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South Africa

Proteas – not the flower

Cricket has never been the same since Hansie.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved Hansie.  I still think he is one of the very best captains we ever had.  It’s just that now I always wonder.  Was the game lost or sold.

I was going to take Jason to watch the Protea / New Zealand game two weeks ago but very unplanned went away for the week.  I asked their back-up Dad to take him and his friend. It was hot.  It was a long day.

And we lost spectacularly.

In front of a fully packed stadium, the Proteas could not have played worse.

How do you win one, lose the next horribly and then win the third again.


That is okay though.  I don’t mind spending close to a thousand rand on tickets and then watch them loose.  I don’t.

I do mind more though if they don’t give signatures or a second of the time to the children who are the reason we spend thousands of rands to watch the games.


New Zealand actually spoke to the kids.  Gave out signatures.  Nice people that.

Proteas?  Maybe half of them were half proper.  They told the kids to wait until after the game, when they will come out again to talk them and give signatures.

Oh yes.  They did.  Not more than five of them.

I want to bring one thing under the attention of all professional sports players.  You earn as much money as you do because you have fans that are willing to spend money to watch you play.  Without those fans you will just be a club player, doing it for fun.

Don’t fool yourself. You are not above human. Take the time.  Thank the kids for coming out and supporting their heros.

Dale, you rock btw.




Look…I don’t mind the names in all the Education Department school books.  Vusi, Tshepo, Ntabiseng.  I don’t mind. 

I do mind however when all of a sudden Goldilocks is a black girl?  This is not a racist issue.  This is just plain weird?  She is dark with blond hair?


This is taking it too far.  Nee wragtig.

Write a new story then if you want to.  A Rasta girl or whatever but to make Goldilocks black is just plain stupid.

Our country

Look, I know all countries have their own issues.  However, when news make you laugh, you must know something is not right.

We all know about the Gupta wedding scandal and them landing at Waterkloof Air force Base.  We all knew from the start that Zuma had something to do with it.  That is not what made me laugh.  What made me laugh is when they “admitted” that he was Number One.  The one who made the calls.  The one who authorized it all.  They said from the beginning that Number One gave the green flag.  Now they say that it is the code name for our president!  WTF?  Really?  Who would have thought lol Don’t they think anyone with more than one working brain cell could work that out?


Then on a sad, horrible and disgusting note in the same paper, they talk about the mother and father who got 18 years in prison for raping and murdering their 10 month old baby girl.  They did not get life in prison because …. wait for it … the court feels their other children have the right to be raised by their biological parents!!!! huh?  They could get parole in 9 years if I’m correct?  This means their youngest child will be 10.  Is this really what they want? 

Some days I wonder why I read the news

This is sad

As we all know,  our Olympic cyclist died this week.  Doing what he loves most. 

So young.
So unfair.

Such an horrible loss for his family.
For the cycling community.
For south Africa.

As I went through my Facebook feed tonight I was shocked.  Too shocked to leave a comment.  Not wanting to give the individual any airtime.  Though I will here.  I will share my feelings here.

She said that so many black people lost their lives on the road this week.  Why focus on one white person.  Death is death.

Oh the racist card.

Many people lost their lives.  Horrible.  Tragic. 

But he was on Olympian. A winner of the Cape epic. Still young,  ready for bigger things.
To represent our country again and again.

He is not in the news because he is white.

He is in the news because he represented our country.

Such a pity that she lacks the intelligence to understand that.
Oh….. And that is not a black thing … Just in case you want to throw the racist card.

This is when you know

You know you live in South Africa when….

… Well picture this

Kids are playing in the house. You are sitting outside with friends. Your neighbour’s house alarm goes off and after a minute or two it is still going strong. So you phone your neighbour (who is on leave in the Cape) and he had yet to get a call from the security company. You tell him that while he calls them, you will walk around to check it out.

The men walk over to their house, the women still outside chatting. Men come back home and says that someone had broken into the neighbour’s home.

” is someone still in the house? Did they steal anything?” After a “no” and “it doesn’t look like it”, you just continue your conversion.

Men leave to wait for security company. Women, still outside chatting.

This is when you know you are desensitized. Pretty crime means nothing.

Less then 50 meters from where we sat, they broke in through the window. We would have been able to see them if we looked up.

Still, it is nothing to get worked up about. Obviously we didn’t phone the police. Just secured the home as much as we could. Reset the alarm.

Its sad when things like this is just an every day thing. Like watching someone skip the stop street. You barely register.

Teachers ….. or not

I have been appointed as the Accountant of a number of farm school in the past couple of years.  It is interesting to look at their income and expenditure.  Where the money goes to.  I think it’s a shame how the money we pay towards education (through tax) doesn’t get allocated like it should.

That’s not what this is about though. 

I spoke to one of the principals about their transport costs and how high it is in comparison to their other expenses.  Of course I understand why but still, we sat down and discussed it some.

The MEC of education holds many a meeting, that these short-staffed headmasters have to attend.   They discuss finances mostly and how to reduce expenses, when these schools hardly have any to spend.

That’s not what this is about either.

This is about one of her teachers.  Her Grade 6 class (same age as Quintus) will be writing “outside” exams, as she calls it.  So she went to their class to follow up on their progress and realized that only one of the two teachers has come to school lately!  They both teach Grade 6.  One teaches 5 subjects and the other 4.

When she contacted the teacher, he said that he was off sick.  (He didn’t let her know at all)  She contacted him again and he said that he was still sick.  This more than a week later.  After another week, he told her that he couldn’t come to school because she is the cause of his stress and he now has depression.

He went and complained to higher ranked officials and she was reprimanded because she doesn’t “support” him enough!!!  He has HIV and she should be more supportive of his needs.

Uhmmmm okay….. what about the kids that need to study.  THEY need to be supported! 

If he was physically ill from the HIV, then probably more understandable.  But he is now depressed?  And he doesn’t need a letter from a doctor, he can just stay away.  And she needs to support him.

Now, she is teaching the kids on Saturdays and Sundays, so that they are ready for their exams.

URGH….weird country we live in.

It’s not that important

Okay, I’ve been wondering if I should give this whole situation more airtime.  Since it’s been getting way too much airtime as it is.  However, I want to put my thoughts out there.

Right, so some artist drew our president as he thought his artistic right was to do.  Personally I don’t think you should have the right to do that, if it’s going to negatively affect the person you are drawing.  The artist obviously thought it was okay to let it hang out and on the walls.


So I’ve said that I personally don’t think it was the right thing to do.  That one should not be allowed to whatever in the name of art. 


Was it worth all the airtime it got? Was it worth all the news reports, all the marches? I don’t think so. You know what. So he was painted with his uhm…zip down. Yes, he might have felt it’s embarrassing. Do you know what is truly embarrassing? Being raped. THAT’s embarrassing. What you are truly stripped of our dignity in real life and not just on a painting.

Why isn’t there more news, more marches, more airtime spent on THAT!!!!

Stop it people. There’s stuff more important than a painting….