Super Mom


Thank you Covid

In my most sarcastic voice ever. Thank you Covid.

You messed up a whole year of his swimming. He worked so hard and you took away a whole year.

Last year, he qualified for SA Level 2 on the very last race of the season. He was SO happy and we were all so very proud. The weekend before levels though the country was locked down thanks to Covid.

They could only start training about 3/4 months later? Then they had two “drop and go” galas where we couldn’t even watch them swim. He did very well in those galas, qualifying for level two in all the freestyle, breaststroke and 200m back. He trained extra hard in the gym and then training in the afternoons. He was extremely motivated and ready.

Then he got Covid. Funny thing to put here. He tested negative even though he had ALL the symptoms. After Covid he has been battling with extreme lung pain and we couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Well, we saw a Cardiologist who picked up on a heart condition! and he sent us for an antibody test. Guess what, this mom was right after all. He did have Covid. The lung pain is from the Covid and now, a year later, he will be missing out on his SA Level 2 gala again. I’m so upset for him. Especially knowing how hard he worked to get here.

Life can be so darn unfair 😦 I whole year. I just hope that this pain won’t linger much longer so that he can go back to training.

Too motivated

Zander is a very motivated child … when it comes to swimming and gaming. He is in the pool at 6h30 with his friend, where they swim at least 2 km. They then gym for another hour. Proper gym, not chatting up girls or looking in the mirror. His friend wants to be an Olympic swimmer. They are focussed. Every afternoon he swims another 2 hours with his swim club.

Now, Zander is small. He is doesn’t have spare muscle or fat. He needs to put in a lot to make up for all the kilojoules he loses per day. I could see it was all getting to him when we started school. He would literally fall asleep while reading for marks. He could not stay awake until afternoon practice. He would have to sleep from after “school” until we leave for the half hour drive to his swim club.

It could not go on like that. He doesn’t want to hear about slowing down. He wants to do better. He wants to be better.

I’m going to get him to take in extra protein shakes that will hopefully work. I hope he will get it that he needs to eat more. It is not that he doesn’t want to, he is just not hungry. So rather, I hope his body gets ready for more food.

I phoned his urologist this morning. He has kidney issues. Basically he has one working kidney, so I also can’t just give any shake. It will have to be something his body can handle. Thankfully his doctor also has a son that is sportsman so he will know even more what is safe for Zander to use. He will contact me tomorrow after looking at his file.

I hope that we can find a balance. I told him no more gym on a Wednesday. (He will still swim in the afternoon) Feels like he is getting the day off but in reality he will just be doing what the other swimmers are.

Best Ouboet ever

Quintus is your typical Ouboet. He will stand up for his brothers, protect them and give them advice. He will be their biggest supporter. 

Zander is lucky enough to have two older brothers. Both of them love the little guy a lot and probably do more for him than most brothers will.

This is about Quintus though. I looked at him yesterday as he stood with Zander at the pool, waiting for his turn to swim. Zander’s first gala. He stood there and spoke to him so nicely. Giving him the kind of moral support that many fathers lack. 

When Zander swam freestyle he got tired at the end. (probably because he was late for the race and didn’t have time to catch his breath) However when he looked up and saw Quintus, it was as if he got extra strength. Just that little more energy that he needed.

I am hugely thankful for the love my children have for each other. 

Congratulation on your two medals Zander.  We are all so proud of you.