Super Mom


Stressful week

This week has been hectic to say the least.

Tuesday Zander went in for his operation. Even though he was so unhappy about having to go, he is doing so well now. He has not complained about pain once. Taking it all as just one of those things. I am very proud of him.

Then however he got a rash. Didn’t bother me at first since it looked like an allergy. It got worse though and looked more and more like German Measles. Now that in itself is not a problem but my brother’s wife is pregnant and has seen Zander since he has had the rash. I would be devastated if she got German measles from him!! I can’t remember when last I stressed that much. Just the thought of what could go wrong. I took him to TWO doctors who both said it is an allergy. In the end my SIL also said that is immune to the virus. Oh my soul. That morning was horrible.

That was also on the same day Tommie went in to hospital to have skin cancer removed. Thankfully that went well. He is sore but the doctor is happy that he got everything out.

I have had to catch up on a lot of things at work. I was also alone in the office, with my dad working in Louis Trichardt.

I have also been really sick and in a lot of pain thank to the meds I took for an allergy.

I am glad we survived this week…hectic.

Now I just need to do Christmas shopping……


We have something in common

I like to watch people.  a People watcher I am

When I sit at oncology every morning, I do the same.  I watch people.  I watch the interaction between the staff and all the patients.

I notice how every single person is friendly.  (Except for the b!tch at reception)

The staff is friendly because they want to create an environment where people feel more relaxed.  Where they try to turn something horrible into a situation that you can cope with.

The patients are all friendly as well.  Friendly with each other.  With the staff. 

The interesting thing is that it seems as though race and culture differences are left at the front door.  Black people and English are spoken to by Boere Afrikaans people as though they are their long lost family.  There is no “I got cancer thanks to apartheid”.  It cannot be blamed on someone else.  There is no looking down on another person.  It’s almost like one would like South Africa to be. Everyone treated equally.

Why would this be?  Because they all have cancer?  Maybe. I think that being vulnerable, being scared and unsure – that is what makes everyone equal. 

Fighting for and against the same thing.  That is what makes everyone equal.


Picture this ….. it’s December 1981.  Little 11 year old boy, playing with his very first remote control car on the farm.  Plenty of space.  Just him and his little car.  Hours of fun.

Picture the same boy, now 42.  Still with that same remote control car.  However now, doing it with HIS 11 year old, 9 year old and 6 year old sons.

So awesome.  Firstly that the car is still in running condition and that he can share this with his sons.


Head above water

I’m trying to keep my head above water, while looking positively in control while doing so.  This might seem as though it’s working but I think my constant headaches are trying to tell me a different story.

Best of all was when my husband (after a particularly tough week) decided that he needs a night out to relax.  He NEEDS it.

No sh!t Sherlock.  Like I’m NOT stressed?  Not battling to cope?

Why don’t *I* get a night out.  Hah…can you imagine!?  Me giving it a bit of that at a bar while HE looks after the kids! hahahha no…I think not.

Is it that difficult to relax at home?  With our friends?  Married friends?   Not the single type that goes to bars.


Fathers and their special day

My kids are lucky to have more than one amazing male figure in their lives.  Men who love them in different ways.

Not just their dad (who better love his kids or I will make his life a misery)


But also their Oupa.  My dad is more involved in their lives than most fathers are.  I’m hugely thankful for the role he plays.190620113426    They also have a godfather (peetpa klink baie beter) who is a constant in their lives.  I know he is one of those people that they can turn to and he will understand and protect and love and not judge.  He is that guy.


Thank you for what you guys do for my children.  I know that one day, when they are old enough to appreciate the little things, they will know that you were a big part of that.

We love you very much.

Happy birthday Tommie!

Yesterday Tommie turned 41. FOURTY ONE.

That just sounds so old lol 

Blowing the candles on his “very big” cupcake Smile

Tommie 41 005 copy

Starting on their impromptu gift for Tommie.

Tommie 41 014 copy

Tommie 41 016 copy

The final product

Tommie 41 019 copy

Real job

My husband just ticked me off in a big way. He organized for my bakkie to go in for a service. Now while I do appreciate him making the appointment, I would have appreciated it if he just asked me if it suited me.

This is not why I’m upset though. He informed me that the bakkie must be at the garage by 7:30. I told him that it won’t be possible, since I drop the boys off at school.   I asked him (jokingly) if he won’t take the bakkie and he said that he can’t because he has a real job…..!!!!!

Seriously??!!!!! I asked him how he could say that and his reply was that I have an office job.

I have an office job.  Where I fit in 8 hours of work into less than that, so that I can also be a pretty good Mom to our children.  I earn …. no let’s not go there.

Point being, that there is nothing like “not a proper job” just because I’m sitting behind a desk!

URGH …. men