!) to tell me that the operation went well and she’s happy with how it’s gone.  Bella has her very own nurse that will stay with her until 12 tonight.  She is on a morphine drip.  They will phone me (they will phone ME) again in the morning to give me an update.  What an amazing place…….but at the cost, I might just have bought shares there….

It’s happened …. (he thinks)

Our dear Max…he loves food.  He might give me away for a small piece of meat.

Whenever we braai (barbeque), we always joke that he is waiting for a small cow to fall out of the sky.

Today we are making a potjie.  Way too close to his nose.  He is not taking his eyes of it. 

He is sure that the small cow has finally fallen from the sky……21 Maart 004 copy

Going for a walk

Yesterday afternoon we took Max for his very first walk.  He loved it.  Although he is very scared when other dogs bark.  Even when he is inside our home!  Eventually he did give a small bark back, while looking up to me, to make sure I’ll save him if need be.

100_0393 copy

Bella is such an easy dog to walk.  She the actual reason why we went walking yesterday.  She is SSSoooo lazy and picking up weight at an alarming rate.  She is so obedient.  It’s just a pleasure taking her for a walk.

100_0397 copy

Max on the other hand is a little energizer-bunny.  Jason didn’t have him for long before I took over again. 

It was time to say goodbye

Today we said goodbye to our Boerboel, Lalla. She was 13 years old.
We’ve had her since we moved into our home.
We got her before we had kids.
She is the one dog that the boys knew from when they were born.

Thirteen years. That’s a long time. But this morning, when I looked at her I knew it was time.
Just yesterday we spoke about her and I said that I don’t think we should have her put down yet. That I don’t think she’s in pain.
This morning she couldn’t stand up. It was time. And as always I wonder if I shouldn’t have taken her sooner.

She will be missed.

Lala collage

It’s a boy!!

Like I don’t have enough testosterone in my house, we added another boy to our family.

Meet Max


Jason has been asking for a dog for 2 years now.  Finally, we got him one. 

He cried when he got little Max.  I think he has thanked me at least 20 times.   He is totally in love.

The story of Stuart Little

Remember the story of Stuart Little?  The little mouse that was adopted and then had to find his way back to his adoptive family after being abducted?

This weekend we had Stuart Little of some kind.

Hammie, Quintus’ hamster that actually lives in our room and is loved and fed by Tommie and myself, escaped this weekend.

I was so upset.  I love that little thing.  I felt SO bad.  Especially after he already lost his leg.  He is so sweet and I couldn’t see him surviving. 

We found out he was missing yesterday afternoon.  I knew he wasn’t impressed with me after I cleaned his cage and he normally hides away.  It takes time to build a proper nest again!  I decided yesterday that it’s time for him to come and make friends with us again but I couldn’t find him.

That’s when I saw it ….. a huge hole.  He must have escaped and probably did so after I cleaned his cage.  I was so so so so upset.

Tommie was convinced that he wouldn’t run away.  He gets a lot of attention and he knows his food is in our room.  We put food out for him and hoped that we would find him before Bella did.

Round about 11 last night, we heard Bella jump of the bed and chase something.  Tommie woke me and said that he is SURE Bella had seen Hammie.  We searched high and low, especially where she was sniffing around.  Nothing.

I got back into bed … but then thought I should rather just look again.  Up I get and in walks Hammie.  As though he has been doing this for years and he just went for a walk and just got back home.

I was SO relieved!!!!!!  I picked him up and ran outside to Tommie.  Little thing was so hungry.

Thankfully Quintus doesn’t know about the whole ordeal.

I can’t believe we found him.  Can’t believe he just came walking into the room….casual as if nothing happened.


House of sick and injured

Zander has flu and has had flu all week long.  It’s pretty amazing that he never shared his germs with my mom, who just had an operation done on her shoulder yesterday.   Her muscle had torn loose from her bone and the whole operation just sounds extremely painful to me.

This morning Zander woke up with tooth ache and by now he has a swollen cheek from it.  Our dentist / friend has not been answering my calls and frankly I might have to kick him when I finally get hold of him.

Then tonight, Quintus’ hamster broke his leg.  Yes…you read that correctly.  He broke his leg.  His little tiny bone has pushed right through his skin.  We did take him to the vet and we tried to get it back in it’s place and bandaged up.  Unfortunately it didn’t last that long.  Tommie though, managed to redo the bandage later at home and it seems to be holding.

Hammie 003 copy

I must say that seeing my husband (already in his pj’s after taking an early shower) rush out to the vet, was very sweet.  (not to worry…he stayed in the bakkie when we got out)  The vet was so sweet.  I honestly didn’t think he would be that soft and caring towards a hamster but he was. 

Quintus was in tears and even my ‘tough’ little Jason couldn’t handle it.  He walked away, crying.

When we got home, the little thing just slept in my chest for hours.  Felt so sorry for it.

Tonight before bedtime, Quintus said that he now believes the old people were right.  Friday the 13th is a bad day.

So we saved the day

Exactly 20 minutes into our trip, we made a serious U-turn and saved the day.

My mom saw a little chameleon trying to cross a double high way.  We had 0.2 second moment where we thought we would never get to turn around and get to him before someone drove over him.  It would be so traumatic if we got there and he was died.  We decided to try and save him anyway.

My mom made a U-turn, drove to where we saw him last and slowed down.  I had a moment of stress when I couldn’t get the door open, as I looked at a red car racing towards the scared chameleon.  I managed to get the door open and run into the road.  I did put my hands up, hopeful that the car would slow down.

The poor little thing was SO scared. He was standing as tall as he could, probably trying to make himself visible.  I picked him up and ran out of the road towards our car.  The little scared one decided to bite me to protect himself.  Poor thing. 

There we were in the car, no later than we planned, looking for a safe place to put him.  In the meantime he was named Freddie.  Simultaneously by my mom and I. 

Only 50 km further did we find a safe place for the little one.  I walked far from a road, to the first place where we found indigenous trees (can you believe it was so far before we found proper trees!?)

I said my goodbye and hope that he will be okay, so far from his ‘home’.  Like my mom said:  Poor guy was probably on his way to his family for Christmas and now we moved him km’s away lol!

09122009509 copy

She should rather get a goldfish next time

Bella goes to work with me every day.

I had a client there during the week that went all gaga over her and told me that she wants her blah blah blah.  She then went on to tell me about her own dogs and how much she loves them.  She has had them for so many years and now they are getting old.

So here’s her thinking:  She’s going to give the dogs away, so that she doesn’t have to be around when they die.

What?!  Seriously?

She would put the dogs through this trauma at this age, just so that she won’t have to be around when they die?

What a selfish dumbass person. 

Boy parts

Boys are very protective, interested aware of their ‘tools’ right from birth (or before).  If you have boys, you will know just how much.  It’s not just an adult male thing 😉

I had Bella spayed today.  The boys are having to be extra careful around her because of this.  Jason wanted to know why she had an operation.  I explained that we don’t want her to have babies and since all the parts that a girl needs to have babies are inside her, she had to be operated to have them removed. 

I went on to explain that one can also stop a male dog from impregnating a female dog by removing his testicles.


I wish you could see his face!!!!  He was shocked!!!!

I don’t think that child will ever have pre-marital sex 🙂