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Billy Connolly has a video clip where he talks about the words “fuck off”.

That is what I think of when I look back at 2016.  It can just fuck off.  Off it should fuck.

So it has.

It is a year where so many people lost their lives.  The one that hit me most, was the death of sweet little Nate. I cannot go to bed or wake up without thinking of him. Those beautiful eyes. The absolute joy that was him.

It is the year that broke Zander.  To see him shatter was painful.  (I have so much to say here but I keep on deleting it.  Not worth it)

It is the year that probably ended Quintus’ rugby.  I don’t think we will ever let him play again after he fractured his vertebrae.

Quintus is my rock.  He seems to manage to keep on standing regardless.  Again, I have things I want to say about relationships and especially how your relationship with your father / mother should be but I will not.  Let’s just say that people should treat others with love.  At all times.

It is the year that I cried more tears about my Bella than ever.  I know she won’t be with us for much longer.  Nearly lost her twice.  I’m so thankful that she managed to make it to 2017.  Now my next wish is for her to still be healthy by the time we go to Stilbaai again in April.

I can say though that it was a year that was good to Jason.  He earned his school honours that he so badly wanted.  He especially wanted to achieve that in Grade 8 and I was so proud when he did.

The year has been good for Kyla as well.  She loved the sport, the friends and feeling like any other loved child should.  It has been a huge learning curve.  Not always a walk in the park but overall she’s very happy.

If I have one wish for 2017 it will be that I hope it is a year that is “soft” on everyone.  A year that will be patient and kind.  Where everyone will feel loved.

I wish you the best.


Christmas 2016

We did it a bit differently. We were more relaxed which meant we could spend more time together.  No rushing to the kitchen to check on food or make salads. No hot ovens (really, who ever thought a cooked meal is a good idea in summer)

Instead we had a late breakfast, made mostly by my husband, camp style. On the stoep where we all were. 

We had a braai much later, with pre-made salads. 
We still ate way to much. We were thankful that Santa brought chocolates as gifts. Pudding was easy. Altough some people did have Christmas pudding after the braai. That would not include me. I love fruit and sometimes enjoy cake but definitely not fruitcake. 

Hope you had a special time with family as well.

A Year later

A year ago today we picked her up from the children’s home.  Amazing how it can feel like it was just yesterday but also forever.


Let’s do the question and answer blog.  Will have to do that every year.

  •  Are you happy?
    • Yes, very happy.
  • If you had a choice, would you want to move here again?
    • I’ll never move away.
  • What was your biggest obstacle since living here?
    • To figure out where I fit in with the brothers (also not to swim into the side of the pool hahaha)
  • What was the easiest thing to do?
    • To learn to play hockey.
  • What got you into trouble most?
    • Boys
  • What life lesson did you learn in this year?
    • To lie brings you nowhere.
  • What is my favourite thing to do.
    • To spend time with your family.
  • What upsets me the most.
    • When I lie to you.
  • What is Uncle Tommie’s favourite thing.
    • To sleep on a Sunday.
  • What upsets Uncle Tommie most.
    • When I want to go out with boys.
  • What is my best personality trait.
    • You are very patient.
  • What is my worst personality trait.
    • I have yet to find it.
  • What is your favourite thing to do?
    • To read.
    • To play with Quintus.
  • What made you the happiest this past year.
    • Easter, when we were all together when I came back from my mom.
  • What made you the saddest this past year.
    • When we spoke about my past and I got clarity on some things that have always bothered me.
  • What is your biggest wish.
    • To be a good mom when I’m big and an unrealistic one is to change my past.


I have come to realize that what that stresses me out most is time.

I detest it when I’m rushed for something.  Getting someone somewhere on time.  Waiting for a client who is late.

Our days are so much calmer now that I home-school.  No time problem with helping Zander with all his homework (that I have come to realize is really not important), so that I have enough time to get everyone at the activities, make food and everyone in bed on time.

I just realized that this morning.  I hardly ever get upset about anything else.  Yes, some things irritate me but only time gets me really stressed out.

That’s probably why I don’t like it if someone asks me what time we are going to do something in our leisure time.  Whenever.  Not 4 minutes past 2.  Just whenever.  Some time in the early afternoon.

Time.  I also don’t like waking up at a certain time BTW 🙂

Baklei soos kat en hond

Zander had to write an Afrikaans story yesterday.  Let me tell you that when he was still in “normal” school, that would bring tears to his eyes.  He felt incompetent to do that.  He didn’t want to write more than a short sentence.  Writing took long.  Concentrating on spelling and remembering what it was that he wanted to write about took time.  Time he never had in school.  (Just to make it clear I don’t blame school.  Class is only so long.)

We just finished his Afrikaans for the year yesterday.  His last activity was to write a story.  I’m going to rewrite it here, with his spelling mistakes. He has dyslexia and unless he uses the speech to text program, his spelling is typical that of a dyslexic person.  So either read past that or try and understand what it is like for him to write.

Before I do that though, look at this.  This was posted on a website and tries to show us what it looks like for a dyslexic person to read and obviously that is one of the reason why spelling is so difficult.



Die gesegde is hulle bekly soos kat en hond

Daar was ‘n kat en ‘n hond wat altyd bekly het.  Hulle dag en dag bekly. Een dag toe bekly hulle nog en ieweskilik wou ‘n arint kat vag.  😦  Hond het gese: “Ek gaan dut nie toe laat nie.”  Hond het gehartloop en die aarent gebyt die arent het vinig gevlug.

Kat het gesê: “DankieDankieDankie!!! 🙂 Dankie baie hond jy het my lewe geret.”  Hond:” Enige tyd my goei vrind.”

Kat en hond het van dei dag af nie weer bekly nie.

Die end.

Daar is soveel redes hoekom hierdie storie vir my so mooi is. Hy tyd geneem om te dink oor wat hy wil skryf.  Hy het die storie beplan.    Die storie is nie net een sin in ‘n paragraaf nie.  Hy het direkte rede gebruik.  Hy het dit geniet.  Dis die belangrikste.  Hy het dit geniet.

Ek is so ongelooflik vreeslik trots op die seun.

Best Ouboet ever

Quintus is your typical Ouboet. He will stand up for his brothers, protect them and give them advice. He will be their biggest supporter. 

Zander is lucky enough to have two older brothers. Both of them love the little guy a lot and probably do more for him than most brothers will.

This is about Quintus though. I looked at him yesterday as he stood with Zander at the pool, waiting for his turn to swim. Zander’s first gala. He stood there and spoke to him so nicely. Giving him the kind of moral support that many fathers lack. 

When Zander swam freestyle he got tired at the end. (probably because he was late for the race and didn’t have time to catch his breath) However when he looked up and saw Quintus, it was as if he got extra strength. Just that little more energy that he needed.

I am hugely thankful for the love my children have for each other. 

Congratulation on your two medals Zander.  We are all so proud of you.

Homeschool moms vs working moms

As it is with social media, you follow people with the same interest or lifestyle as yourself.

So being a homeschool mom, I now have many online homeschool friends and groups that I follow.

Let’s not make any jokes here but I’m busy.  I’m very busy.  I love it.  I don’t complain for one moment but I’m busy.  I lie in bed at night just before I fall asleep and scroll through Facebook or while holding on for a client.  Maybe in between waiting for the next client.  Never like it used to be.  I just don’t have the time to catch up on it all.  So I miss a lot.  (Take it as an apology if I haven’t liked, loved or commented on one of your posts!)

I did just happen on a post from a homeschool mom.  A mom who is thankful that she has time to just be and not planning the next week or working on any specific subject.  Even though homeschool moms do have way more time on their hands and tend to do more fun things with the children anyway, it only hit me then.  I don’t have that!  Yes, I don’t have to worry about planning school work (for the next week) I do however have to work.  Full-time.  I now have to  catch up on work.

Not quite the same break as “normal” homeschool moms 🙂  I don’t complain though.  It’s just different being a full-time working homeschool mom and being a homeschool mom.

Not that I would want to change that.  I’ll just stand here in the corner and juggle a full time job, mom of 5 children and homeschooling 1, including all their activities.

YOU DON’T SCARE ME.  I’m a homeschool, full-time working, mom of 5, hockey, rugby, netball, swimming, choir,  mom