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If I had to sum his personality up in one sentence, I would say that he is obedient, very quiet, able to entertain himself and that he strives to do the right thing. I often hear that he is such a sweet child. All his teachers have mentioned that he hardly says anything in class.

It is easy to say he is an introvert.

On the rugby though….not so much .

My soul , he is an energizer bunny. No, more like a bulldog. He doesn’t miss a tackle and if he does he turns around and makes the tackle again. He doesn’t let go until that player is stopped and then continues to fight for the ball like a tiger.

I think his teachers will be astounded to see that quiet little boy, so busy on the rugby field.





He is happy again

Quintus loves rugby.

When he watches or plays the game, he gets emotionally involved. It is not just another 80 minutes. Isn’t just about going on the field and putting his body on the line.

This is why playing in the back line was so hard on him. He couldn’t achieve anything there. He looked like a bad player. He felt he could make no contribution.

His coach for the week (since they have had a new “coach” every week) moved him to flank. Much better. Not the ideal position but much better.

He played very well again yesterday….broken arm and all






So it WAS broken!

About three weeks ago, Quintus played rugby in Krugersdorp.  It was a tough game.  As always he put his heart and soul into it even though he was playing completely the wrong position and they had no chance of winning.

They lost.  Badly.

After the game he complained that his right arm was sore.  I checked it out, didn’t see anything out of place or red or anything.  I gave him some pain meds.  He would mention it every now and again for a couple of days after that.  I asked him how sore it was and he said not sore enough to have x-rays done. 

Then this weekend he played rugby with his brothers and friends and fell against the wall.  Same arm.  Same place.

On Sunday morning it was sore enough for him to ask me to take him to the ER.  So off we went.  They took x-rays and the doctor on call was more worried about showing some nurses that his elbow was not broken when he compared the two.  He didn’t take the time to actually look at it.

Monday morning I dropped the x-rays off at our doctor and asked the lady at reception to give it to him.  If he didn’t see anything broken, he didn’t have to phone me back.

Well, Monday no phone call, so I assumed the hospital doctor was right. 

Last night though, our doctor phoned.  He only had a chance to look at them yesterday.  He asked what happened and then said there is definitely a fracture but that it happened +/- three weeks ago already OOOOOPPPSS

He says that putting his arm in a cast now, will be pointless since it has already started healing on its own.  He is worried about the piece breaking off though and then going into the joint.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. 

For now we will bandage it for his game on Saturday (he wants to hear nothing about not playing)

Perfect day

When we got home tonight Zander said that today was the perfect day.
Every day should be like this.

Not because they swam in the sea…. They did not
Not because they made friends with other kids and played together…. They did not
Not because we spent money to entertain them… We did not

When I asked him why, his answer was simple:

“We had so much fun together. Just the three of us “

Today was his perfect day.




Many things have changed since our first visit to Stilbaai.

There is no more that urgency to do as much as possible in the time we have here.
We sleep later.
Spend more time at the in-laws doing nothing.
Lots of table tennis (Jason the current champion)
Our list of “must do’s” is now just a list of things we want to do on that day.

It’s refreshing actually just to be.

I enjoy my kids. Even though I spend a lot of time with them, it’s not the same as when you are on holiday. I enjoy their company. They are fun people to be around.

That is what makes holiday special. When you share it with special, people.




Oh parenting can be so difficult some times.  Maybe not difficult but the balance between giving all your kids the correct advice / support / praise / comfort.  That is what is difficult.

Especially when on one day, your one child needs a lot of support and the other deserves praise.

Anyone who knows Quintus, knows how much he loves rugby.  He is passionate about the sport.  Unfortunately this year he was chosen for the B team but he is okay with that.  As long as he can play, right?  Well, my very much a hooker boy … built and used to that position was chosen to play as centre.  If you know rugby at all, you will know that it makes no sense.  However, when I watched the team on Saturday I could see why.  They don’t have back-line players.  One … maybe two.  The one little guy is seriously smaller than Zander.  The other player prefers to play chess (more power to him but he is not into rugby)  Some have never played before.  To tell you the truth they sounds like the C team in the Spud  books lol

There are some great players though.  I feel for them.  I feel for the others two.  They try their best but with the kids they have, it is mostly not good enough.  Quintus was so down when he came off the field.  He felt that he hadn’t played well enough.  Yet he gave it his all.  He put in big tackles.  He caught some balls from bad passes that I didn’t know he could.  I showed him the photos and only then did he realize he did give it his all.  Maybe he can’t run fast enough to catch opposition wings or centres but he tries.  He does his best.  I did my best to explain that regardless of the score he played well.  As always I’m very proud.



Then on the other hand, we had Zander who probably played his best game ever.  My word.  I was amazed.  He tackled non stop.  He ran from one side of the field to catch a player on the other with speed I didn’t know he had.  He tackled some seriously big boys who are probably used to just going right through the other players.

Remember these kids are a year older than him! 

He ran with that ball almost the length of the field.  He so almost scored a try. 

He was MY man of the match.  They are even moving him from full back to fly half for the next game.  He listens to his coach.  He talks to the backline.  He is just so cute on that field.  He definitely has some rugby blood in those veins.






I hope he will do as well as fly half as he did as full back.  He has no clue what to do in that position so we will have to see.

I’m so proud of my boys …. even Jay who decided to stop playing rugby and just concentrate on his tennis.

Win or lose, they make me proud.

Best kids

I have the best kids….okay I always say that but really I do!

I was helping Jason just now. He was battling a bit with idioms.
One of them is “nie jou woord breek nie” (never go back on your word)

After explaining it, he said…”oh, like you Mom! When I was born you promised to be an awesome Mom and you have kept that promise!”



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