Super Mom

Rugby is ….

Rugby is our culture.

Not just part of our country’s culture but also that of our home.

We love our rugby.  Love to watch it.  From school rugby to varsity to international.  We love rugby.

Quintus and Zander love to play it.

We love to watch them.

We have been semi lucky as far as injuries go.  Only a torn ligament in Quintus’ knee (that’s been giving him problems since he got hurt in an u/9 game)  A broken elbow (or rather a piece of his elbow bone that broke off) two years ago but he kept on playing with it.

Now on Saturday concussion.  The other two did not bother me so much.  Although I felt bad for him, I knew it would heal and he would be fine.

I know that the concussion will also heal and he will be fine but seeing him like I did on Saturday was scary.  Not knowing how serious it is, is scary.  I (thankfully) did not see him fall on his head and neck like that during the game.  Only after we downloaded the photos.


His feet were higher than the other players head.  He was airborne before he made his way down.  That’s a huge fall on extremely hard field.  (The water shortage has been bad for most of the rugby fields!)

He was disoriented and can’t remember the rest of the game.  He came off the field in, what I thought was a rude and upset mood, however looking back he didn’t answer most of us because he wasn’t totally sure what was going on.  He was nauseous.  Saw black spots for a long time that morning.  Only really starting to feel better at around 17:00 that afternoon.  He fell at around 12:00.

Scary stuff.  He went to school this morning but I got a call to pick him up at around 8:30.  His head just hurts too much.

Nothing he can do but rest.

If I look at the photo I realize that it could have been much worse.  It’s a risk they take every time they go onto the field to play.

We also take risks throughout the day.  Every day. Be it getting into a car or climbing on your bicycle to cycle.  We can’t put them in bubble wrap.

I’m glad he is “okay” though.

Rugby is not for sissies.  Not great on a mom’s heart either.


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  1. Oh wow, it’s awful when the kids get hurt. Concussion is serious, but you’re right, from that photo it could have been a whole load worse! Hope he feels better soon.

    April 18, 2016 at 1:09 pm

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