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My brain was slower than my temper

I could not believe it.

I had a client walk into our office this morning, asking about some papers she had left here.  I asked if it were forms dropped off the previous day and she said no.  I then told her to ask our receptionist as she is a fundi in paperwork (and pretty much anything in this office!)

I then continued with my whatsapp discussion with a client.

In the end it was the papers she dropped off the previous day that she was looking for and she turned to my office and said:  “if you weren’t playing games on your phone, you would have known what I was looking for!”

Oh my soul!!  What’!?

I was not playing games on my phone, Lady.  Some people actually use their phones for WORK!

However, what I do with my phone is none of her business!!

Some people are SO arrogant!

Lost era

This morning I found a box while looking for something else.

A box filled with memories.

Filled with letters from my youth.


Letters written to me by friends, boyfriends.  Journals that I kept (I do apologize to all teachers who had to read that handwriting!).  Faded photos.

Will our kids still have this? Do they still write letters or is it all on whatsapp and BBM and text messages?  Photos shared electronically.  Never printed out to keep.

I hope that it is not lost.  The feel of paper between your fingers, with the memories just there for you to read. One letter and I’m 12 again.  Or sitting in my boring English class.

What a treasure to find.


We were warned about two weeks ago that there would be no electricity in most of our town today. Which is kind of funny when I think of how our electricity is cut at odd times, without warning.

Anyway, plans were made for today but since my entire family is still asleep I don’t know if we will still follow through on that. See, no electricity means a white noise free home. Also no lights. No TV. With Jason’s room so dark, he and Tommie might sleep through today lol

Everyone jumped and fought over charging cables last night of course. Can’t date to go without charged electronics! #

When it is us

I’m involved at our school’s Bible study class on a Wednesday.  Actually not Bible study.  More like praise and worship.

I am often the one they talk to.  I don’t share what they tell me.  It’s private and very personal.  I would never do that.

What I can tell you though, is that we are the reason for most of their pain.  Us.  The parents. 

Sometimes we don’t mean to.  Unfortunately sometimes we do.  Sometimes we hurt without even knowing how much pain we have caused.

Sit back at night and think about your day.  Think if what you said had a negative impact on your child.  I’m not talking about when they don’t like discipline.  When they were told to help at home.

I’m talking about hurting them, most often with things we say.

You will never be good enough.  You will never get a job.  You are just like your dad (when you continually tell them how bad the father is) 

Just think.  If you were human and said hurtful things, just say sorry. 


Little brats

I wonder if parents intentionally raise their kids to be brats?
Or are they too busy to really see what their kids are doing?
Or don’t they care?
Or do they think once they go to school, the teachers will teach them manners?

Good manners are one thing. Being a caring person is another. That takes time. Effort. It’s a continues daily lesson.

I drove past a little boy, who was sitting on the back of his Mom’s bakkie. I specifically looked to see if he was okay, when I saw how he threw bottles and other things at an old dog. Like really old. Grey around the mouth.

What the hell? My kids would never ever do that. At no age would they ever have. What goes wrong in a child’s life that he does that? He can only learn that from his parents.
I shudder to think how they handle their own dogs.

Don’t raise little brats. They can still hide behind their parents. Then they grow up and they are podex’s and then it is too late.


We recently found an old photo of Jason birding with my Dad.




This one was taken when he went in search of a white winged flufftail with many other “crazy” birders.

They went birding this weekend again (like they do most weekends!) and it just struck me again how lucky he is to get to spend time with his Oupa like that.

Jason adores my dad.  As does all the grandchildren.  I am convinced Oupa loves all his grandchildren (see how I don’t say grandsons) the same. 

Nothing, compares to having a shared interest though.  Jason has been birding with Oupa for close to 5 years now.  That is a very long time for a child.

Dad, thank you for taking him birding.  Thank you for teaching him about nature.

(Photo taken this weekend)


When they are away

Jason has left on his Grade 6 tour.  How quickly they grow up.

I so clearly remember mine.  I loved it.  I loved that Michael wrote me a letter, only to read when I really really missed home. I remember what we did.  Where we went.

This is pretty amazing since I don’t remember much detail about my childhood.

Now it’s Jason’s turn.  Quintus loved his Grade 6 tour and I hope that Jason will bring back only great memories too.  He got a new camera to take with, so I’m hoping he will bring memories captured on the camera. with as well.

We do miss the guy.  The middle guy. Home is not the same without the only middle guy we have.


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