Super Mom



I have been wanting and meaning to write this for the longest time but I had to wait until a day that I’m not too emotional about it.  If I had to write my absolutely true feelings there would be many a swear word and that is just not proper.

My mom and dad are very involved at the SPCA.  They are not employed by the SPCA.  They do it out of the love for the animals.  Love that most of us (including me) don’t understand.  We all love our animals.  We all take care of them.  (Hopefully.  I you don’t you are a podex)

They care more.  Do more.  Most of us sit on Facebook, saying how horrible animal abusers are but do we do anything?  Most of us don’t do anything.  We just sit and comment and while we DO get upset, we don’t DO anything.

My mom and dad do.  They are amazing.  My dad does physical work that most young men won’t.  My mom is constantly busy trying to find homes for the animals dropped off there to die.  They put their money where their mouths are.

Yes, that’s why some people drop them off.  The dog is old and they want the dog to be put to sleep.  REALLY!  Do you really think your 10-year-old dog will be better off in a cage, hoping that you will come back to fetch it and then be put down without you?  Really?  You must be some kind of special stupid.

Yet, my mom and dad spends time with those dogs.  Take them out into the husky run so that they can stretch their legs, feel the sun and get some love.

They are not alone in what they do.  You do get others who are angels and help as well but they are extremely few and far between.

I’m thankful that in a small way my children are a part of it as well.  They will help over weekends.  The homeschoolers go to give them treats of take them out to play.  They know each and every dog and it breaks them to pieces when after months and months that dog has to be put to sleep.  PTS because a puppy was chosen, instead of him. PTS because his owner didn’t want him anymore.  PTS and not knowing what he did wrong.  PTS and my children’s hearts break just a little bit more.

But yes, please continue breeding.  That R6 000 you make out of your dog every six months must make you feel good.  Oh you love your dog so much.  You take such good care of your dog.  Well, I’m happy for you.  Also for your dog but do the maths.  In a year’s time there will be 48 dogs.  48 dogs from just one mom in one year.  That is IF every bitch has only 3 puppies.  Will all of them be loved or will they end up in the shelter because wake up call,  they DO end up in the shelter.  Pure bred Yorkies, Pekinese, Jack Russel, Labrador, Boerboel….all of them.  They end up in a shelter.  So YOUR dog may be loved but I can tell you now that along the way one of them will end up at a shelter.  Yes, you choose the perfect homes for the puppies of YOUR dog but do those new owners do the same?  Or the owners of their dog’s puppies?  Stop being so idiotic.  Go to the SPCA.  Get involved.  Have your heart broken and that of those poor innocent dogs and then decided to breed.

I actually wanted to say thanks.  Thank you Mom and Dad.  Thank you for being the amazing people who you are.  Thank you for teaching my children to love just that little bit more than most people do.  Thank you for being there for those animals.  Thank you for trying so hard to find them new homes.

Just thank you.

You are amazing.


I love them but

We have finally made the decision to get Vlekkie a new friend again.  It’s not fair for him not to have another dog out back.  My heart breaks when I see him sad and I know he is.  I know he misses Choppies.  We have tried to let the others play out back with him but he wants nothing of it.

So we decided to get a puppy (obviously from the SPCA) or at as young a dog as we can.

I walked through those cages, constantly saying “I hate people”  I obviously don’t hate all people but flip man.  How can people be so cruel?  There was one little Yorkie x, that was trying to climb through the cage to be with us.  She climbed up the fence and pushed as many legs and her nose through, just to have some human touch.  It broke my heart.  My sons walked with tears in their eyes.

We decided on a little puppy.  They still have to do a home check so we couldn’t bring her home.  While filling in the adoption papers though, a couple arrived with a box of kittens.  All about how sad they are about having to give them away.  They love them so blah blah blah

Quintus turned around, looked them square in the eyes and said: “I hope your cat is spayed now”

I was so proud.  The lady from the SPCA had a smile on her face while looking down.  The couple didn’t know what to say.




Sometimes it takes me a while to be able to blog without getting emotional.

As you know from my previous post, we helped out at the SPCA last weekend.
The fireworks ticked me off. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think it is okay.
That is not what got to me most though.
This is


Breeders ….I can’t think of anything to say about them that won’t contain a swear word.

People who let their own, much loved pets have ” just one litter” . This is for them. They don’t mean bad. They have probably been told that a dog should have at least one litter.
See that photo I posted? That can very well be one of those puppies that was raised with love and sold to someone you think would take good care of it.

People go on holiday and leave their dogs behind. They come home and just buy another when they realize that one ran away, probably because of fireworks or being scared and lonely.
Or they breed with them.
Or they let their little pup have one litter and some of those dogs are used to breed with.

The SPCA’s are full with pure-bred dogs. Broken spirits so visible in their eyes.
Obviously also mixed breed dogs. Sweet, loyal dogs who are there because people won’t stop breeding with their dogs.

Next time you consider letting your dog get one litter, think of this photo. Of how she is trying to push herself through the cage for some love.

Next time you want to get a pet, remember that it is for life. Get one from a shelter, that is there through no fault of its own.