Super Mom


I’m missing a limb

My two brothers are on their way to Italy to watch the Grand Prix.  I’m going nowhere. 

Michael’s begged me with the look in his eyes I offered that they take my camera with. I know that it will be in good hands and anyway – that’s what insurance is for.  I can’t wait to see the photos and I hope they have an amazing time.

Yes.  I think I am missing a limb.  I feel phantom pains.  How will I survive? It seems like forever before they will be back.

Be safe and hurry back home my dear – oh and my brothers too.

Sometimes no words are needed



Do I scare you?

This morning I saw clients after they had an appointment with my dad last week.  While with my dad they were loud and overbearing almost.  Talk talk talk.  You know the type.  They had to see me this morning and I was looking up to it.  I find people asking you a question and then wanting you to answer what they want you to, very exhausting. 

When they were here this morning though, they were so quiet!  Didn’t talk much.  Got the forms done and off they went.  I looked at our secretary and ask “what was that!?  You would think they are scared of me!”  Then I thought of my one client (that is now one of my favourite) who told me recently that he used to be scared of me before he started his business and became my client lol 

I scare people!  You got to be joking me! Well I really do hope it’s a joke!

On to more important news…I GOT MY LENS!!!! Yes I got my lens.  Can’t wait to leave work and play with it.  Yippee Yippee Yippee!

AND my eldest has moved up a step in the schools “Positive club”.  They earn points for good behaviour, work well done – that type of thing and then move up in levels.  He doesn’t have to wear his school uniform tomorrow.  I’m so chuffed with him.


Forgive me photographers for I have sinned.  I have been too scared to use my camera on manual settings alone.   Yes…it is true.  I have been using the help of my camera.  When feeling adventurous I would use one of the settings – aperture or speed – and let the camera help with the other.  OR even worse I would just change the ISO and let the camera to all. 

Yesterday while taking photos at the rugby one of the fathers from another school came up to me.  He wanted to see what settings I was using and to my embarrassment I had to say that my camera was on automatic.  He quickly showed me how to set the camera for the rugby taking into account the weather and such.  How sweet is that!  I have never met this guy in my life and here he was helping me out.

Thanks to the weather changing from very overcast to bright sunlight all the time, I had to change my settings every so often.  I think the photos came out very nicely and there was only about three that I wasn’t happy with the exposure.

While I don’t feel confident I do feel that I might be able to do this!  So….hopefully I’ll be able to go outside and play some more. 


I decided to stay home today.  My back was just hurting too much yesterday and I’m taking the day off to recover some.

I ordered myself a new lens.  One that will bring me closer to the action when my Quintus plays rugby.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait to get it and try it out tomorrow.  I’m going to be very disappointed if it doesn’t come today.  I ordered it on Wednesday so it should be here today. 

While lying in bed with nothing to do (not even the Crime and Investigation channel is showing anything) I took some photos of my gorgeous little baby boy.

Update:  Well I just phoned the company where I ordered my lens from and they will only be shipping on Monday.  Eish.  At least next weekend is a long weekend and I’ll have loads of time to play with it.

Fork anyone?

I think something that single parents* sometimes forget, is that being married means sharing parenting.  Actually standing together when in fact you are like to positive magnets and you keep on being pushed away from each other.  Today was one of those days.  I need a fork.  I need to stab my co-parent-partner multiple times.

I worked on those photos almost all day and I think given the fact that we had basically no natural light to work with and only my camera flash, they turned out okay.  Not particularly good but I’m sure the parents will be happy.  Hey they are getting it for free.  They better like them lol

* I do think single parenting is very hard.  Was just trying to explain my multi-parenting day

Photographer I am not

Today I played photographer at Jason’s school again.  She had a really sweet idea for the girls.  They were dressed with an apron , cooks hat and all.  They had a cake on the table and all the ingredients to bake a cake.  Really cute.

She decided that the boys would have the same props.  With blue aprons at least.  It looks okay.  Not sure what the dad’s will think of it though.  There’s only three little boys and 17 girls.  So she obviously catered more for the girls.

BUT I’m not happy with the photos at all.  I don’t know what I did but I personally think they look horrible.  There is not near enough natural light in the preschool.  Using the flash totally sucks. 

I will see what I can do to “fix” them though.