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Giving credit to the photographer

Jason and Quintus are both photographers for the High School they attend.  They, along with one other schoolboy, take all the photos on sport days.

I’m proud to say that the photos are pretty awesome.

I can say that, since Jason’s photos ended up in the local newspaper.  On the front page, the back page (sport page) and a whole page inside the newspaper.

That is pretty exceptional for a Grade 8 kid.

Did he get recognition?  No.  Our newspaper did not ONCE mention that he took the photos.  Photographers get recognition for their photos.  That’s just the way it is.

His photos were pretty much the selling point of the newspaper last week and no mention of the photographer.

Well Jason,  Congratulations.  We are so extremely proud of you.



An era without photos

Quintus, Jason and my Dad had a flying trip to Cape Town for a day.  (I know!)  For one bird (I know!)

However, they took probably six photos in total! (I know!)


I was sommer upset.  I mean, you travel to one of the most beautiful cities in our country and you take six photos….six…

Then Quintus went on a tour to Innibos and Kruger Park with the NW Choir.  What an experience to sing on that stage.  All the lights. So many people.  Must have been amazing.  I’m so sad I missed it.


Thankfully this time there are many photos (never enough but still)  I saw some on other kid’s Facebook walls or the choir posted some.  So I managed to follow his tour through the eyes of others.



This morning though I thought about how this is an era where people will have so many photos of themselves but actually none.  Most photos on cellphones that get lost or upgraded.  Photos posted on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat just to be forgotten about again.
Will these kids ever really have photos of themselves?  I try to save as many photos as I can for them because I know that up till now, they have not.


Quintus turned 14 yesterday.  FOURTEEN!  Wasn’t he just a little redhead boy, too scared to go to Grade R?

When they say time flies, boet, they mean time flies. I have always said that I treasure every moment with my kids and I do.   Still, somehow, time slips through your fingers.

I clearly remember the day he was born. How I resigned that same day because the people from work wouldn’t stop calling me.

I remember his first birthday.  Him and his cousin having cake together, yet he hardly got his face dirty.

His second birthday ended with him being admitted in hospital with the rota virus.  We spent the next week there.

So I can go on, with every birthday feeling like just last week.

I sat there yesterday as he had breakfast with his friends and it hit me that in just four years time he will be 18.  He will a couple of months away from going to ‘varsity. Four years.  That is nothing.


Happy birthday Quintus.

I hope you take time to capture memories.  Even if you don’t have your camera with you.  Capture it in your mind.  Live the moment.

I love you endlessly.  I am proud to call you my son. 

You care so deeply and you aren’t scared to show that.  You are protective of your brothers even though some days they work on your nerves.

You are the best teenager I know.  You are balanced, with loving your rugby, doing well at school and your passion for music.

Some days I look at you and wonder why I couldn’t have been that self-confident as a teenager.

You amaze me.

Thank you for the hugs, kisses and coffee when I don’t expect it. Thank you for telling me you miss me.

Soos die son

Favourite photo I have ever taken (or top 3)


I take a lot of photos every single day. This is very very difficult to do! Also I am not home, so I don’t have all my photos. So this is the best I can do for now.

I love this trip we took with the boys. That we took them out of school so unplanned. That it was the first time they saw snow.


I love seeing my boys do what they love. They don’t have to excel at it, they must just enjoy it.


Then there are moments that even though it’s captured on crappy cellphone camera, the moment is more important. This was one of those moments forever captured. The night he was awarded Culture Boy of the Year.


Favourite photo



This is a difficult one. I am on holiday and don’t have my laptop with all my photos with me. So I have to choose what I have on Facebook .


That’s me. In my Heidi dress. I loved that dress. I remember that time of my life as being very happy. Little to no stress. As little ones should have.


For now though, this is my favourite photo. I think it speaks for itself. I am just so happy when I am with them.

Farm life

I think I have a problem.

Seriously.  There must be some kind of meeting out there for this.

“Hallo.  I’m Melany”  You know the type.

Accept I’m it won’t be AA meetings I don’t even drink alcohol, it will have to be some kind of photography addiction group.  Not because I love taking photos. … there is nothing wrong with that but because I feel upset if I don’t get to photograph something special that my kids have done.  Like I missed out on capturing that memory.

Jason has been visiting a friend on their farm.  Honestly as much as a couple of months ago, I would never have thought he would like to be on a farm.  Heck, he would be the last of my 3 kids I would ever think would want to go.  I was so very wrong.  He LOVES  visiting on the farm. 

He phoned me tonight and was all excited about giving the cattle injections.  I’m like “yay Babe, that’s great!” and then I said but gosh, I didn’t even get a photo of that!  Said the same thing when he rode on a horse for the first time (also on the farm)

See, I have a small problem.  As they get older, this will happen more and more.  Best I get used to not having every single moment on camera!


I found this letter next to my bed last night.  He was thanking me for “always being there to catch the photo of the day”.  How sweet is that!

I always wonder what they think of me having a camera as a third hand Winking smile 

IMG copy

and I do love the way he spelled ‘foto’


It’s been raining quite a bit recently.  Though we’ve had worse floods and apparently it’s worse today, I took these photos yesterday.

The willow tree tops are hardly visible.Oorstromings 003 copy

Oorstromings 006 copy

My poor brother can’t play his beloved golf game at the moment.  This taken at Orkney golf clubOorstromings 012 copy

I think this is the 9th hole …. I might be totally wrong lol but either way it is totally flooded.Oorstromings 014 copy

Oorstromings 018 copy

Happy New Year!!!

May 2011 bring peace to each and everyone!!!

New Year collage copy

Early morning mist

Mis 012 copy

Mis 022 copy

Mis 020 copy

Mis 018 copy


  • I love new stuff. Especially gadgets and stuff. I’m upgrading my data contract and I’ll have a new laptop by next week.  Why next week? We live in a small town.  There’s some positives and negatives regarding small towns but the positives far outweighs the negatives.  Bargain that I’ll get a printer too.
  • I might see Kyla this weekend.  I don’t want to get too excited, since I have not been able to speak to her for 2 weeks now.  Her gran is not answering her phone and I think it’s because Kyla is not in school.  She doesn’t want me to find out.  Her mom wants to fetch her this weekend though and said that obviously she can sleep over at our home one night.  I’ll be so glad to talk to her and hug her again.
  • I really didn’t have a good “mom” weekend.  I’ll have to make up for that this week.  The kids were generally driving me up the wall.  At least I’m not like that mom on last night’s Supernanny.  No slapping, pushing, detergents in the mouth and such.  Actually they should be thankful.  Okay, not really but still I’m not THAT bad.
  • I really want a new strap for my camera.  Like I said…I like new stuff :)  Love gifts, even if I have to buy them myself.
  • I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I now wear glasses permanently.  I continue sly take them off, just to compare.  I cannot believe how my sight deteriorated without my really noticing it.
  • I really cannot wait for the exams to be over and done with.  Thankfully only 3 more to go.

Photo post

It’s summer.  Oh lovely summer.  The sun and swimming.  I love summer.

The boys get to swim “after the big rains” (as the old people used to say) or once the minimum temp is over 15 and max over 30.  Well, it’s been hot enough to swim.










"If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water."

Author: Loren Eisley


Zander loves Milo.  LOTS.  He will choose Milo above anything, anytime. 

Zander isn’t always so keen on having his photo taken.


However, any promises of Milo as a reward and you could end up with an okay photo.


This photo was taken the day before yesterday.  Yesterday when we got home, he asked me to take a photo of him.  Rather shocked I was!  Mmm…clever boy HE is though.  As soon as I took the photo, he asked if I would now make him some Milo!  🙂

A moment

I have an understanding with the boys, that if they ever need some one-on-one time, they only have to ask and they will get it.  Ask for a moment and it is yours.  It’s not always easy to give all the kids the same amount of attention and some times the boys just need some time alone with me.  Just connect with me, without the others around me.

Tonight, Jason asked for a moment. We looked through a photography book, discussed the photos and why they were so good.  He has such an interest in photography.  I love sharing that with him.

Quintus asked for a moment. He wanted to know what happens at the end of the Bible…so off to the back page we went ;)  I used to do that (well, not with the Bible)  I used to read the last couple of pages and then the book.  Can’t stand the suspense!  Now I force myself not to.

Then Kyla asked for a moment.  All she wanted to do, was to tell me that it would be the bestest if she was one of my kids….




It felt as though we drove forever and another day to get home yesterday.  I don’t know why but it just felt as though we’d never get here.  BUT here we are … home.  Safely.  Gosh my kids travel so well.  I am so thankful to have kids who don’t mind travelling most of the time.  I think I may have complained more but having a migraine didn’t count in my favour.

We went through one heck of a sand storm.  Almost felt as though we were storm chasers lol 


Also experience just the average normal rain storm.


We don’t live in the most beautiful part of our country.  Actually one can probably say it’s the least beautiful.  So coming back home is always sad.  I think more so than if you lived in a more scenic area.  Seeing the mine dumps just ain’t the same as seeing mountains!  Last night though, we got SUCH a stunning sunset, that we didn’t even notice the mine dumps.  We were just reminded of the stunning sunsets we get.


Is it really that big?

My dad has an interest in astrology and Jason shares his interest.  I love how my dad will phone to tell us when we can see something special.   Like tonight.  What a spectacular sight.  To see Jupiter and Venus so close to the moon.  From even before sunset you could see the three together.  The boys were most impressed by this. Enjoying the view from the pool.  Jay tried to capture it on his little point and shoot camera and was very disgusted that it didn’t come out nicely.  Poor little guy.

As I stared up at the sky, I realized how much bigger the moon seemed to be than the other two planets, even though it is actually way smaller. 

It happens in our lives that one thing seems so big, so powerful.  It could be work, exam, deadlines, marriage problems but when you stand back,  you’ll see that it’s just the way you are looking at it.  That in proportion, it really isn’t that important.  Not in the bigger picture.


Family photos

We have our family photos taken once a year.  Always in November.  Always by the same photographer.

How long will I continue doing this?  I can’t say but since I battle to break tradition I’ll probably continue to do so for a long time.  Probably until the boys refuse to go 😉

Also, she’s willing to put up with the loudness of my three boys 🙂


4 x 4

I got tagged by Jenty a few days ago.  I am so glad she tagged me on this one! 🙂

Here are the rules…

1. Go to your pictures file.
2. Go to the 4th file.
3. Go to the 4th picture.
4. Post it and tell the story.
5. Tag 4 more people.


This was Quintus’s very first Easter.  This was the first time that he had chocolate.  Or at least the first time he had his own chocolate.  He was not interested.  He broke the chocolate into little pieces, tasted some that was melted on his hands but that was it.  No interest in his very first Easter chocolate.  This of course is no longer the case.  Now he will ‘believe’ in the Easter bunny and run around looking for the hidden Easter eggs.

I tag, Wenchy.  You know I would, right Babe?

Kelly because she is an amazing photographer…well obviously.  She’s a professional photographer.

Ness who doesn’t share near enough photos.

Maggie, my sister-in-law.  Let’s see if she can leave her baby puppy long enough to look for the photo 🙂

From one generation to another

I cannot be held responsible for my obsession love of photography.  It’s come down many many generations.  Even before it was popular or affordable.  From both sides of my family.   Now this is one gene I’m not complaining about!

My mom is busy decluttering her home and found this old camera of my grandfather. 

As you can see it’s still complete with instruction manual and bag.  In brilliant condition too.

It’s a Kodak Sterling II.  Don’t know why “II” since there never was a “I” lol  I wish I can get a spool for it but it seems that it is no longer available.  (Well since it was made in the 1950 I’m surprised!)

Apparently this camera was a favourite under schoolboys.  I can just imagine the boys walking around, taking photos of all the girls 🙂

I’d love to shoot just one roll though…. not of all the girls tough but of all my boys 🙂

Autum weekend

It’s cold. It’s grey. It’s a typical autmn weekend. Throw in a bit of rain and it feels like the Cape.

We have not been doing much. We did go ride through town to look at some houses. Apparently we are in the market for a new home.

I found this lonesome sunflower next to the road. Fighting the wind. Looking for the sun. Kinda sad in one way but courages in another. Not giving up regardless of the conditions. Standing out in the bleak weather.
Just loved it. Wish I had a proper camera with me and not just my cellphone.


For someone who is a crazy trigger-happy photographer loves to take photos, I have precious few photos up in my house. Yeah I started off with some birthday photos of the kids but then my kids started playing rugby in the house those frames broke.

I have always been meaning to make some really big enlargements to frame and put up in the house. I must honestly do this. Just do it.

I looked through some old photos tonight…very nostalgic like…and saw many of those I have always ‘wanted’ to enlarge. Some really nice ones me and Zander when he was just 10 days old. I mean here we are more than 2 years later and I haven’t done that! What am I waiting for? HIS kids!?

So…before the end of this year soon I want to have some lovely big photographs up in my house. Some of the kids. Some scenery pics. Nice large big ones.

I must.

Can’t believe

Today we had our family photos done. For the past 5 years we have used the same photographer and we go every November, so it’s kinda neat to see how the kids have grown.

However. Today. was. exhausting. Her place is getting too small for our three boys. Zander kept on running off lol Was actually very funny. Tommie was doing his best to get Zander to smile with sounds and faces that might just scare other people. Was really most entertaining. The poor photographer. I’m sure she breaths a sigh of relieve when we leave her studio lol

The really sad thing is though that of all the photos taken of me today, THIS one is the best. Me before the time with no make-up, still in my gown and curlers in my hair.

I tell you. I should never have photos scheduled before 10 am. It’s only then (like my mom always used to say) when my face wakes up. The wrinkles seem to fall into place and my hair looks proper lol I will try to remember that for next year!


“I recall fondly, as a kid, … when my dad would hyper extend my big toe playing the ‘This Little Piggy Went to Market’ game. I don’t recall it hurting, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss a football game, or a game of ‘Kick the Can,’ for that matter, because of it.” ~ Jeff Fisher

“Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman’s toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace.” ~ Marianne Williamson

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

She’s back

My camera!!! She’s back and she’s alive and she has gone on her first overseas trip 😉  I have lots of photos to share that my brother took.  I will upload them onto my flickr account a bit later.  Very proud of his snapping skills.

My folks bought these Ferrari shirts for all of the grandchildren.  My boys were NOT in a smile mode nor was I lol but I had to get a photo of them looking so cute.  Of course boet Michael too.