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The boys have a “Bulletjie” rugby day at Buffelspoort every year.  It’s a big day and they play many games.  It’s also the first game where the little ones get to play tackle rugby (our rugby union has a rule that 6 and 7 year old kids play flag rugby)

Since Zander is a year younger than the other kids and this was their very first tackle matches, I seriously thought he would either just stand there or cry after the first tackle.  Not that he is a child that cries easily but I just didn’t think he would be this passionate. 

He was amazing!  He might not be as big as the other kids or as fast but boy they didn’t get past him!  He would hang on as though he was stuck to them!  It was so adorable to watch.

I’m so very proud of my little boy who is very quickly becoming a big boy.

Buffelspoort 120

Buffelspoort 141

Buffelspoort 154

Buffelspoort 129

Buffelspoort 320

Buffelspoort 338

He deserved that little medal Smile

Try time!

Quintus plays a hard game.  Some days I think Schalk Burger can come learn a lesson or two from Quintus (okay, he is Quintus’ idol lol)

He doesn’t stop.  Quintus is like a mean machine and the tackles are made one upon the other.  He will pick up and run with the ball, only to pass it on to a player in a better position.  He has never played a selfish game.  It’s his best … all the time.

Finally yesterday he got rewarded with is first try.  The entire team and all the parents were so proud.  We all know how hard he works at this and how much he deserved it.

Well done Ouboet!

Qbefore try

President 099

First try!!!

My little baby boy.  My youngest son.  He scored his very first try today!!!!  On his very first rugby day.  I’m so very very proud of him.

Yes, he is a year younger than the other kids.  Yes he isn’t in school yet.  Yes he has moments of watching the game and not playing but when he plays, he does it with passion.

Baillie Park 065

Baillie Park 066

He mostly wants the ball so that he can kick off Smile

Baillie Park 069

All about rugby

I wonder if I would be this passionate about netball if I didn’t have boys ….

Today was a huge rugby day for us.

Firstly, Jason got to play for the under 9 A team!  Huge accomplishment.  He has been playing B team all year and it meant the world to him to be chosen as reserve for the A team.  He was called up to play during the match and I was really impressed with his performance.  Very well done to Jason and of course his team (who won yet again)

Saamtrek 001

It was especially sweet when (after the match) his coach asked the team to ‘welcome’ him and another little guy who played for the A team for the first time by giving them a round of applause.  I thought that was a really nice gesture.

Saamtrek 020

Then we get to Quintus’ game.  Well, for the past 2 years Quintus’ team has lost against this school.  Last year they lost 40 – 0 ….. I remember feeling SO bad for my son and his team mates.  No-one wants to see that kind of defeat on a child’s face.

This year though, they completely made up for it by winning 7 – 5.  They scored the winning try in the last minute of the game.  It was so awesome.  I have never seen the parents get so excited lol  The mom’s were on the field as soon as the final whistle went.  That would include me! It’s just so important for their self-esteem.  For knowing that they are still good enough.  I’m so so proud of them.  I’m especially proud of Quintus, who by far played his best game ever.  There is just no explaining how well he did.

Saamtrek 031

Saamtrek 032

Then little  Zander got his La Hoff rugby jersey today.  They are playing their first matches on Saturday.  Expect many photos


Yes I’m very happy tonight. 


I used to really miss not having a girl.  Deep down I wanted a little girl so badly.  Maybe one day I will say that again but right now, in this moment I LOVE having boys.  Only boys.  Three boys.

I love that they all love rugby.  Is a good thing that, since I am passionate about rugby and I can spend all day long sitting next to the rugby field.  My child doesn’t have to be in the team for me to love the game.

Thankfully though, my boys all do play rugby.  They all enjoy the sport.  They play their hearts out.  Some eat, live and breath rugby (won’t say Quintus). 


Sharks vs Stormers

Look where we went!!!  We kept it a surprise from the kids, until we left and boy were they excited.  Stormers Sharks 004

When we got to the stadium (and wow what an impressive stadium), Zander got SO excited.  He is a huge Sharks supporter.  The stadium is known as the “Shark tank” and when we got inside, Zander said:  “Welcome to my fish tank!!”  So cuteStormers Sharks 009

Stormers Sharks 010

Stormers Sharks 011

There were taking funny photos of supporters and asked the boys if they wanted to pose.  The boys were totally up for it!Stormers Sharks 015

Stormers Sharks 016

Stormers Sharks 027

So typical Jason to be reading the book while the game is on.  Stormers Sharks 031

Quintus went as an undercover Stormers supporter lol  He doesn’t have a Stormers shirt and decided to where a Sharks shirt, so that Zander isn’t the only one. 

At one stage, he said he would rather put on his jacket than sit there as a Sharks supporter (thanks to Bismarck’s foul play).  Then Zander got so excited when it looked as though a Sharks player was right through for a definite try.  He could run in from the back and when they didn’t score the try, he burst out crying.  My heart broke for him.  He sat on my lap, with his face against my chest and just cried.  Quintus took off his jacket and told Zander he is all for the Sharks and they will score.  He must just wait.  (He has such a sweet heart)Stormers Sharks 032

All in all, even though my heart broke for Zander, I loved watching the Stormers win in the Shark tank.  16 – 6

More than that though, I just loved spending that time with my kids.  Big game.  Big stadium.

Up to date

For the first time, in a very very long time, I can actually see the surface of my desk and I’m pretty much up to date with everything.  This is a very good thing, since we are almost on our way to the sea!

Unfortunately Quintus and Tommie will be joining us a week later, since Quintus is going on a rugby tour.  He is very excited about this.  I’m pretty sad that I’ll be missing out on his games.  First time ever that I won’t be next to the field.

I need to have some surgery on Wednesday. My ears just aren’t acting proper and as my ear specialist told me (many times), they have deteriorated since the last time he saw me and I have to see him every 6 months.  I don’t like doctors, so this is something I’ll have to force myself to do.  Hopefully after all that needs to be done, I will be able to hear better and get less ear infections.

Even though Í should be relaxed right now, I am feeling very stressed.  Might be because of Wednesday or because I won’t be able to help Quintus study for his last test on Thursday.  (We have covered most of the work though)  I’m sure by this weekend, I’ll be much more relaxed and excited about our vacation.

I’ll also be able to ride to the coast in my new car and feel what it feels like on the open road.  Looking forward to that!

Rugby day

The boys played rugby on Saturday (not Zander yet) and I truly think that they both had their best games ever.

Jason is really loving his position he is playing.5 Maart 007 copy

He so almost scored a try.  That would have meant so much to him!5 Maart 020 copy

Just look at the concentration on that face.5 Maart 022 copy

When I look at these photos of Quintus, I just cannot believe how much older and more mature he seems this year.5 Maart 055 copy

This was such a good move by him.  If only the ball bounced in his favour after the second little kick, he would have scored a brilliant try.

5 Maart 065 copy

I wish I knew what Tommie was saying to him here.  Obviously the dad on the left found it very funny.5 Maart 063 copy

His throw-in’s at the line-outs were perfect.5 Maart 074 copy

He tackled like he has never done before.5 Maart 077 copy

Just look how big this guy is that they had to scrum against.  Goeie genade.5 Maart 084 copy

Of course, like every other game, the support-team next to the field.5 Maart 012 copy

Oupa Tony and Ouma, waiting for Quintus’ game to start.5 Maart 050 copy


Some random things Zander said recently:

He was looking at Jason’s back and commented “ Hey, Boetie Jason!  I can see your dinosaur bones!”

This morning, my mom was putting sunblock on his face before school and she mentioned that she got some on his hair by accident.  He said:  “It’s okay, Ouma.  Now I won’t get red hair”

Jason is completely enjoying his rugby this year.  Previous years he did enjoy it but it seems as though this year, he really really wants to play.  He wasn’t chosen for the A team and I thought that would bother him.  But not at all.  He is getting to play the position he wants in the B team and he is more than happy with that.


Tommie helped the B Team on Tuesday and Jason appreciated it so much.  We tend to forget how much our children value our involvement (and not just being next to the field)

Tonight before bedtime, he came to thank us (with tears in his eyes) that we always go to his rugby matches.  As if we would ever miss one!

So he IS playing rugby now

Remember I convinced Zander not to play rugby?  Well, he thought I meant just for that day!  Today he asked me again when he is going to start playing, so we decided to take him.  I thought that if he looks way smaller and more immature, I would convince him again to wait till next year.

I was so surprised though!  He went off on his own, to join the kids.  He doesn’t know them at all.  They are all in school today but that didn’t stop him from just joining them.

He listened to the coach and did exactly what was asked of him.  Even warming up and just running around (I didn’t think he would want to do that lol – he just wants to play the game!)

17 Feb 2011 004 copy

17 Feb 2011 013 copy

He loved it so much.  It’s a pity it started to rain. 

I’m alive

The past five days was no fun, I can tell you that.  BUT we seem to have come out of it now.   First the boys got a horrible stomach flu but thankfully for them it was over in 12 hours.  I of course, sat in the bathroom with little boys crying (in Jason’s case screaming – I do feel sorry for his wife).

Just as though got better, I got it and even now I’m not feeling 100 %.  At least now I can eat and drink some.  It was nasty. 

We put in another offer on a house.  This one we will have to wait some time to hear if the offer will be accepted.  We live in hope 🙂

Rugby season has started in full force.  Jason unfortunately didn’t make the team (they choose the team yesterday) but he seems completely fine with being on the bench as a reserve player.  I’m very proud of him for handling it as well as he is.  Especially after going through all these injections to try and reduce his allergy problem, just to be able to play rugby.

Quintus is still stressing about his place in the team.  They will hopefully know on Thursday who has made the team.

I have convinced Zander not to play rugby just yet.  There is more than enough time once he starts school next year.  It took some convincing but he is also fine with it now.  I’m just scared that he’ll get hurt.  A year makes a big difference at their age.

Year end party

When I watched the movie Invictus, I realized how much rugby was a sport seen as a ‘white’ sport. 

Apparently poor black children would rather go without jerseys than wear a rugby jersey given to them.  The sport was seen as an apartheid sport.

Well, if you’ve seen the movie, you will realize how much the Rugby World Cup victory in 1995 meant to our country.  It united a country when it seemed impossible.


A few weeks ago, my parents had a year-end party for the children of all the workers.  They came to my parent’s house, enjoyed the Christmas lights and some yummy pizza.


The best though, was seeing the kids play rugby together.  They just picked up a rugby ball and played, like they would soccer, if they had a soccer ball.

None of that history of an apartheid game even crossed their minds.  They were just children.  Playing a game we love.

Little – little rugby

Our primary school, held a rugby morning for all the pre-schools in town.  I love this day.  They have it every year and I’ve been there six times to support on of my three boys.  Wow six years.

Zander enjoyed today so much.  He loved that we were all there to support him. As always my brother was there and his wife checked in (she had two nephews playing) during one of the matches.  My folks were there (even though my mom has had neck operation / procedure done to sever nerves in her neck!) and Tommie came too.

I don’t think there was a moment that he didn’t have a smile on his face.  Even when two guys tackled him.  He totally loved it.  My little boy even scored a try!!!  Of course, with him being suck a good kicker (he practises every single day), he didn’t understand why he couldn’t kick.  He did though.  Twice.  lol

Kleuterskool rugby 001 copy

Kleuterskool rugby 031 copy

Kleuterskool rugby 043 copy

Kleuterskool rugby 045 copy

Kleuterskool rugby 049 copy

Kleuterskool rugby 064 copy

Kleuterskool rugby 066 copy

Recap on today

Tommie decided that I looked too peaceful to wake up this morning.  Granted, I played musical beds with all three my children during the night but still, waking up at 7 am is not my idea of ideal.  Somehow Jason took it very well and was actually ready for school without a fight!

Quintus is sick and truly, he is not the best patient.  I feel so sorry for his future wife.  He complains a lot.  He has this special complain voice.  Is not fun.

I took him to the doctor and he has bronchitis and sinusitis.  Enough reason to complain, I know but sjoe…that complain voice.

Anyway, we also now know that he has torn his meniscus in his knee.  Don’t worry, I also had that blank look but thankfully google is amazing and I now know it’s his cartilage.  No wonder the doctor was way more worried about that than his sickness.  He has two weeks to keep his knee still (hahahahha) and give it chance to heal itself.  If not, off to theatre he goes.

I do think him having bronchitis is God’s way of keeping him still.  Shame, he really doesn’t look well.

I’m also feeling sick but mom’s don’t get to be sick, so best I ignore that.

My bakkie, Hendrik (yes my bakkie has a name that my SIL gave him) must also be sick, since it wouldn’t start.   Fun times.  At least it was after I bought cappuccino, so I calmly sat and drank my cappuccino while waiting for my mom to come save the day.  Hendrik is with the technicians as we speak I write.

Things are going to get better ne’.  Oh, my boys lost 6 school jackets/jerseys/track suit tops in 3 weeks….could be 4.  Jason will be going to school in non-school jacket tomorrow.  I will go look in the lost-and-found department at school, if maybe it isn’t there.  I’m thinking, I’ll take the boys’ birthday money and buy new tracksuits. Maybe they’ll think twice before losing the jackets.

Look who is playing rugby again!

It’s been a while that I could see Jason actually really still wanted to play rugby.  Unfortunately he inherited his stubbornness from me.  He would not admit that he still wanted to play.

The last time his team played, he went with his friend.  He wanted us to pack his rugby clothes….he said he would sit next to the field ‘just in case someone gets hurt’.  He ended up not playing last Saturday though.

This Saturday I went with him.  I told him that he should play.  That I know he wants to and that he is being rude to himself.  I told him he had no choice such a liar I am.

And he loved it.  He loved that his coach was thankful to have him back.  He loved that he was part of the team again.  He loved that I was there to support him.

Mooirivier Bulletjie dag 025 copy

Mooirivier Bulletjie dag 012 copy

I think it’s over

I think Quintus has to accept that he won’t be playing any  more rugby this season.  His knee got hurt right at the end of the game today.  He couldn’t even walk off the field and was carried by one of the dads.  I immediately took him to the doctor who suggested Quintus stop for this year.

There isn’t much they can do for the knee but let it rest.  He has to wear a knee guard, has TransAct patches he has to put on and medication he needs to take. 

He is only 10.  I really don’t think it’s worth permanent damage to that knee. 

I do feel very very sad for him.  His rugby is such an important part of his life.  He organizes life around rugby.  Now he will stand on the side-line, supporting his friends.


(This was after he went to the doctor.  The doctor just helped him back to the bakkie)


I’m worried about Quintus’ knee.  He hurt it last week Thursday in a rugby game.  Very first scrum of the game.  Unfortunately there were no replacement players and he had to finish the game.  Which he did and I think he ended up playing a good game too.  That night though, he couldn’t walk and Friday morning he was even worse.

I kept him out of school and thankfully with the long weekend, he didn’t have to do much but rest.  Unfortunately though, the knee did not heal up as I had hoped.  It was still swollen and he can still not put his full weight on it.  After speaking to the doctor’s assistant last Friday, she said I didn’t have to take Quintus to see him as there’s not much that they can do.

Well today I took him to another doctor and he is not happy.   He says by now (a week later) it should have healed up and he is worried that there is a tear in his ligament or even worse that he has injured his cartilage.  He is on medication now and if by Sunday his knee is not significantly better, he has to be admitted to hospital so that they can do a scope.

He has a rugby game tomorrow and was so hoping that his doctor would tell him he can just bandage it and play.  However, he said there is NO way he is playing tomorrow and so far, not next week either.  He immediately got tears in his eyes.  I felt so very sad for him.  I know how important his rugby is.

We’ll be there tomorrow.  To support his team.  I do hope his knee will heal up before next week.   I really don’t want him to have serious damage to that knee.

In bed

I think I may just stay in bed today.  As in not get out at all.

Somehow, somewhere between supporting Quintus’ rugby game

and watching the Bulls lose their rugby game, I hurt my back.

I battle to get up and move around, so I’m declaring today a stay-in-bed day

Unofficial days off

I have unofficially taken a couple of days off.  I haven’t taken the kids anywhere or done anything and school starts Monday. So yesterday afternoon I took them to play putt-putt.    Yesterday morning I spent time watching Quintus’ rugby practice, which I will do today again but I’ll also be playing some tennis with  Jason while Quintus practices with his team.  I’m hoping to take them to the movies this afternoon.

No waking up early.  Well…that is if they can ignore our barking dog.  Jason and Zander has managed to so far.  I’m not planning on waking them up unless they are still asleep by 10 am.

I might have to get up though  ……  will give myself another couple of minutes or so

I ♥ rugby

I love rugby.  Right from little bulletjie rugby, through to the Springboks.  I ♥ rugby.

Tuesday Jason announced that he doesn’t want to play rugby anymore.




No more early Saturday mornings I tell myself.  No more sitting next to the rugby field twice a week at the rugby practise.


But I’m going to miss that.  I love cheering him on.  I love watching him practise.  I love getting a chance to do nothing next to the rugby field but be there for him.  I love being able to take that many photos of him.

Did I tell him that?

No.  I told him that if he really doesn’t want to play anymore, it’s totally okay with me.  That it is his decision.

I do worry that he will be pushed out of his friendship circle.  I do worry that the other rugby boys won’t want to play with him anymore but we will have  cross that bridge, if and when it happens.

For now though … no more bulletjie rugby.

I’m going to miss it.


Mooi Rivier dag 106



And so it starts

And so starts the rugby season

IMG_5869 (Medium)

IMG_5902 (Large)

And the early mornings for the supporters

IMG_5872 copy

This is what it’s about

I love the boys’ school. When you walk into the school offices, there’s a big frame with a photo of every single child in the school.  At the bottom it says “Where every child counts”.

The school lives by that.  It’s not just words.

There’s a little boy that used to be in the school with the boys in Grade R – Grade 2.  His mom now homeschools him.  He is just a little bit slow and battles to adjust to school.

Even though he is not in school, he practises rugby with the boys.  He isn’t near on the same level as they are but he is there every afternoon and he is included in everything they do.

Today when I got to the rugby match, I saw him wearing a reserve rugby jersey.  Oh word, I wish I could capture that moment.  The pride on his face.

No, I can’t see them actually playing him in a game BUT he is there.  He is on the bench.  He gets acknowledged.  He brings them the water and oranges.  He gets included in the team.

This means SO much to a little boy who is not in their school.  A little boy who is now a part of a team.

I’m so proud to be a parent of this school.

More fun

Zander is sick. He has a real bad cough and all the other fun stuff that goes with that.
Jason had his last rugby game for the year this morning and since there was only enough boys to fill one team, we decided to dress Zander real warm and drive the 100 km to the town where they would be playing.

Only to get there and see ONE other boy. One. We waited and minutes before the first game was to start, another boy arrived. That’s it. No-one else came! We drove ALL the way out there and the other parents just didn’t pitch up. Sommer so.

We organized one game for the boys by getting the opposing team to lend us some of their players. Just to let them play. We then had to cancel the other games they were to play.

The boys did end up having a lot of fun though. They loved this big slide and had lots of fun on it. Got really wild after a while too. No fear.

End of an era

When Quintus played his last match on Saturday, he also played his very last game in little league rugby. His very last match in that rugby jersey.
No more ‘Welpie” rugby for him. No more medal after every match. No more coach right on the field. Normal 15 man rugby. On the big big rugby field. It has gone too quickly.
We are all so very proud of their little team. They won all their games on Saturday. Against schools from the big cities. One of those school lost their very first match of the year against us. Go boys!

Jason did so well. They played their very first tackle rugby matches. So proud. He got in a couple of very good tackles and even though they lost, they did darn well. He enjoyed himself so much and in the end that is all that counts.

I had a lovely birthday. I got spoiled. Tommie bought me tripod that is just everything I want it to be. Perfect for the rugby. I could go on about it but if you don’t love photography like me, it might bore you! Quintus bought me the diamond ring I wanted. Jason bought me a box of chocolates that my hips didn’t need but I wanted. They wrote in a birthday card for me. Zander as well. My mom said his was saying “Love you Mammie” as he was ‘writing’. SO darn cute.

Today is my mom’s birthday. I was born just 3 hours too early to celebrate my birthday with her. I still think they should have lied on the birth certificate!
Happy birthday Mom. We are so thankful that you are our mom and Ouma.