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We recently found an old photo of Jason birding with my Dad.




This one was taken when he went in search of a white winged flufftail with many other “crazy” birders.

They went birding this weekend again (like they do most weekends!) and it just struck me again how lucky he is to get to spend time with his Oupa like that.

Jason adores my dad.  As does all the grandchildren.  I am convinced Oupa loves all his grandchildren (see how I don’t say grandsons) the same. 

Nothing, compares to having a shared interest though.  Jason has been birding with Oupa for close to 5 years now.  That is a very long time for a child.

Dad, thank you for taking him birding.  Thank you for teaching him about nature.

(Photo taken this weekend)


When they are away

Jason has left on his Grade 6 tour.  How quickly they grow up.

I so clearly remember mine.  I loved it.  I loved that Michael wrote me a letter, only to read when I really really missed home. I remember what we did.  Where we went.

This is pretty amazing since I don’t remember much detail about my childhood.

Now it’s Jason’s turn.  Quintus loved his Grade 6 tour and I hope that Jason will bring back only great memories too.  He got a new camera to take with, so I’m hoping he will bring memories captured on the camera. with as well.

We do miss the guy.  The middle guy. Home is not the same without the only middle guy we have.

You are amazing

North West colours two years in a row. 

That, my son, takes some doing. 

It is NOT easy giving up every.single.Friday. when your friends all have sleep-overs or parties and you are at choir.

It is NOT easy when all your friends don’t understand that you can both love music and sport.

It is NOT easy when you are sick or tired or studying and you still have to at choir rehearsal.

It is NOT easy when it is late and you have an early rugby match the next morning and you only get home at 9 or 10 pm, after standing for 3 hours straight.

It is great to have made the friends you did though.

It is great that you met your girlfriend there.

It is great that you could enjoy your love for singing there.

It is great that you could share the passion for both music and sport with other choir friends who has the same passion.

I am so proud of you for doing this.  You have no idea.  You have learned life lessons during these two years that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You make me proud and humble to be able to say you are my son.

Congratulations Quintus.

I will miss the choir just as much as you will.






Clients who get it

We are extremely busy.

Finding a balance between being a (good enough) mom and a professional is never easy.  I have done so for a long time and it has (thankfully) worked out well.

Now I have a little boy who needs some extra attention when it comes to his homework and as a mom I have to make a plan to do so.  I have decided that leaving at about 3pm will work for us.

Some clients don’t understand especially when they want a late afternoon appointment.  However, this morning I had a client in my office who is an engineer and earns more than I ever will. I was talking to another client on the phone who wanted a late appointment and I told this client why I don’t see clients in the afternoon.  (Normally I don’t though)

My client in the office actually got tears in his eyes and said that money can’t buy what I am doing for my son(s).

It felt good to know that he understood and actually appreciated what I did.

I am very lucky to be able to do this.  I am very lucky that I get to be an almost-full-time Mom.


I have never liked hunting.  Ever. 

Even before I became a vegetarian, I was very much against it.  I didn’t go all “tree-hug” about it but those close to me knew exactly how I felt.

Lately though, with this blond chick (Kendall Jones) thinking she is doing Africa a favour by killing our big five and then this kid (Carissa) who is apparently doing research by hunting, it has been on the tip of my tongue to say something.

Now is the time to say that something.

Are there some valid reasons for hunting?  Yes. Definitely (Didn’t think I’d say that, right?)

At times of over-population in a restricted area (human’s fault) I can see that hunting is necessary.

Where you have sick or injured animals, I can see that hunting is necessary.

So yes, there are times when hunting is necessary.

However, if you take of photo of yourself standing over a dead animal, all of the reasons excuses are null and void. 

Then you hunted for the thrill, for the trophy.  That was the main reason.  That was the objective.  The rest just excuses.

You are not a hero for hunting down an animal.  We have technology on our side, they have nothing. 

If you are doing it for a valid, good reason, you won’t feel the need to stand over a dead animal as though you just saved it’s life.  You just did your job.

I don’t stand for a photo with every client that gets money back from SARS with money in my hand.  It’s not something special I’ve done.  It’s my job to make sure they get a refund if it is due to them.

Same with hunters. 

Don’t tell me you hunt for the biltong. You can get that from butchery. 

You hunt for the thrill.  For the photo.  For the trophy.

So we protested

I couldn’t believe what I read.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Here, in our town, people (if you can call someone who does that a human being) cut of dogs heads (while still alive) and cooked their meat to eat or sell.

Here!  In my town! 

I was sick to my stomach.

We were asked to protest at their bail hearing.  So many people said that they would be there.  Well, I wonder where those people were when we were outside the court for hours in the cold.  It is SO easy to be a Facebook animal lover.  Not so much when push comes to shove. Then so many people have excuses.

A handful of us though stood there, protesting.  Got the cars to hoot.  Shared our thoughts and feelings.

I picked up the boys and took them to protest with us.  Children who care.  What a nation we can build if all of them did.

If you are in town, well come protest at their hearing 23 July.  Might be even colder then but someone has to take a stand.







Not a sponsored post!


Not dinner time.


That is the app that every parent with a child who has a smart phone MUST have.

Want your child to put his phone down?  Push pause.

Want him to have a conversation during dinner time?  Click dinner time.

Want to know what program he is using that very minute?  Just check current applications.

Don’t want him to use that program, then and there?  Click the X.

Easy as that.  Control what is going on his phone at all times.

Dinnertime People.

Get it.


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