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We are travelling to Stilbaai with two of our dogs.  My Bella, who does not believe that she is a dog anyway and Fiela, Zander’s shadow and soulmate.

Bella never ever goes far from me.  I don’t have to check up on her or worry about her.  She is always there.

However, other dogs one would assume would run away or just take off when they are off the leash.  Yet, it is not the truth.  Fiela is the same as Bella.  She just wants to be near Zander.



I think that she would only ever run away if she was terribly scared or if she didn’t know where Zander was.

I believe that most dogs are like that.  They don’t want to run away.  They want to be with their humans.  They are wired that way.

I wish all people would realize that.  That dogs are meant to be with humans.  That they are caring.  Loving.  Loyal.  That they are meant to be loved.

Thank goodness they are both well-behaved in the car as well.  Stilbaai is 1 219 km from home.  They do just fine.



My heart belongs to the Cape

My heart belongs to the Cape.  I don’t care if it’s the Northern Cape, the Western Cape, or Eastern Cape.

It’s just different there.

We had an amazing trip to see the Karoo flowers.  They only bloom in spring and I think it is on most South African’s bucket list.  Wow, if it is not, then put it on your bucket list.

Photos cannot do justice to the beauty.

11950186_1153838414645475_1375707951032605183_o 11222719_1153838494645467_6349724778373304987_o 11884636_1153838827978767_3876731764160197532_o 11889994_1153839654645351_5536031068645078074_o

I’ll be forever thankful that my parents made this trip possible. One needs another week to recover after driving 4 000km in a week, while stopping to enjoy the flowers and whatever seems to just be next to the road.

Like this waterfall.  We were in Niewoudtsville and saw a sign indicating a waterfall somewhere on the road.  We had prescious little time but decided to explore.  In all honesty I thought we were wasting our time.  How on earth could there be a waterfall.  The landscape is flat, no river.  Did nature pull a joke on me though.  Absolutely stunning waterfall.


Zander seemed to have grown up in this week.  I think being away from the brothers who does things for him and sometimes even answer for him, gave him the opportunity to proof that he is no longer a little boy.

Especially at the Muisbosskerm and then when we went up Table Mountain.


I missed my boys endlessly.  I wish I could have shown them all of this as well.  I wish we had more time.

I wish I lived in the Cape.  (Maybe not in Aggeneys though)

I’m just glad we could do it.

Again, thanks Mom and Dad.

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Perfect day

When we got home tonight Zander said that today was the perfect day.
Every day should be like this.

Not because they swam in the sea…. They did not
Not because they made friends with other kids and played together…. They did not
Not because we spent money to entertain them… We did not

When I asked him why, his answer was simple:

“We had so much fun together. Just the three of us ”

Today was his perfect day.




Many things have changed since our first visit to Stilbaai.

There is no more that urgency to do as much as possible in the time we have here.
We sleep later.
Spend more time at the in-laws doing nothing.
Lots of table tennis (Jason the current champion)
Our list of “must do’s” is now just a list of things we want to do on that day.

It’s refreshing actually just to be.

I enjoy my kids. Even though I spend a lot of time with them, it’s not the same as when you are on holiday. I enjoy their company. They are fun people to be around.

That is what makes holiday special. When you share it with special, people.



SARS and exams

Trust me, those two words don’t go together.

SARS and exams

And Grade 1 homework.

It has been stressful to say the least. I am so thankful the tax year ends tomorrow. I am going to work my butt off to get everything done but then it is over till next year!
Exams end on Wednesday.
We leave on holiday Thursday.

I have lots of VAT returns to be submitted before then. More stress.

BUT by this time next week, I will have dipped my feet in sea water, Jason will have had his calamari and Bella will be snoring on the couch next to my father-in-law..after dipping her little feet in the sea.

Oh I can’t wait.

I thought I’d lost you

Zander, for a moment, minutes an eternity I thought I’d lost you.  That I would never see you alive again.

For minutes your brothers and I searched for you.  Grown men were out looking for you.  Surfers looking for you.

I was frantic.  I couldn’t see you.  I couldn’t see your surf board.  I couldn’t see your blue shirt and black pants.  I couldn’t see you my little boy.  Mommy thought you had drowned.  I can’t even say that.  Typing it feels wrong.

I had seen you less than a minute before.  I was certain you were with your brothers, like you were all the time.  When Jason walked up to me to say you are missing, I thought he was joking….yet I knew he would ‘t joke about something like that. 

I ran into the sea.  Not worrying to check my pockets for valuables since my most valuable was in the water.  And I couldn’t see you.  Your brothers couldn’t see you.  We thought that you were under the  water.  Fighting for your life.  Or pulled into the sea, fighting to swim out. 

I was frantic.  I didn’t know what to do.  I couldn’t calm my heart.  I couldn’t hide my fear. 

The lifeguards were off duty.  The beach was almost deserted.  How could I not see you? 

Relieve ….. a mom came up to me and said that she had taken a little boy in black pants to his dad.  He got stung by a bluebottle. 

I ran up, not wanting to waste any time.  What if it’s not you?  What if you are still in the water.  Yet there you were.  My little boy.  Crying.  In pain.  But there to cry.  I was so thankful.  So so thankful.

I ran down to let your brothers know you were save.  I barely thanked the people helping us look for you because I wanted to hold you in my arms.

I love you.

Please don’t do that to me again.

Rocks and smiles

The boys and I are at the beach in Jongensfontein.  Very small town. Only one beach 🙂

We decided to perhaps make someones day, when they pick this up.



Our holiday has almost come to an end.  We fly back on Thursday.

Its been so relaxing.  I don’t want to go back to work.  I don’t even want to go back to Klerksdorp.  I want to stay here where the service is good and always with a smile!

…. Oh having the sea just here helps too.

Almost like before

When I was a little girl, we used play outside. Even after dark.
We used to go to the neighbours and not lock our door.
We used to live without fear.
We could walk down the road and get home safe.

USED to.

Then I come to Stilbaai on holiday.

I walk AT NIGHT alone outside with Bella.
We leave for a morning and don’t lock the doors.
We play outside without looking over our shoulders.
The kids ride their J-boards in the street.

Best of all? They forgot their toy guns on the beach. The next morning THEY ARE STILL THERE!

Feels like my childhood years all over again.

That was quick!

Yet another tax season has come and gone.  One with very limited stress.  Which is kinda weird, since there is always some kind of crisis.  It was nice to leave the office at a normal 4 pm on the final submission day.  Just like any other normal day.

Also yesterday was the end of Quintus’ exams.  THANK GOODNESS!

I have a couple of things to complete Monday and Tuesday and then we are off on holiday.

….. with the in-laws.

We are going to their holiday home in Stilbaai.  Look it up.  It’s not called Stilbaai for no reason!  It’s a small, quiet town.  Where older folk go to retire.  A retirement village if you will.  On a big scale. 

Not much for the kids to do and we will be driving forever and two days to get there. 

There are a lot of nice places around Stilbaai though, so we will be travelling a lot. The kids have never been there.  We’ll take them to Witsand where we stayed over during our honeymoon.  To Victoria Bay, where we spent a night (or two) on our honeymoon as well.  It will be a different kind of holiday.  Not the normal lazy, swim in the sea all day long, kinda holiday. 

Little Bella dog will be joining us on this trip.  I think it’s her first trip to the sea.  I’m sure she’ll love it!  She loves taking trips.  Poor Max will be staying home but there is just no way we could take him out!  He is way too busy and unpredictable.

I’m glad and shocked that this year is coming to an end.  Not because it’s the end of 2011 but because it’s a month of be calm and relaxed.

Major brownie points

Yesterday we took the kids to uShaka Marine World.  Much loved and enjoyed by all. 

All the kids.

Okay, I totally loved it too but not sitting in the rain for 3 hours!

Ushaka 097Ushaka 099

Yip, we sat under non-so-effective umbrellas while the kids had an absolute ball.  Thankfully it didn’t rain all day long.

I do think that being willing should earn us some Brownie Points?

Just stuff

  • Having your own business and being on holiday is a contradiction in words.  I’ve been working almost every day.  Just worse since I’m not working all day long and I’m never sure if everything is done.  Realized too late this morning that I was still waiting for a client to get back to me and now they will receive penalties for late payment.  Had I been at the office, I would have reminded them again.
  • I don’t know how people live here.  Goeie genade.  The humidity would kill me. 
  • I love waking up to the sound of the sea.  Opening my eyes to the view.  Stunning.
  • We are surprising the boys with tickets to the rugby match between the Stormers and the Sharks tomorrow night.  They are going to LOVE it.
  • Bella might be going home today.  My mom (again, she’s awesome) will be taking care of her until I’m back.  Unless she battles too much, then I’ll cut my holiday short and go home.  I think  it will do wonders for her to be home.
  • I miss Quintus.  A lot.  Every time I take a photo of Jason and Zander together, it feels wrong.
  • I miss Tommie too.
  • Thankfully they will be here tomorrow.  I can’t wait.
  • Neither can the kids, since they’ll be bringing the decoder.  Watching SABC 1 / 2 / 3 and E is just not the same lol

Blue bottles

Wow, that was close.

This morning when we got to the beach it was covered in blue bottles.  Very fascinating to the kids but we soon went to the pool.  They had a great time there and was tired enough just before lunch time, that we could go home.

Later the afternoon, we decided to go back and see if the blue bottles are still there.  They were.


Jenny and I just kept the kids to the edge of the water, making sure it never touched them.  It is after all the worse place to be when the blue bottles are around.

Unfortunately one of the waves came to quickly and as the water pulled away, Jenney saw this huge blue bottle right on the top of Zander’s foot.  She shouted his name and he kicked.  The blue bottle just touched the top of his foot as he kicked it away.

Even in the millisecond, the sting was bad enough to make him cry for a long time.  The red mark sat there on the top of his foot. 

I felt so sad for him.  I must admit that of all the kids, I think he is the one that copes best with pain.  He would cry, then stop and minutes later it would burn all over again. 

It’s looking much better tonight.

It’s the adults!

So we are on holiday.  We decided that we’d still go away.  Bella is in hospital being taken care of VERY well. I wish I could be with her every single day but in reality I cant’ Sad smile

The boys are loving it.  We have a flat where you can hear the waves break on the shore and better even SEE them lol

We are very close to the actually main beach and go up and down all the time.

I had to laugh at Jason when he spoke to my mom last night.

“Ouma.  I don’t know what it is but I think it’s once the adults get out of the sea, the waves are bigger!”  So cute.

Zander was really upset last night.  He missed his brother (cried for a long time after we left yesterday morning) and then he missed his Ouma.  Thankfully, with Skype, he spent an hour or two talking to my mom and then finally he had Ouma sitting at the computer, with the laptop facing him, so that he can fall asleep with Ouma close to him.  Shame …. and isn’t my mom just amazing!

Up to date

For the first time, in a very very long time, I can actually see the surface of my desk and I’m pretty much up to date with everything.  This is a very good thing, since we are almost on our way to the sea!

Unfortunately Quintus and Tommie will be joining us a week later, since Quintus is going on a rugby tour.  He is very excited about this.  I’m pretty sad that I’ll be missing out on his games.  First time ever that I won’t be next to the field.

I need to have some surgery on Wednesday. My ears just aren’t acting proper and as my ear specialist told me (many times), they have deteriorated since the last time he saw me and I have to see him every 6 months.  I don’t like doctors, so this is something I’ll have to force myself to do.  Hopefully after all that needs to be done, I will be able to hear better and get less ear infections.

Even though Í should be relaxed right now, I am feeling very stressed.  Might be because of Wednesday or because I won’t be able to help Quintus study for his last test on Thursday.  (We have covered most of the work though)  I’m sure by this weekend, I’ll be much more relaxed and excited about our vacation.

I’ll also be able to ride to the coast in my new car and feel what it feels like on the open road.  Looking forward to that!

Work this December

Tommie and I were discussing this December holiday and he mentioned that he will probably work less and maybe even just in the mornings.

Now that sounds perfect to me.  Even though (as always) I do have a lot of work to do, it is also probably the most quiet month in the year for me, so I’m going to work as little as possible too.  Go to the office late, leave early.  Sounds perfect.

So even though we might not actually go away, we will be spending more time together.   This is what Christmas season is about, isn’t it?

Good things come to good people

Good things come to good people, said my sweet friend Heather, after offering a mid-week holiday away to us.

She couldn’t go and didn’t want it to go to waste. 
Well, I am not so sure about the ‘good people, part but… Thank you again, Heather 🙂

Mazi Monate day 2 010

We miss Tommie (obviously).  We almost brought a friend and her two kids with and I’m glad I decided against it.  The boys are spending quality time together.  Enjoying each other’s company. 

I get to spend special time with them.  Talk to them and play games….oh and beat them at some as well :)  

We are having a great time.

I am so glad we got to go away!

Long weekend

I love long weekends.  I love self-made long weekends even more.

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.  In many areas of my life, not just work.  Little white pills are my best friends…… okay not really but they could be!

We are going away for the weekend.  Leaving tomorrow morning as soon as Quintus finishes his last test.  I have loads  and loads of things to do before then but once we stop at the Wimpy in Ventersdorp, I will be relaxed.  I will be in holiday mode.  I will not worry when my cell phone sends through a work e-mail.  I might even switch of that function.

I actually planned on taking work with.  I know that I will have to work like crazy once I get back but then decided that I need a break.  A total break.

It’s going to be great. 

I’m counting the minutes 😉


I woke up with a huge headache this morning.  The type where your hair hurts and light hurts.  It also felt like someone continuously pushed a screwdriver into my ear (but remember there is nothing wrong with it)

I took pain meds before breakfast and now I’m nauseous too.

I could though be nauseous and stressed because tomorrow my eldest is going away with the in-laws for a week.  I suppose many kids have gone away with their in-law grandparents but Quintus have never slept there more than three times (I think).

Why?  They are extremely different to me.  Their idea of safety is totally different  from mine.  I would ask that the kids where safety belts and then I will hear that they told the kids it’s not necessary (although my kids still wore them).  My MIL left the kids alone at the mall and couldn’t understand why it’s a problem to me. 

I do feel Quintus is older now.  More aware of danger himself.  They are going to an ATKV resort (where they always have staff looking out for kids).  I’m sure he will be okay.

I just worry.  The fact that my FIL said he knows what it took of me to say yes and that he will make sure Quintus is well taken care of and his cousin treats him well, helps.

Is he home yet?

Unofficial days off

I have unofficially taken a couple of days off.  I haven’t taken the kids anywhere or done anything and school starts Monday. So yesterday afternoon I took them to play putt-putt.    Yesterday morning I spent time watching Quintus’ rugby practice, which I will do today again but I’ll also be playing some tennis with  Jason while Quintus practices with his team.  I’m hoping to take them to the movies this afternoon.

No waking up early.  Well…that is if they can ignore our barking dog.  Jason and Zander has managed to so far.  I’m not planning on waking them up unless they are still asleep by 10 am.

I might have to get up though  ……  will give myself another couple of minutes or so

So we saved the day

Exactly 20 minutes into our trip, we made a serious U-turn and saved the day.

My mom saw a little chameleon trying to cross a double high way.  We had 0.2 second moment where we thought we would never get to turn around and get to him before someone drove over him.  It would be so traumatic if we got there and he was died.  We decided to try and save him anyway.

My mom made a U-turn, drove to where we saw him last and slowed down.  I had a moment of stress when I couldn’t get the door open, as I looked at a red car racing towards the scared chameleon.  I managed to get the door open and run into the road.  I did put my hands up, hopeful that the car would slow down.

The poor little thing was SO scared. He was standing as tall as he could, probably trying to make himself visible.  I picked him up and ran out of the road towards our car.  The little scared one decided to bite me to protect himself.  Poor thing. 

There we were in the car, no later than we planned, looking for a safe place to put him.  In the meantime he was named Freddie.  Simultaneously by my mom and I. 

Only 50 km further did we find a safe place for the little one.  I walked far from a road, to the first place where we found indigenous trees (can you believe it was so far before we found proper trees!?)

I said my goodbye and hope that he will be okay, so far from his ‘home’.  Like my mom said:  Poor guy was probably on his way to his family for Christmas and now we moved him km’s away lol!

09122009509 copy



Okay, so it’s only for 1,5 weeks but I DON’T HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY!!! 

I don’t have to do homework!  I don’t have to be mom taxi. 

It’s school holidays!!!!

No I’m not on vacation but it’s school holidays!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



* I am loving my kids at this age. I have loved each and every stage but I am really loving this. They are so easy. So proper. So loving. So nice with each other.

* This long weekend has been exactly what my family needed. We needed this time. The boys needed the ‘brother’ time. It was good not to have to share my attention and love.

* I haven’t missed being online. Reception is close to non-existing and I could only download mail if very lucky.

* I love camping. I don’t know if I would easily vacation any other way. I love how social it is. How easy it is for the boys to make friends.

* I got compliments from 2 different people about how well behaved the boys are and what good manners they have. Even if that is not always true, it is still nice to hear 🙂

Life is good

Sick boy

Apparently there’s a manual that explains why kids get sick at night.  You know the ‘throw up’ kind of sick.

I never got the manual.  Not even the Spanish one. 

Zander started throwing up on Friday night and started again tonight.   Friday night was kinda interesting, since we had a friend over.  Tommie was outside drinking visiting, while I was inside changing the bedding for the 4th time.

I hope he is 100 % by Wednesday though.  We are going to Klein-Kariba and I’m counting the seconds.  I cannot wait to get away.  I do believe that I might actually not even have to work while I’m there!

I think we all deserve this break away.  It’s only for 5 days but right now it feels like more than enough.  It will be so nice to spend some time with just my boys.

Only 3 more sleeps 🙂