Super Mom


Decisions, tennis and little boys

Okay, I know he is not so little anymore.  However, I’m 41 and he is just 10, so he seems very little to me.

Little to be making decisions about not trying out for his school’s tennis team because it would interfere with his studying.  Studying that doesn’t come as easily as it does for other kids.  Unfortunately tennis is always on a Monday and they write tests on a Tuesday.  He just can’t.

I’m proud of him for realizing that he has to give up some things in order to do well at school.  It’s just tough seeing him make that decision.  He has taken tennis lessons since he was 5.  It’s a long time not to then try out for school team.

2012-05-18 16.27.04

Of course rugby is a totally different sport all together.   Not much that will stop him from playing there.  They are busy with try outs and I really hope that he makes the A team again.

It really is one of the big things that keeps him positive.




As I look at him on the court, I almost can’t believe he is the boy that was so sad, angry, maybe a tad depressed just months ago.

Before he started taking his tennis seriously (thanks to his new coach) he wasn’t a happy kid. I actually worried about him on daily basis.

Now I look at him and he has loads of confidence. He controls his temper. He motivates himself. He learns from his mistakes.

What a difference it has made in his life. He has found his passion. It’s not about the winning or losing. It’s the passion. Finding the place where he belongs.

Tennis is his place.


Sometimes even “supermom” messes up

Oh word and did I mess up.  No I don’t think I’m supermom.  Not by a longshot

Jason has been looking forward to his very first tennis tour for a long time now.  They have been practising VERY hard (as in from 8 am to 5 pm every day)  He was packed and ready (Well as ready as he can be to be without me for over a week)

The night before he was due to leave, his coach sent me an sms and asked me to bring his proof of entry when I drop him off.

Uhm…. WHAT!?  I was supposed to enter him!?  Oh was I ever upset with myself.  The thought never occurred to me that I had to do it.  I thought the club would.  Okay, in my defence I was VERY sick when we had planned all of this and it just slipped by. 

Still, this meant he was going to go on a tour with two tournaments and he wasn’t entered in either of the two!!! 

He was heartbroken to say the least.  I was very impressed with how the coach handled the situation though.  Still.  I messed up.  Badly.

I e-mailed the tournament organizers and asked begged them if he could still enter, even though entries closed weeks before.  Both said they could put him in a cancellation list but that he can’t enter anymore. URGH!!!

Minutes later the first tournament organizer phoned.  “I love your e-mail address” he said (supermom2boys)  I thanked him and said that I don’t feel much like a supermom AT ALL.  He laughed and said I should not worry, Jason will get to play.  He had a cancellation.  YES!

This morning I found out that he got in for the Pretoria part of the tournament to. 

Wow.  Prayers were answered, that’s for sure.

He is doing very well so far.  I love how independent he is.  He is having a great time.


The short and end of it

The short? I cut my hair. It was getting too long. I wanted it a Tad shorter. She cut it so short, I can’t even put it in a ponytail….. To say I am upset is such an understatement. 😦  Thankfully hair grows out again.

The end?


School is out. The school year has come to an end. My kids are growing up. Moving on to yet another year.

We also had the year end performance at Musicon. Quintus got his report for his voice training and did so well. Even more so if you take into account that he only started half way through the year!
He made me so proud. The choir started out much bigger and with more boys but as it sometimes happens, people just don’t finish things anymore. They don’t have loyalty. Perseverance. Quintus ended up being the only boy. The choir ended up as a group of only 16 kids. Even though he was chosen for the north west childrens choir, he still stuck it out. He finished what he started.



Then little Mr Zander came home after his year end party for tennis, where he got the award for the best tennis player of his grade!  Very proud Mommy!



Unofficial days off

I have unofficially taken a couple of days off.  I haven’t taken the kids anywhere or done anything and school starts Monday. So yesterday afternoon I took them to play putt-putt.    Yesterday morning I spent time watching Quintus’ rugby practice, which I will do today again but I’ll also be playing some tennis with  Jason while Quintus practices with his team.  I’m hoping to take them to the movies this afternoon.

No waking up early.  Well…that is if they can ignore our barking dog.  Jason and Zander has managed to so far.  I’m not planning on waking them up unless they are still asleep by 10 am.

I might have to get up though  ……  will give myself another couple of minutes or so

Little tennis player

Tennis 017

Jason had tennis lessons today and for the first time I could actually go and watch. Normally it’s during school hours.

He plays well..who knew?  This kid has probably had about 6 hours worth of lessons.  If not less.

He won every single little match they had today.

After the lessons, his coach came to me and said that I should bring Jason to the older kid’s lesson tomorrow.  He says that Jason has developed really well and would do better playing with kids older than him.

Proud Mommy I am.