Super Mom



Our Bella is very sick. Again.

We took her to the Vet on Thursday and he said that he didn’t think she would make it to the end of this weekend. She was just too weak. Her heart battling too much.

He did pick up that her sugar was very high again and we increased her insulin

Loads and loads of hugs and love and she got better! Much better.

Then last night one of our other dogs bit her 😥 She got such a fright. That poor heart. He bit right through her bottom lip, making it near impossible for her to eat.

She was doing so much better.

Again though, love is getting her through this. She is doing better. Not well yet but better.

She is such a fighter.


We are travelling to Stilbaai with two of our dogs.  My Bella, who does not believe that she is a dog anyway and Fiela, Zander’s shadow and soulmate.

Bella never ever goes far from me.  I don’t have to check up on her or worry about her.  She is always there.

However, other dogs one would assume would run away or just take off when they are off the leash.  Yet, it is not the truth.  Fiela is the same as Bella.  She just wants to be near Zander.



I think that she would only ever run away if she was terribly scared or if she didn’t know where Zander was.

I believe that most dogs are like that.  They don’t want to run away.  They want to be with their humans.  They are wired that way.

I wish all people would realize that.  That dogs are meant to be with humans.  That they are caring.  Loving.  Loyal.  That they are meant to be loved.

Thank goodness they are both well-behaved in the car as well.  Stilbaai is 1 219 km from home.  They do just fine.



He always has a smile on his face

Zander smiles probably 80 % of the day.  He is always happy.  People comment on how he smiles, regardless.  He is a sweet natured child that seems to bubble happiness.

Yet on Thursday morning he said something that kind of popped my bubble.

Maybe he is not that happy.  Maybe he is just a little bit less than we think.

We woke up early.  Just the two of us.  Well three, since his shadow (Fiela) was next to him.

He said in a matter of fact voice that he shares all his problems with Fiela.  In the mornings before school.  At night before bedtime.  He talks to her.

I said that he is could talk to me about any worries or problems he has.  He declined (and said that he didn’t want to hurt my feelings) but he is already sharing them with Fiela.

I’m so thankful for their relationship.  It’s so special.

It’s just sad that he has worries and problems that I don’t know about.


Sometimes it takes me a while to be able to blog without getting emotional.

As you know from my previous post, we helped out at the SPCA last weekend.
The fireworks ticked me off. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think it is okay.
That is not what got to me most though.
This is


Breeders ….I can’t think of anything to say about them that won’t contain a swear word.

People who let their own, much loved pets have ” just one litter” . This is for them. They don’t mean bad. They have probably been told that a dog should have at least one litter.
See that photo I posted? That can very well be one of those puppies that was raised with love and sold to someone you think would take good care of it.

People go on holiday and leave their dogs behind. They come home and just buy another when they realize that one ran away, probably because of fireworks or being scared and lonely.
Or they breed with them.
Or they let their little pup have one litter and some of those dogs are used to breed with.

The SPCA’s are full with pure-bred dogs. Broken spirits so visible in their eyes.
Obviously also mixed breed dogs. Sweet, loyal dogs who are there because people won’t stop breeding with their dogs.

Next time you consider letting your dog get one litter, think of this photo. Of how she is trying to push herself through the cage for some love.

Next time you want to get a pet, remember that it is for life. Get one from a shelter, that is there through no fault of its own.

The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs

That is printed on one of my shirts from Barking Mad.

Obviously not 100 % true but some people should be ashamed of how little they care for animals.  How little respect they have for others.

Last night Klerksdorp Raceway with the help of Ebersohn Towing ended their year and the hotrods racing with fireworks.  Fireworks are banned. Our city have said that if you want to set off fireworks, it can be done on the 31st at a location out of town.  I still don’t like it but it is at least better.

The Raceway however, is right next to the SPCA.  A shelter with already scared and abandoned animals.  Somehow they got permission for a fireworks display.

My parents and I went to the SPCA last night to help and keep the animals calm during the display.  The SPCA staff and a vet administered medication to try to keep the animals calm. It did help. Although even those who were in a deep sleep woke up when they started the fireworks.  Looked at me with fear in their eyes.  Those of us there all had a row of kennels.  We played music on our phones and talked to them.  Most of mine were okay.  Yet some were okay when it started but then fear overtook them and they would run to the back of there kennels, not to come out again.

That for 15 minutes of artificial light in the sky.

SPCA staff were great.  Thankfully the dogs did not try to claw themselves out of the cages or hurt their faces by trying to push out.

I really hope that next year they won’t get permission again.  Not right next to the SPCA.  It’s just not right.

Indian Myna and Tonie Meiring

This is an amazing story that should have been told a long long time ago.  Now it is with sadness that I do it.

Someone found a little Indian Myna in the street.  Probably hit by a car (or so it seems).  He/she was still very much just a baby.  This person took the little bird under their wing, so to speak.


In time though the little one flew over the wall and just “adopted” my mom.  He was free to go where he wanted but preferred to sleep inside the house.  Eventually he made a little nest for himself in my mom’s bathroom.

The relationship was so special.  He would come and go as he wishes but once every hour of half an hour, he would fly through the house, looking for my mom.  He would sit on her arm like a bracelet.  She could move her arm and he would just hold on.  His food was here, he knew when my mom called Sophie to give him bread.  He would fly straight to the kitchen. 


My mom loved him and the feeling seemed very much mutual.  My mom is such a caring person and he was a part of the family for almost a year.  He didn’t like me though and would constantly tell me to “stop it”.


Unfortunately three weeks ago, he went missing.  He was still in my mom’s house at 4 pm and just never came back.  We don’t know if he was killed or if he is now being kept in a cage. 

My mom would be okay with him being dead, since he really did have the perfect life for a year.  However if he has to be in a cage, it would kill her (and him)  He is used to being free and was petrified of even just being closed in the room.

My mom put flyers up and even advertised in the newspaper.  We had some people offering their Indian Myna’s for her to take care of.  People worried about Myna’s being kept in cages.

However, my mom got one sms yesterday from Tonie Meiring that was so upsetting.  He basically told her that they are pests and he hopes that Piet went back to India with his whole family.  That if she had any knowledge of birds, she would now that they kill our own birds.

Well, he just doesn’t get it.  It’s not about the fact that it’s an Indian Myna.  It’s about the fact that the bird that she loves is now missing.  Her knowledge about birds (especially since my dad is involved in bird atlassing) is probably more than his anyway. Still , her ad in the newspaper was not about saving the Myna race but the fact that she was looking for her bird.  Regardless of what type.

I sent him an sms (cause no-one will upset my mother like that) and in the end he call me trash.  Lovely.  For someone who is a DA counsellor that’s pretty sweet. 

No-one calls me trash, Tonie.  I don’t care how involved you are in the community.  You have no regard for someone else’s feeling.  She is already upset, no need for you to make it worse.

I was raised with “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.”  Maybe you should look into that.

So we protested

I couldn’t believe what I read.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Here, in our town, people (if you can call someone who does that a human being) cut of dogs heads (while still alive) and cooked their meat to eat or sell.

Here!  In my town! 

I was sick to my stomach.

We were asked to protest at their bail hearing.  So many people said that they would be there.  Well, I wonder where those people were when we were outside the court for hours in the cold.  It is SO easy to be a Facebook animal lover.  Not so much when push comes to shove. Then so many people have excuses.

A handful of us though stood there, protesting.  Got the cars to hoot.  Shared our thoughts and feelings.

I picked up the boys and took them to protest with us.  Children who care.  What a nation we can build if all of them did.

If you are in town, well come protest at their hearing 23 July.  Might be even colder then but someone has to take a stand.